Promote trade connections
Expand connection opportunities between suppliers in Vietnam and commercial businesses globally. Helps customers find sources of supply more easily, carry out commercial transactions with higher reliability, and minimize risks when cooperating with international partners.
Save time and costs
Eliminate all manual processes of businesses when searching for Suppliers/Export Production Partners in Vietnam. Information organization, contact, potential assessment and negotiation are also more optimized and convenient, helping businesses reduce time and costs.
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Build a sustainable network of connections
Vncomex helps Vietnamese Suppliers/Export Manufacturing Enterprises and Global Trading Enterprises build professional profiles on the internet environment and expand sustainable connection networks, optimizing business activities. Future.


Promoting and boosting your revenue is easy
There is no participation fee
Register to join the leading e-commerce platform in the field of import and export.
Better business
Vncomex helps you improve your business operations and increase the rate of international transactions in the most optimal way.
Post a profile and get searched by millions of customers
Promote your business and products to millions of potential customers around the world.
Why businesses choose Vncomex?
18.000+business profiles
5.000+commercial records
Market expansion
Opportunity to access and cooperate with a large number of international customers and potential partners from around the world.
Save time and resources
No need to spend a lot of time and resources to promote and find customers.
Safe transactions
Committed to ensuring information security and fairness during transactions with international customers.
Increase opportunities for cooperation
Can interact with potential customers, creating opportunities for long-term cooperation in providing products and services.


Why do smart customers choose Vncomex?


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