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The company’s mission is to provide quality services in the field of export with high-quality products. Although our company was established in difficult conditions, we have set our determination to build a strong company with the motto “Cooperation – Development”. With many years of industry experience, the company has accumulated a lot of valuable experience in successfully exporting items. With unremitting efforts, the company has now become a strong unit and is highly appreciated in all aspects.

Why choose us?

As an export company, VNCOMEX always strives to bring benefits to customers as much as possible. Therefore, the company always tries to put itself in the position of customers to build high-quality services and a variety of options with the slogan “professional, dedicated, reliable and efficient”.

Resource optimization

Benefit from specialized solutions that help untangle your business problems and are completely easy to implement.
Streamline logistics processes, transform the situation of enterprises from reactive to proactive with changes and difficulties


All orders are guaranteed by WeDo's modern data system, global network of relationships and professional logistics services.
Taking advantage of the accurate real-time data system, this is the factor to strengthen the capacity of the human resources team and help make better decisions for the business.


Get instant quotes through automated and direct systems.
We are committed to providing fair prices, with no hidden fees and surcharges.

Product List

  • white-belly-basket-with-tribal-pattern-3
  • painted-seagrass-belly-basket
  • elephant-hyacinth-basket

    Elephant Hyacinth Basket

    Seagrass Basket
  • open-weave-water-hyacinth-scalloped-basket
  • Piggy Hyacinth Basket-1

    Piggy Hyacinth Basket

    Seagrass Basket
  • hyacinth-tulip-basket-1

    Hyacinth Tulip Basket

    Seagrass Basket
  • owl-hyacinth-basket-1

    Owl Hyacinth Basket

    Seagrass Basket
  • dairy-cow-hyacinth-basket-1

    Dairy Cow Hyacinth Basket

    Seagrass Basket
  • round-woven-seagrass-placemat-3
  • black-seagrass-placemat-2

    Black Seagrass Placemat

    Kitchen Utensils
  • flower-shaped-seagrass-placemat-2
  • water-hyacinth-rectangle-placemat-set-of-2-1

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