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    Sanitary towels (pads) and tampons, napkins (diapers), napkin liners and similar articles, of any material.

    4 products

    Tableware and kitchenware, of wood.

    2 products

    Worked vegetable or mineral carving material and articles of these materials; moulded or carved articles of wax, of stearin, of natural gums or natural resins or of modelling pastes, and other moulded or carved articles, not elsewhere specified or included; worked, unhardened gelatin (except gelatin of heading 35.03) and articles of unhardened gelatin.

    2 products

    - Cotton-seed oil and its fractions:

    1 products

    Builders’ joinery and carpentry of wood, including cellular wood panels, assembled flooring panels, shingles and shakes.

    1 products

    Chemical wood pulp, dissolving grades.

    1 products

    Radioactive chemical elements and radioactive isotopes (including the fissile or fertile chemical elements and isotopes) and their compounds; mixtures and residues containing these products.

    1 products

    - - m -Xylene

    1 products


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