Vietnamese Bamboo

Discover the beauty and versatility of Vietnamese bamboo products. Made from a natural and abundant resource, these products showcase the skill and creativity of Vietnamese artisans. Whether you need kitchenware, furniture, or other bamboo items, you will find them here. Explore our website and learn how bamboo can enhance your lifestyle and environment.


Welcome to VNCOMEX, your reliable partner in the world of export and international trade, a leading Vietnamese export company. Bamboo products are one of the export items that VNCOMEX focuses on, which are one of the most eco-friendly and versatile materials in the world.

Leveraging the expansive bamboo forest landscape in Vietnam, VNCOMEX proudly offers a diverse range of bamboo products, all meticulously crafted to assure exceptional quality. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by the attainment of rigorous certifications that validate the caliber of our products in diverse global markets.

Our Products

Plywood and panel

A versatile and strong material for construction and decoration, made from fine layers of bamboo strips laying in parallel order. The strips are kiln dried, sanded smooth and then laminated edge to edge to create a single-ply pane


A variety of furniture items for indoor and outdoor use, made from bamboo wood. They include chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, shelves, etc.


A collection of tools and accessories for cooking and eating, made from bamboo wood or bamboo fiber. They include spoons, spatulas, tongs, ladles, whisks, cutting boards, bowls, plates, cups, etc.

Benefits of Bamboo products on the Environment