Biomass is a biomass fuel

Biomass contains chemical energy, a source of solar energy accumulated in plants through photosynthesis. Biomass is agricultural waste (straw, bagasse, husk, corn fiber, etc.), forestry waste (dry leaves, wood chips, etc.), waste paper, methane from landfills landfills, sewage treatment plants, manure from livestock and poultry farms.

Biomass fuel can be in the form of solid, liquid, gas… which is burned to release energy. Biomass, especially wood, and charcoal provide a significant portion of the world’s energy. At least half of the world’s population relies on biomass as its main source of energy. Humans have used them for heating and cooking for thousands of years. Currently, wood is still used as a popular fuel in developing countries.

Biomass can also be converted into liquid fuels such as methanol, ethanol used in internal combustion engines; or into the form of biogas (biogas) applied for energy needs at the household scale.

Biomass is a biomass fuel Biomass is a biomass fuel

Technology for production and use of biomass fuel Manufacture:Biomass fuels that exist in nature are scattered, not concentrated with a small volume, so it is difficult and complicated to collect and transport, which increases costs, so Vncomex Joint Stock Company has used Extrusion technology, block pressing to create biomass products overcome the above disadvantages.

Biomass is a biomass fuel


Biomass fuel in industry is mainly used as fuel for boilers. With the specific characteristics of Biomass, we must use a specialized boiler to ensure that the fuel is exhausted, and to limit harmful emissions to the environment.

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