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Vncomex will share the necessary contents to import A4 paper from Vietnam in this post, based on our many years of expertise. 

The information includes the government of Vietnam’s policy on exporting A4 paper, the shipping process for importing this product from Vietnam, and taxes on this product.

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The Origin

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Import A4 Paper From Vietnam

We are all familiar with the A4 papers in Vietnam. We utilize this product in our photocopiers and printers, but you might be shocked to find that it is part of a government metric standard.

In actuality, this appeared in 1975 on a German regulation dating back to 1922. Smaller sizes in the A-series are always half the size of the previous container.

It implies they have the same form from one size to another, with a dimension of 1:1:41. To make things even easier, an A4 page can be:

  • It scaled all text and artwork up by 41%, and they are the exact height and width to occupy an A3 page.
  • It scaled down to 70% of its original size to fit precisely on A5 papers.

This magical number — 1 to the square root of 2 – was initially proposed in 1786 for paper ratio. One of the first things necessary to identify import rules and processes correctly is the commodity’s HS code.

The HS Code for A4 papers is Chapter 48: paperboards and papers; items made of papers or paper pulp.

HS Code Commodity
4802 Non-perforated punch tape papers and punch cards, rectangular (including square) sheets or in rolls of any size, other than papers of hand-made paperboards.

The composition and type of the actual imported item at the moment of import will be necessary for assigning a product to a specific HS code.

Then, the Customs Department of Commodity Verification determines it based on the catalog, technical documentation (if any), or both.

The legal foundation for applying the HS code to imported goods is the inspection results of the Customs Department of Commodity Verification announcement.

Importers are ultimately in charge of ensuring that items are categorized appropriately. 

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The Current Markets To Import A4 Paper From Vietnam

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Stack of papers

In 2020, international purchases of imported paper will cost a total of roughly US$167.5 billion.

Since 2016, when international paper purchases totaled $157 billion, the value of paper imports has climbed by an average of 1 percent for all importing nations. Germany, the United States, China, France, and the United Kingdom are the top importers on overseas markets. 

In 2020, those nations accounted for about a third (33.2%) of all imported paper purchases.

It is made by pressing damp cellulose pulp fibers from grasses, wood, or rags and drying them into flexible pages.

Papers are beneficial for various purposes, including currencies, wrapping materials, containers, newspapers, books, magazines, note papers, and garments.

In terms of continental spending, European nations spent the most on imported papers in 2020, accounting for $77.5 billion, or 47.6% of the world total.

Asian importers came in second with 24.4 percent, while 16.6 percent of all A4 papers imported belonged to buyers in North America.

Latin America (4.5 percent), omitting Mexico but encompassing the Caribbean, Africa (4.3 percent), and Oceania (1.7 percent), headed by New Zealand and Australia, received smaller percentages.

How To Import A4 Paper From Vietnam? Shipping Process

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We use this products in printers

We provide importers of A4 papers and commodities made of paper pulp with a basic understanding of the import and export process. Some of the things in this category are outlawed or restricted in certain nations.

If you’re importing any product, you must receive exact information from Vietnam’s involved government offices, as the information provided on this page is simply a general overview of the import of A4 papers, as well as items made from paper pulp.

Before the actual dispatch of imports, the suppliers agree on conditions for the imports.

Pricing, payment terms, quality criteria, delivery periods, and method of transport, as well as other terms, are agreed upon and stated in the purchase order. 

As you may be aware, any importation of products requires the completion of essential import documents and customs clearance processes in the importing nation.

We will fill the packing lists, certificates of origin, and other appropriate papers and perform essential import processes to take possession of imported products.

Nowadays, the relevant information is entered online, which results in the production of relevant papers during the assessment, inspection, or delivery of products at the target customs station.

Vietnam is one of the partner nations that share quality metrics and are from numerous inspections on the same items for export and import.

So, you can rest assured that our shipping process and the quality of products are reliable.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

Import A4 Paper From Vietnam
Vietnamese A4 papers have an affordable price tag and high quality

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Nowadays, the relevant information is entered online, which results in the production of relevant papers during the assessment, inspection, or delivery of products at the target customs station.

Countries that are partner nations share quality metrics and are excluded from numerous inspections on the same items for export and import.

However, most industrialized nations’ policies require that recognized authorities approve commodities imported from Least Developed Countries (LDCs) before being exported.


Hopefully, this article benefits you when you want to import A4 paper from Vietnam. If you find this post helpful, let us know. Thank you for reading!

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