How To Import Almond From Vietnam? The Answer Is Here!

Almonds are a valuable commodity and are sought after by many customers because of their fitness and nutrition. This nut has excellent use in preventing cardiovascular diseases, supporting weight loss, and fighting the proliferation of cancer cells. In addition, it also plays a vital role in maintaining and developing bone and tooth health.

What is the unique feature that makes Vietnamese seeds so valuable? How to import Almond from Vietnam

We will answer all of your questions in detail in the article below!

The Origin

Knowing the origin of the products will give you much more peace of mind when using them. It is impossible to force yourself to accept food of unknown origin. 

In this article, we will mainly present some historical milestones associated with the birth of seed so that you can see its process before reaching users.

Almonds are a precious tree with many nutritional and spiritual values for Vietnamese people. They are native to Iran and the surrounding regions. 

Over thousands of years, the almond tree has spread along the Mediterranean coast, northern Africa, and southern Europe. The expansion of the almond scale has special significance for the future growth of Vietnamese seeds.

In addition, in many recent studies by scientists worldwide, this seed may have appeared in the Bronze Age (3000 – 2000N BC). It is the ideal milestone to demonstrate the longevity and persistence in the development of almonds.

After millions of years, almonds have been introduced to Vietnam and become the most attractive product line. They grow a lot in the North Central region, such as Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, and more. 

These Vietnamese seeds are exclusive in taste and nutrient content.

Thus, they are so popular in the international market or the most authentic proof of the attractiveness of products from this country.

How To Import Almond From Vietnam
The Origin

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The Current Market For Import Almond From Vietnam

Vietnamese almonds are famous in many markets around the world. Some examples are China, Korea, and the United States. According to statistics, the total export turnover of almonds to these countries is quite significant, accounting for 90% of the total export turnover of agricultural products. 

Especially in the months approaching the end of the year, this number also increased sharply, accounting for 97.8% of the total output. This parameter is the most authentic proof of the quality and prestige of Vietnamese seed.

In the first quarter of 2020, Vietnam’s almond import market was on a solid growth track despite facing many difficulties due to the epidemic. 

Up to 1053.35 tons are exported to major markets worldwide. In which the Chinese market accounts for 85% of the total output.

Almonds’ continuous development and expansion to many countries have provided solid economic potential. 

The Current Market For Importing Almonds From Vietnam

Current Market For Importing Almonds

On average, each year, the import value is 23.5 billion USD. By giving specific parameters of production and total value achieved, you can feel the strong attraction of Vietnamese almonds.

Of course, the scale of Vietnamese seeds will constantly expand as more and more people know about it in the future. So, this is an excellent opportunity for you to trade this item and earn an excellent profit for yourself. Vietnam is a stock market for small investments and turning them into big money.

Shipping Process

To ensure a smooth buying and selling process, you need to go through a unique process with many different procedures such as Product search – Price negotiation – Paper preparation – Deposit – Payment on receipt row.

In addition, you should also note that each country will have its procedure and document requirements. That’s why you also need to check carefully with us to make the buying and selling process go smoothly

We have learned and summarized some of the following types in more detail about the documents and procedures you need to prepare. You can refer to them to determine exactly what kind of paper you need to import almond from Vietnam. Specifically:

  • Customs records
  • Plant quarantine registration certificate
  • HS code for each one
  • Some other related documents
Vietnam's almond import market
Shipping Process

Besides the documents we provided earlier, you also need to be mentally ready for more complicated procedures such as an Import quarantine certificate, a business license. If you are inexperienced and knowledgeable, this is a challenge for you. Even in the worst case, you will probably lose everything and fail.

The process of importing almonds from Vietnam will become easier if you decide to work with a specific shipping company. They will be a safe and solid bridge to help you quickly import the product with quality assurance. So which carrier should you choose? Stay tuned for our recommendations below!

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We hope to help you understand this valuable product. At the same time, we also hope that you can profoundly shape the import market today, it is essential and you need to link up with shipping units.

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