Import Aluminum From Vietnam: Overview Market & Process Shipment

Nowadays there are many materials used to make our life better. One of them is aluminum. It is the most composed metal, and we cannot find pure aluminum in nature; only aluminum can be in combination with oxygen and other elements. 

Besides, aluminum accounts for 1/12 of the earth’s crust. Aluminum is used a lot in life, and people call it aluminum alloy and classify it according to its shape, such as sheet, tube, profile. 

Today, we will learn together about how to import Aluminum From Vietnam.

Origin Of Vietnamese Aluminum

The Origin: import Aluminum From Vietnam
The Origin

It plays a vital role in the world economy and Vietnam in particular. Pure aluminum has low tensile strength, but these alloys have mechanical properties when combined with alloys with other elements such as copper, zinc, and magnesium when conducting automated – thermal processing.

The alloys form an essential component in aircraft and rockets due to their high strength-to-weight ratio. When this material undergoes evaporation in a vacuum, it creates a reflective light and thermal radiation coating. These coatings form a thin layer of protective oxide, which is unlike silver coatings.

Here is how to identify types that you can refer to:

  • Place of production: The first is aluminum produced by any company; this you can observe based on the label. However, you should also note that the label name can be pasted and changed as for the original from which company, there is a company that produces aluminum and does not.
  • Profiles and shapes: When you look between the two types, you can easily see the difference in appearance. You can watch the video below to get a glimpse of the types of aluminum and glass doors.
  • Thickness: The same profile and shape, but the different thicknesses will also be different. That means the same design in form, shape, size but with many different thicknesses.

So to identify types, you rely on 3 factors: Origin, profile, shape, and thickness.

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Aluminum Vietnam Export/Import Market

import Aluminum From Vietnam 2
Vietnam Export/Import Market

According to statistics, aluminum prices on the world market in the first 6 months of 2021 continuously increased, galloping and setting the highest records in many years. Policies of significant countries, inflation, rising transportation costs, and supply and demand imbalance can be the primary factors causing strong fluctuations in prices in the first half of 2021. 

Statistically traded aluminum prices on March 16 reached a 9-year high, at 17,980 CNY/ton ($2,766/ton) and shortly after, on April 16, hit an 11-year high in China. at 18,460 CNY/ton ($2,830/ton). In London, the prices hit a 3-year high, hitting $2,603/ton in early May.

According to shares from domestic producers, in the first half of 2021, the supply of raw aluminum is not enough to meet the needs of manufacturers, causing the domestic raw material price to increase continuously. 

The reason is that many manufacturers receive materials for about 2-3 months compared to the contract. This period is also enough to cause short-term production effects. The high world price, along with the increased demand for raw materials, caused the domestic price to continue to be pushed up.

Not only facing the difficulties when the price of raw products increases, but the domestic industry has also been facing competitive pressure from businesses in your country. 

Faced with the above difficulties, Vietnamese enterprises need adequate risk management solutions, prepare raw materials for long-term use, and optimize organizational and operating capacity to maintain production, ensuring supply during and after the epidemic. 

Enterprises must constantly rotate their financial potential and actively increase raw material stockpiles. The company’s warehouse always has a stable source of raw materials to maintain production and business activities.

Refer to Vietnam’s aluminum price in foreign markets:

  • Cheaper Price 6082 H24 Aluminum Alloy Coil 8011 Aluminum Sheet 1050 Coil costs around $600.00-$700.00/Ton.
  • Factory Price Coil 1060/3003 P price around $1,880.00-1,900.00/Ton
  • High Quality 1050 5052 5754 5086 6061 6063 7075 1.5Mm price around 2,000.00$-2,5000.00/ton
  • Cast Iron Billet Production Line Factory Direct Sales 6061 6063 Alloy price 2,100.00$-2,450.00$/Ton

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Shipping Process

import Aluminum From Vietnam 4
Smart shipment

The process of exporting goods to another country is always a problem for many businesses, especially young and newly established businesses. Depending on the product you want to ship, most of your country’s regulations will need to be met.

For aluminum products, after having a business partner order the quantity and type of goods, the prerequisite for the development to appear in the supermarket is to comply with the requirements for quality and durability of the product.

The process of exporting this material to foreign markets needs to go through many of the following steps, including:

  • Check the quality of the item.
  • Pack the product carefully.
  • Prepare customs documents
  • Prepare profile
  • Signing a shipping partner
  • Buy product insurance
  • Customs declaration
  • Transport goods to the meeting point

In general, the import and export of any item to a foreign market must go through a process. Therefore, we recommend that you find a reputable shipping company to shorten the process and save time and costs in the best way.


VNCOMEX JSC is a unit established by the Board of Management members with many years of experience and enthusiasm; especially, the CEO has many years of experience in the freight forwarding industry. 

Up to now, VNCOMEX JSC has increasingly affirmed its position as one of the leading enterprises in the field of freight forwarding, especially in freight forwarding services from Vietnam to foreign markets.

With the system’s strength, we can proactively declare and control import and export goods transported by sea and inland transportation established by the US Customs and Border Protection and ACI in the Canadian market.

With its potential and professionalism, and prestige in business activities, VNCOMEX JSC has become a close and reliable partner of many large freight forwarding companies worldwide, belonging to associations. Besides, we are also a strategic partner of many major shipping lines globally.

With the spirit of putting customer satisfaction at the center of all its activities, VNCOMEX JSC always commits to:

  • Honest and professional advice
  • Always put the attitude and service quality first
  • Ensure delivery and receipt of goods, create value for partners.


Thus, today’s article has shared with you helpful information about how to import Aluminum from Vietnam. If you are looking for a reputable and quality shipping company, please immediately consult VNCOMEX JSC and contact them. The customer service staff will promptly answer the phone and answer questions related to the shipping process.

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