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With many years of expertise in managing apparel fabric imports, Vncomex offers to import apparel fabrics from Vietnam.

We have compiled and shared the Vietnamese government’s policy on fabrics imports and exports, procedures for importing these products, and the current markets to import apparel fabrics from Vietnam.

The article will provide you with useful and detailed information. Let’s read on to know more about the details!

The Origin

The Textile and Garment Industry has become one of Vietnam’s most important export sectors in recent years.

The apparel fabrics sector has achieved various hopeful achievements due to the development of methods and technology, a rising share of a high-skilled workforce, and government regulations that provide incentives.

It simultaneously develops export values while also assuring export and domestic demand. With over 90 million people, 49 percent of whom are working age, Vietnam has become a varied supply of labor for apparel fabrics industries.

Furthermore, compared to many other nations in the area, labor costs in this sector in Vietnam are pretty modest. 

The benefit of low-cost labor is that it reduces manufacturing costs and lowers prices, allowing these businesses to compete. However, Vietnam lacks a highly qualified technician and a trained labor force in the textile industry.

Moreover, despite low labor costs, average expenses per product unit are still 30 percent to 40 percent higher than in India, Indonesia, and China.

Vietnam’s worker productivity is poor, around two-thirds of other nations in the area. As a result, firms in Vietnam must continue to boost labor productivity to lower prices.

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The Markets To Import Apparel Fabrics From Vietnam

Vietnam’s apparel fabrics sector currently comprises about 5000 businesses employing over 2.5 million people.

The industry’s export volume in 2015 was 25,790 billion dollars (mainly, textiles contribute 22,81 billion dollars, yarns and fibers account for 2,55 billion dollars), up 4,45 percent from 2014.

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Bolts Of Fabrics

Export turnover increased by around 7% in the first three months of 2016 compared to the same time in 2015.

The apparel fabrics industry’s export capability is very excellent. Textiles and garments were Vietnam’s top exports until 2012, but after 2013, fabric items have slipped to second place.

Vietnam was the fourth largest apparel fabric exporter in 2014, accounting for 5 percent of global apparel fabrics export value, trailing only Bangladesh, China, and Italy.

There are over 3.100 fabrics exporting businesses across the country, with 12.2% having a revenue of over USD 100 million.

How To Import Apparel fabrics From Vietnam? Shipping Process

Here are essential things to keep in mind whenever you import apparel fabrics from Vietnam. If you choose Vncomex as your agency, we will cover all the importing processes so that you can rest assured.

HS Code

Fabrics can have a wide range of HS codes, ranging from 50 to 60. People rely on the type and composition of an actual imported item at the moment of import to assign a product to a specific HS code.

Furthermore, it is dependent on the catalog, technical documentation (if any), or the Commodity Verification Department of Customs decisions.

The legal foundation for assigning the HS code to imported products is the official inspection outcomes of the Customs Department of Commodity Verification. 

Importers are eventually in charge of ensuring that items are categorized appropriately.

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Cargo Insurance

Because the bulk of Vietnam’s textile and apparel companies are producers for significant fashion MNCs with strict terms and conditions, even a minor blunder on your part might cost you future possibilities.

However, working on deliveries for large corporations or small firms ensures timely delivery is a must for a profitable business.

Having cargo insurance is always a good idea. You are covered in the event of a disaster, and you have peace of mind while things are going well.

Once again, cargo insurance covers you for transportation by sea, land, or air against the risk of damage or loss to your delivery, allowing you to relax and concentrate on your next orders.

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Colors Fashion Fabrics

Ban On Import

According to current regulations, fabrics are not on the list of restricted imports from Vietnam; thus, the company may proceed with the import procedure.

Before people offer such items on the market in Vietnam, a statement of conformity is necessary. 

When conducting customs clearance processes, businesses importing textile items are not necessary to present quality inspection findings.

Shipping Time And Cost To Import Apparel Fabrics From Vietnam

The cost of shipping and the length of time it takes to get there are inextricably linked. 

International transportation modes include sea, road, air, rail, and fast delivery, depending on the nature of the item and the needs of the consignment. We will provide you with the best selection possible.

Consider this circumstance: you have obtained a shipping price from a freight forwarder, and several days later, you discover that the business has charged you enormous costs with no justification. 

Regardless of the cause, a corporation should always be upfront when delivering a pricing quote; therefore, you can be confident working with us.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

VNcomex was established in the early 1990s. We provide a wide range of services, including sea and air transportation and a variety of clothing and material logistics services.

We also provide transport trucks to protect the quality of shipments since we understand that the weather easily influences garment and textile items.

Our priority is to manage your clothing cargo in the quickest, safest, and most cost-effective manner possible with a robust regional network.

We specialize in delivering integrated logistics and distribution and cross-docking logistics customized to meet our clients’ expectations.

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You Can Find Various Colors And Patterns On Fabrics In Vietnam


So, now you can import apparel fabrics from Vietnam effortlessly. This procedure is not as hard as you think if you choose a reliable logistic company.

If you want to import or export everything from Vietnam, please refer to our website for detailed information.

Thank you for reading!

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