Tips On How To Import Avocado From Vietnam

Avocados have become one of the best food products on the planet. This superfood has become a staple for fruit-lovers worldwide as the healthy icon of good millennial eating. 

But have you ever noticed that your avocado on the toast is from Vietnam? This country is well-known for its tropical climate, ideal for cultivating many fruits, including avocado. If you want to import avocado from Vietnam, you should look at this article!

The Origin

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The Origin

Avocado is a plant that originated in Central America and Mexico and is becoming increasingly popular nowadays since it tastes good and contains a lot of healthful elements.

The farmland in Vietnam is extensive, including the red basalt soil. Moreover, the climate is suitable for agriculture and fruit growth. As a result, when people visit Vietnam’s Central area, avocado gardens can be found everywhere.

These trees are cultivated in Vietnam, including Lam Dong, the Southeast, and the Central Highlands, and are frequently intercropped and planted in gardens. Avocados are in season during the summer.

These plants have such remarkable economic efficiency that many farmers in Vung Tau, Chau Duc district, have steadily specialized in this product.

Growers do not have to be soaked in the sun or work hard to earn significant revenue by just planting some avocado poles with quality and yield.

Types Of Avocado In Vietnam

These fruits come in a variety of varieties in Vietnam, including:

Wax Avocado 

Avocados have waxy, greenish skin that is slightly bumpy. These waxy avocados are not too small or too big.

034 Avocado

This one comes from Lam Dong. It is similar to wax avocado in appearance; however, the seeds are little or absent. When it is fully ripe, it takes on a longer shape.

Tu Quy Avocado

This kind of avocado is sometimes known as the off-season one because it thrives in dry, cold conditions, ideal for the Central Highlands’ environment. Tu Quy avocados are elongated, with a thick, shiny shell and a great weight.

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Import Avocados From Vietnam

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Import Avocados from Vietnam 

Although Vietnam only exports a modest amount of avocados to European countries, it has yet to break into the valuable American market since Mexican supplies occupy America. 

Last year, the US bought about $2.1 billion worth of Mexican avocados, more than ten times what it imports from the entire globe. 

Avocados, which commonly spread over toast or appear in guacamole, might be a valuable export for Vietnam. So, Vietnam has tried to get a permit to export avocados to the United States. And they must fulfill the high standards of the American market. 

Vietnam’s main avocado consumer markets are the United Kingdom and France, with Scandinavian nations having the largest per capita spending. Several avocado kinds are available in Vietnam, with harvest times spanning practically every year. 

Avocado consumption increases in Vietnam as living conditions grow, drawing domestic customers’ curiosity. As a result, these fruits primarily appear in huge stores and local supermarkets in enormous quantities. 

Although the growth in these fruits-consumer nations is slowing, Italy, Germany, and European Nations still have the potential for development in the future years.

France is the leading destination market for these fruits in Europe, concentrating on high-quality avocados. Therefore, you may obtain reasonable profits to fit the product into the large retail chains.

In 2019, France imported 165,000 tons of avocados, with a predicted yearly need of 131,000 tons until May 2020. 

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Shipping Process To Import Avocado From Vietnam

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Farmers harvest avocados when they are green

In Vietnam, avocados are sent directly to wholesalers or local markets without being graded by the farmers. Farmers select these fruits while they’re still green, without a clear maturity signal, to minimize any post-harvest costs due to shipping damage.

These fruits are usually packed in bamboo baskets. Then, the farmers deliver avocados from the farms to the marketplace by any methods they can handle, such as on foot, tractor, buffalo-pulled cart, etc.

The trucks are the most common mode of fruit delivery from the wholesalers to marketplaces in other towns and cities. As a result, avocado fruits may be found in various towns and markets across Vietnam’s southern region, not just where they are grown.

The current farm-gate cost is around US$40-100/tons, whereas the local market price is around $200-300/tons. The cost is far cheaper than that of other fruits, and it varies depending on the variety, season, and location.

In the avocadoes importing process from Vietnam, these fruits are trucked from the farms to warehouses, in which they are examined, cleaned, and classified by size. 

Then, they are chilled to around 4-8°C in chilling chambers to start preparing them for the lengthy travel to Europe; this stops them from maturing too early.

Vietnamese export companies frequently own the storage, they are responsible for negotiating pricing with European merchants before the fruits leave Vietnam’s ports.

They are kept in cooling boxes on ships in a managed setting where the quantity of oxygen is decreased, and the amount of carbon dioxide is raised throughout the three-week sea journey. This process keeps it fresher for longer.

When arriving in other countries, they place avocados in ripening tanks, in which they are held at a temperature of 17-21°C for one to two weeks.

After ripening, these fruits are ready for delivery by truck to supermarket chains prepared as “ready to eat” avocados.

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