4 Things To Keep In Mind To Import Bamboo Bowls From Vietnam

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If you live far away and wish to import bamboo bowls from Vietnam, you must first calculate the transportation from Vietnam to your location. You should also seek a competent and reputable shipping company to handle your package. 

In this post, Vncomex, a company exporting bamboo bowls from Vietnam for many years, will share the experience and advice on the concerns above. 

We’ll go through four sections for exporting these products from Vietnam, including the origin, the current markets, the shipping process, and our service.

The Origin

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Bamboo Forest

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Vietnam has a tropical environment with high temperatures and humidity, ideal for bamboo cultivation. Vietnam’s bamboo is a valuable forest resource.

Bamboos may be found in either natural or mixed forests with bamboos and woody species, and are typically found in evergreen tropical rainforests or deciduous stands across Vietnam, from the plains to the coast, lowlands to high mountains.

So, now you may wonder why this product from Vietnam is favored by customers worldwide. What are the benefits and distinguishing features of bamboo bowls?

  • Antibacterial: These bowls have a natural antibacterial characteristic that prevents bacteria from growing and smells from absorbing. They make excellent salad bowl combos because they do not retain the fragrance of fatty salad dressings.
  • Easy Cleaning & Maintain: This dinnerware does not collect odors and is not readily soiled, making it simple to clean and maintain.
  • Durable Use: Bamboo fiber items are often stronger than metal and more robust than wood, and they will not be easy to break if dropped, even on a hard floor.
  • Free from Chemical: When cultivating bamboo, Vietnamese farmers do not use pesticides, ensuring that no pesticide or other environmental contaminants are left on the finished product or in the ecosystem; also, no petroleum appears in the creation of bamboo fiber utensils and bowls.
  • Eco-Friendly: Bamboo fiber is 100% biodegradable, and bamboo is the quickest increasing species globally, making it a renewable and sustainable resource.
  • Lightweight: Its strength is matched by its exceptional lightness, making it extremely useful. Even a large bamboo product will be light enough to lift and carry by a youngster.
  • High Strength: Bamboo’s inherent flexibility contributes to its strength and adaptability.

The Current Markets To Import Bamboo Bowls From Vietnam

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Bamboo Grows Quickly

Over 1,000 bamboo handicraft trading villages exist in Vietnam, accounting for 24% of the country’s total number of handicrafts villages.

These goods have been sold to over 130 territories and countries worldwide, with an annualized export value of over 200 million dollars, accounting for 14percent of the country’s overall handicraft total export.

The overall export value of these products reached over 230 million dollars from the first stage to November. Exports to important markets such as Japan and the United States have increased since the start of the year.

Despite significant growth in exports of bamboo bowls, Vietnam still has a relatively modest market share in the global market.

According to Trade-map statistics (a database system that updates information on nations’ trade status), Vietnamese bamboo goods account for around 3.37 percent of the global market.

The United States, in particular, is the largest market for Vietnamese bamboo products, accounting for 21% of total export earnings and Japan for 15%.

According to some analysts, the bamboo business in Vietnam has a lot of growth potential. It is possible to increase the percentage from 3.37 percent to 8-10 percent of the global market.

Shipping Process

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Package Process

Shipping rates vary by the destination country and are subject to holiday and customs restrictions. The shipping cost is dependent on your location and the size of your order. 

You can figure out how much shipping will cost by going through the checkout process. Please see the notes below for further details on the shipping procedure:

  • Our supplier will send your shipment within 2-7 business days of receiving your purchase.
  • Based on your location, we will select the best carrier for you. Tracking data is available three days after fulfillment.
  • When your package arrives in your country, it will be delivered to a local (usually national) carrier.
  • Customers must pick up their shipments at a local postal service or customs office in specific locations. Before making a purchase, be sure you’re familiar with the process in your area.

Why Should You Choose Us?

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Bamboo Tableware

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Vncomex can assist you in determining the import duty on these products from Vietnam to various countries. It also includes information about the importing process in Vietnam.

Moreover, the regulations and rules that apply to importing bamboo bowls in Vietnam are also provided.

We also assist you with fulfilling an import order for this product, the payment of taxes and tariffs, the getting of custom clearances, and other processes to import bamboo bowls from Vietnam.

Thanks to extensive transportation networks, Cargo can be transported from Vietnam to practically any port or entrance globally.

We can reserve space on most planes and shipping companies that fly from Vietnam to everywhere globally.

As a result, we can manage port and door delivery to about 200 countries worldwide at a reasonable price and with a wide range of services.

Our company is the best option for your deliveries for the following reasons. 

Experienced Experts

Our experienced teams have over ten years of expertise in logistics, and we are experts in transporting goods and clearing customs. Vietnam Customs has accepted Vncomex as a Customs Agency.

Aim For Customers Satisfy

We constantly maintain the most outstanding professional ethics with the critical values of Dedication, Intelligence, and Integrity, and we work with clients as staff, advisers, and friends.

We always follow through on our promises and prioritize our customers’ confidence. In any instance, Vncomex has committed to accompanying clients to each delivery. 

If you’d like a quote or some advice on how to handle your shipment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to import bamboo bowls from Vietnam.


We hope this guideline about importing this product from Vietnam will benefit you greatly. There are many reasons why people from abroad want to import bamboo bowls from Vietnam.

First, it is a natural resource. People treat the material using sophisticated high-tech methods to extract cellulose in this plant. 

Moreover, this material can create negative ions, has anti-bacterial and anti-insect qualities, and avoids many forms of pollution since it does not widely cover fertilizers to flourish.

Thank you for reading!

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