Import Bamboo Boxes From Vietnam: Current Market & Shipping Process

Traditional Vietnamese handicrafts have a strong relationship with the rice civilization and artisan villages. Bamboo products are profitable, but they also represent the culture of rural Vietnam.

So how to import bamboo boxes from Vietnam? Today, we will give you a complete guide to understanding and entering this potential market. Let’s join us! 

Origin Of Vietnamese Bamboo Boxes

This country has been famous for producing these boxes for a long time because this tree symbolizes the Vietnamese people’s spirit. Moreover, the country also established handicraft arts across the region for centuries. 


The bamboo tree is a symbol of this country’s culture and everyday life. The sturdy, straight, and tall trees signify tenacity, indomitable spirit, and bravery for the Vietnamese people.

The bamboo tree is an important symbol of this country’s culture and everyday life. The sturdy, straight, and tall trees signify tenacity, indomitable spirit, and bravery for the Vietnamese people.

Bamboos can grow everywhere in Vietnam, mostly in rural regions, rice paddy farms, and beside village lakes, where they grow in groups.

This landscape’s tranquil atmosphere signifies a peace symbol – a balance of good and bad energies in the environment.

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The plant symbolizes Vietnamese spirit

Handicraft villages 

The Red River Delta is home to Vietnam’s traditional bamboo handicraft towns.

Rice farming was the primary source of income for the ancient Vietnamese. Farmers created tools out of natural material during the period between harvests.

Handicrafts expanded from families to guilds over time. Ceramics, mat weaving, silk weaving, fine woodworking, and bronze casting were all done by entire villages.

Many handcraft streets and unions are still working in Hanoi, the country’s capital with a thousand-year heritage.

Thirty-six streets in that city begin with the term “Hang,” which means “Craft.” Artisans from the countryside came to Hanoi and established guilds.

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Current Market Of Importing And Exporting Bamboo Boxes In Vietnam

The value of handcrafted boxes exported from the country increased by 44% in 2019.

However, the value only hit 474 million USD in that year, less than half of the 2020 goal given ten years ago.

These items are the most valuable non-timber forest goods in the total export earnings of Vietnamese handicrafts.

Leading importers 

The leading importers of Vietnamese handcrafted boxes are EU nations, accounting for 31% of total exports and rising by 35.4% year over year.

The next marketplace is the United States, representing 19.5% and has nearly gotten bigger since 2018. 

The Japanese market took up 9.3% of the total and increased by 10.8%.

Furthermore, other countries are also investing in this sector, such as China, Germany, Poland, and Denmark. 

In practically all markets, these handmade products exported from Vietnam have risen by 2020. The value of exports to India, in particular, has grown by more than double.

Opportunities and threats

There are more than 1,000 bamboo handicraft trading villages in Vietnam, contributing to 24% of the nation’s total number of handicraft towns.

According to the recent figures from the General Department of Customs, the overall export value of bamboo goods has exceeded $230 million since the beginning of 2018.

Exports of these items to key markets such as the United States and Japan have increased since the start of the year.

Despite significant growth in exports of these products, Vietnam still has a pretty modest share in the global market.

Moreover, the government has shown concern about most of the planting area. The country’s bamboo-producing area is approximately 85,000 hectares, with a 350 million plant reserve. 

This sum is only enough to fulfill one-third of the need for raw materials used to manufacture goods.

Furthermore, the material value chain’s connection is still poor, inefficient, and lacks openness and consistency. This problem has had a detrimental impact on quality and accountability.

import bamboo boxes from Vietnam 2
Producing the boxes have both opportunities and threats

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How To Import Bamboo Boxes From Vietnam?

The shipping process in Vietnam is quite complicated. To begin, you should learn these criteria. 

Shipping method

There are two main ways to ship products: air freight and sea freight. In Vietnam, the sea method has appeared more popular. 

HS code

First, you have to identify the HS code of your product, which is 460211 for bamboo products. 

Governmental management

The customs procedure for shipping Vietnamese handicrafts is the same as for all traditional products because there is no particular management policy from the government. 

Shipping mark

Businesses should have enough shipping marks for exporting to ensure that transportation and customs inspections run smoothly.

Certificate of origin

The Vietnamese government does not compel Vietnamese exporters to prove their products as being manufactured in Vietnam. 

In many circumstances, though, you will need to get a Certificate of Origin from the business in Vietnam.

Clients in regions that have signed FTA (Free Trade Agreements) with Vietnam should provide Certificates of Origin to benefit from specific import tax advantages.

Fumigation certificate

A fumigation certificate is a proof that the items and container materials have come with sterilization or fumigation. 

Certificates, for example, provide details on the treated item, the articles included, the temperature range utilized, the chemicals employed, and the dose applied.


Because handicraft is not on Vietnam’s list of taxable products, exporters don’t need to pay tax.

import bamboo boxes from Vietnam 3
The shipping process is complicated

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Now you know about how to import bamboo boxes from Vietnam. It would be best to find a reputable company to avoid problems arising during the procedure. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We will reply as soon as possible. 

Thank you for reading!

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