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Bamboo charcoal is the product after burning Vietnamese bamboo trees. The benefit of bamboo charcoal is that it can be available in the food and cosmetic industry because of its whitening properties. Moreover, the product has completely natural ingredients, not adversely affecting the skin or body.

Therefore, bamboo charcoal is a product welcomed by many businesses and even food lovers. It becomes an outstanding product due to its unique color and attractive features.

However, not everyone knows about the abundant supply of bamboo charcoal and how to import bamboo charcoal from Vietnam.

This article will help your business reach deeper into this market.

Origin Of Vietnamese Bamboo Charcoal

The Origin: import bamboo charcoal from VietNam
The Origin

Bamboo is a woody plant that appeared thousands of years ago with many different uses. Currently, bamboo charcoal is a superior product of this plant besides handicraft products such as tables and chairs, household appliances.

Bamboo charcoal is from the bamboo plant, which has undergone burning and grinding to become a fine powder or tablet. It has a black color and structure of carbon molecules, so it is light, hollow, and quite porous, easy to absorb other ions.

The effects of the product are very diverse and can be available in daily life, such as deodorizing, absorbing odors, mold, and limiting the condition of mold. Moreover, the product can also be available in water purification, anti-radiation.

Some businesses use bamboo charcoal in cosmetic or personal care products, including masks, shower gels, soaps, and kinds of toothpaste. Because it has the effect of disinfecting, refreshing the body, and whitening teeth. The product is also very safe for the body due to its natural origin.

Bamboo is in many provinces in the area of ​​Vietnam with diverse ages. However, bamboo charcoal production facilities are mainly in the Northern region, including Bac Giang and Hanoi. The origin and quality of products are always clearly verified, so they receive a lot of trust from domestic and foreign customers.

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The Import/Export Market Of Vietnamese bamboo charcoal

import Bamboo Charcoal From Vietnam 2
Vietnam Import/Export Market

Coal import volume increased from 0.5 in 2006 to 0.84 million tons in 2016, accounting for 54%. The amount of coal imported in 10 years was 2.7%, of which the highest was 11% in 2013.

The largest coal importing countries include the US, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Belgium, and China. However, coal imports fell in 2019 following the previous growth.

Vietnam’s largest bamboo charcoal export market is a market with a developed cosmetic industry such as Japan, Korea, and Singapore in Asia.

Moreover, in 1999, Japan Fuels Association and JICA invested in coal production technology for Brunei, Laos, and Vietnam. However, only Vietnam has successfully and effectively applied bamboo charcoal products.

At the same time, markets appreciate the quality and productivity of products from Vietnam. The price for coal ranges from 400-500 USD/ton, which is quite reasonable.

The supply of bamboo charcoal from Vietnam is abundant with large output, which is a potential market for investors looking for sources of goods.

How To Import Bamboo Charcoal From Vietnam? Shipping Process

import Bamboo Charcoal From Vietnam 4
Shipping Process

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After choosing the right product for your business, you need to follow the steps in the following process to make the job go smoothly.

Step 1: Products

For bamboo charcoal products, you need to inspect the product according to the import and export standards of the destination country. After that, the product must pack stamps and labels according to the language of the importing enterprise.

Step 2: Prepare documents and means.

Preparing documents is crucial because it will help you clear customs more smoothly. In addition to some documents as prescribed by the customs office, you need to prepare:

  • Sample Analysis Sheet (make sure your product is eligible for export)
  • Proof of origin (depending on the type of business)

If the business is mining, you need a (valid) mining license. Processing enterprises, the papers are the Certificate of the processing facility and the legal sale contract. 

In addition, if the enterprise conducts business, it is necessary to prepare the accompanying purchase and sale contract, value-added invoice or coal export entrustment contract, and documents issued by the agency.

Then, you can use boats (sea freight), air transport, or land, depending on the exchange between the buyer and the seller.

Step 3: Customs declaration

Enterprises make declarations at the customs office, where goods are gathered or declared online. However, you need to ensure you have all the paperwork to make the process easy and smooth.

Step 4: Export

The final step after customs clearance, the product will make the journey to the importing country.

After working between the carrier, the relevant enterprise, and the customs authority, the product will be to the importing enterprise.


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The article provides information about bamboo charcoal, the import and export market, the process, and some notes. We hope that you can choose the best product at a reasonable price.

VNCOMEX JSC is always ready to listen and serve your needs for the Vietnam market and other markets in the world. Don’t forget to leave your information, because we will be in touch soon and help you solve the problem.

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