How To Import Bamboo Chopsticks From Vietnam?

In Vietnam, bamboo chopsticks are an item used every day in meals. Chopsticks also become “soul” in the feed to express the traditional culture and typical eating rules of the S-shaped strip of land. 

Besides, people are extremely fond of using bamboo chopsticks because They are environmentally friendly, have a long service life, and are cheap. Today, we will learn together how to import bamboo chopsticks from Vietnam.

Origin Of Vietnamese Bamboo Chopsticks

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Chopstick origin

In Vietnamese culture, a folk story proves the early birth of chopstick, which is the legend of the betel nut. The story was born before the Qin Dynasty and 1,000 years of Northern domination. 

Legend has it that, during the reign of the King, there were two brothers named Tan and Lang who loved, cared for, and helped each other in daily life.

After getting married, the younger brother felt that he did not care about her, became sad, and left a stream where he cried and turned to stone. 

The brother who went looking for you died on the stream back and turned into an areca tree next to the rock. The wife went to look for her husband and then became sad and turned the betel nut on the areca tree. Perhaps, from this story, it can be that chopsticks have appeared for a long time in Vietnam.

Some people believe that using chopsticks to pick up food in Vietnam is mimicking a bird using its beak to pick up seeds. 

Symbols such as the pink bird and the crane in Vietnam are long-beaked species that use their beaks to peck food.

Many other stories explain the origin. In particular, many theories suggest that food became scarce in the previous era when the population was increasing.

People used the way of dividing food into small pieces to cook more meals, more economically. And chopsticks were born to divide and pick up food into many small pieces.

In Vietnam, each region has a different culture, but the common point is that they all use chopsticks. 

There are bamboo ramparts covered in the North, so people use old bamboo sticks to peel products; the South is mainly coconut trees, so they should use coconut chopsticks. However, bamboo and wooden ones are still products that many people prefer and use.

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Vietnam’s Current Export/Import Market

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Vietnam’s Current Export/Import

The production process of bamboo products, especially bamboo chopsticks, has been one of the most popular, environmentally friendly, and effective non-timber forest products production in Vietnam for a long time.

Units and factories in Vietnam always aim for 4 main goals in global economic development and integration by constantly researching and developing perfect products, committing to comply with safety regulations.

Currently, this bamboo item is developed in the domestic market and exported to the US, Japanese, and Korean markets. Compared with chopsticks made from plastic or aluminum materials, bamboo has many great points in terms of convenience and environmental friendliness. 

With a management system from the systematic import and export of input materials, carefully selected bamboo chopsticks of companies and units in Vietnam always receive many compliments from customers.

Besides, thanks to high technology in production, Vietnamese bamboo chopsticks are increasingly creating prestige in the domestic and international markets, especially the fastidious Japanese market.

Refer to some prices of bamboo items in foreign markets:

  • One-time boutique round sticks bamboo chopsticks are at $0.03-$0.09/ Pair.
  • 21/ 24cm eco-friendly disposable sushi chopsticks/wooden/bamboo chopsticks priced at $0.016-$0.09/ Piece
  • Factory direct supply 21cm/23cm/24cm disposable priced at $0.009-$0.013/ Pair
  • Carbonized Bamboo for brown chopsticks disposable is at $0.01-$0.02/ Pair.
  • Bamboo wood chopsticks set is priced at $15.00-$25.00/ Carton.

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How To Import bamboo chopsticks From Vietnam? Shipping Process

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International import and export port

Different countries will generally have other shipping procedures for imported bamboo chopsticks. However, most countries have standard processes that include 4 steps: Quality control, packaging, carrying out the necessary paperwork, and shipping.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to import procedures and license procedures as follows:

  • Import procedures: When you need to import, you need to prepare in advance for the customs side a set of documents and documents following regulations for import and export goods. Documents to be prepared will include the following types of documents: Customs declaration, goods sale and purchase contract, commercial invoice, detailed list of goods, and other transport documents.
  • License procedures: Depending on different cases, different permits will be required, but you need to pay attention to some of the following documents: Certificate of quality inspection of the food safety inspection agency, plant censorship.


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Thus, today’s article has shared with you the information about how to import Bamboo chopsticks from Vietnam

Hopefully, the above information has helped you have more information about this market and product. If you are looking for a reputable and quality shipping company, please refer to VNCOMEX JSC for support and advice!

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