Import Bamboo Handicrafts From Vietnam: [Beginner’s Guide]

Bamboo is a familiar image to every Vietnamese. The idea of bamboo was attached during the war, and in peacetime, the tree is still a symbol of the Vietnamese village. Bamboo has many different benefits, and one of them is the raw material for handicraft products. 

Many artisans have created this material and made handicrafts with aesthetic benefits and values. Today, we will learn together how to import bamboo handicrafts from Vietnam.

Origin Of Vietnamese Bamboo Handicrafts

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Handicrafts origin

None of us can determine when bamboo appeared, but each Vietnamese person grows up with bamboo and rattan utensils such as bed, rattan cradle, and each person’s soul develops thanks to traditions. Legend of Son Tinh and Thanh Giong uprooted a piece of bamboo to destroy the enemy.

Not only does it exist in legend, but bamboo is also a source of raw materials used in the production and daily life of Vietnamese people.

We have always kept a long-standing culture with bamboo helping build houses, apparent wasteland, and bamboo symbolizes the intimate and eternal attachment to human life.

Vietnamese bamboo handicrafts first appeared on the world market at the Paris fair in 1931. Since then, more than 200 products have been sold to foreign markets. The most popular are baskets, flowerpots, lampshades, bookshelves, etc.

During the development and formation of the nation, handicrafts are constantly improving through the absorption of many unique ideas of talented Vietnamese artisans. They all have created many exquisite products with impressive aesthetic: trays, chopsticks, plates, vases, tables, chairs, beds, pillows, cushions, mats, curtains, fans.

The handicrafts are also available to make a lot of souvenirs, wedding memorabilia, musical instruments, often with high artistic value.

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Current Vietnamese Export/Import Market

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Vietnamese Export/Import Market

It can be that Vietnam is one of the most famous countries in the world for handicrafts. It is also closely related to the development and rattan products as many bamboo and rattan craft villages have formed and developed continuously, especially in recent years.

Vietnam’s handicrafts products not only have high domestic consumption in markets, shops, and different manufacturing industries but are also essential export items. 

The export market is expanding day by day with more than 150,000,000 USD annually – this is quite an “admirable” revenue for the handicraft industry. The handicrafts from Vietnam increasingly attract talented and creative artisans, including many famous master artisans.

The crafts are handmade items made from bamboo. A wide range of crafts can be transformed, such as furniture, coasters and coasters, bowls and craft boxes, lamps and lanterns, decorations, baskets.

Moreover, handicraft products from bamboo are also more resistant to scratches than most hardwoods and resistant to scratches and scuffs during use.

Currently, there are more than 5,000 craft villages in the Vietnamese market, and craft villages across the country have created jobs for about 11 million rural workers. The country’s craft village products have been to nearly 160 countries and territories, with a 1.7 billion USD/year export turnover.

It is also a pride and a source of motivation to promote and develop non-stop handicrafts of the craft village, which has an essential meaning in restructuring the rural economy, preserving and promoting the traditional cultural values ​​of the nation.

Check out the prices of some handicrafts from Vietnam in foreign markets:

  • China Professional Manufacture Handicraft Gifts is at $0.91-$4.39/ Piece
  • Premium Handicraft of china Carved wood decor Cat wood has a price of $0.04-$0.05/ Piece
  • Home decor party decoration handicraft custom photo is at $0.02-$0.04/ Piece
  • Wholesale from Vietnam handicrafts made of bamboo for home decoration is $3.00-$5.00/ Piece.
  • 100% Natural Bamboo Tube Box from Vietnam/ Pole Box/ Handicraft priced at $1.75-$3.00/ Piece.
  • Handicraft Hanging Lantern Natural Color Decorative priced at $12.33-$16.54/ Piece.

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How To Import Bamboo Handicrafts From Vietnam? Shipping Process

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Global shipment

Like most other products on the market, Bamboo handicrafts from Vietnam need to undergo a rigorous import and export inspection process to bring the highest value. Here are a few critical steps in the shipping process that you can refer to:

Step 1: Prepare

At this step, the exporting enterprise needs to ensure that it has packed as well as stamped and stamped the importing enterprise’s form. 

Then these handicrafts products need to go through the plant quarantine and have all the documents such as the phytosanitary registration certificate, contract, authorization letter, and a few other related papers.

Step 2: Customs documents and vehicle preparation

At this step, you need to make sure you have enough documents like the information we mentioned earlier. Then, based on the type of goods that the company needs to export to choose the fastest and most suitable means of transport, however, make sure to have a full bill of lading or air waybill.

Step 3: Customs declaration

Next, through the customs portal, your business needs to use the set of documents prepared in step 2 to make a customs declaration at the gathering place.

Step 4: Shipping

Finally, when the customs declaration is successful and qualified, the transport unit begins to transport Bamboo handicrafts to the importing country according to the means of choice.

After arriving at the import site, relevant departments continue to inspect according to regulations.


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Today’s article has shared with you information about how to import bamboo handicrafts from Vietnam. Hopefully, the above information has helped you have more information about this market and product.

If you are looking for a reputable and quality shipping company, please refer to VNCOMEX JSC for support and advice. Thank you for reading!

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