Import Bamboo Skewer From Vietnam [Ultimate Guides]

Are you planning to import bamboo skewer from Vietnam but do not know where to start? This article will show you a complete guide to making things at ease. 

We’ve highlighted the origin of the products, the current market for importing them from this country, and the detailed shipping process. Let’s read on to discover! 

Origin Of Vietnamese Bamboo Skewers

Vietnam is among the countries that produce the most skewers since bamboo trees can thrive. 

Bamboo cultivation 

This tree has a strong relationship with the lives of Vietnamese people. Local people sharpened branches to construct weapons to resist invading forces during the war.

These days, they use these trees to make houses, furniture, and other valuable daily items. Because it is ecologically friendly, this tree is one of the most excellent materials for the twenty-first century. It’s available in building and décor projects across the world.

The tree is a natural resource material in Vietnam. Its architectural projects prove the Vietnamese people’s abilities and aesthetic perception.

Skewer production

Due to its simplicity and environmental friendliness, bamboo skewers are becoming incredibly common in eateries and picnics.

This trend is worldwide so that the demand for importing skewers increases from country to country, 

With the experience of planting trees, Vietnam has joined the game to provide high-quality products made of durable material for other regions in the world. 

Vietnamese manufacturers produce skewers by selecting the material (old enough and free of pests). Then, they form, steam, and dry, unfinished goods.

Next, manufacturers sharpen the materials into skewers through a modern system. The whole cleaning, QC, and packing take place in a hygienic environment to guarantee food safety.

import bamboo skewer from Vietnam 1
The country has the advantage of materials

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Current Market Of Importing Vietnamese Bamboo Skewer 

Thanks to the abundant resources, this country has gained popularity in exporting skewers. 

Leading importers 

In November 2020, the total export value of bamboo items in this country was over $230 million, according to the Ministry of Finance.

Vietnam reports increased exports of these items to several European countries, the United States, and Japan. The number of investors in this sector is growing steadily in the country.


The price for this product varies in countries. The measurement unit also matters in this case. 

For example, in 2020, one pack of skewers cost $6 per bag in Japan. Yet, in the USA, the price for one piece was $11. 51.  

Opportunities and threats 

Bamboo has a bright future in Vietnam because of the abundance of forests accessible in almost every part of this country.

Likewise, the number of manufacturers in the region has doubled, signaling that the country would continue producing those goods for export.

Vietnam is one of the world’s major bamboo manufacturing countries. This advantage has aided the country’s growth and expansion in the marketplace.

Every day, the country ships millions of goods made of this material to over 130 nations across the world.

This country earns over $200 million in export earnings every year, accounting for around 14% of the total value of Vietnamese handicraft exports.

Despite a significant rise in the number of product exports, Vietnam still has a limited market share in the international economy.

According to statistics, Vietnamese goods have a global market share of roughly 3.4%.

The major market of this country for these items is the United States, which accounts for around 20% of total export value, while Japan contributes to 16%.

However, the proportion looks to be optimistic, given the industry’s sustained development, as well as increasing investments.

import bamboo skewer from Vietnam 2
This market still has both opportunities and threats

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How To Import Bamboo Skewer From Vietnam?

The shipping process in this country is quite complicated to ensure safety and security. To begin, you should be aware of some terms as well as documents included in the whole process. 

HS code 

One of the first things to check when importing or exporting any item is the HS code. The code helps correctly identify tariffs, policies, and processes.

You will use the nature and content of the actual shipped item at the moment of export to assign to a specific HS code.

The legal foundation for applying this code to exported goods is the actual examination results of Customs and the notification by the Customs Department of Commodity Verification. 

Establishing the code is ultimately the responsibility of exporters to ensure that items come with the correct classification.


Because these products are not on the list of taxable exports, exporters are exempt from paying export tax.

Governmental management 

Exporting skewers is not under any specific government management policy. The customs system for shipping these items from this country is the same as other standard products. 

Certificate of origin

The Vietnamese government has some policies to make exporting easier. If the goods are of Vietnamese origin, you can request all types of certificates of origin. The process is relatively quick, taking one to two days. 

Vietnam has signed Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with more than 50 nations worldwide. 

As a result, when you purchase these items from this country, you may be eligible for a special import tariff.

import bamboo skewer from Vietnam 4
The shipping process is quite complex

About Vncomex

As you can see, the whole shipping process in this country is quite complex. As a result, many foreign traders decide to contact a reliable company for help. 

If you plan to penetrate the Vietnamese market, consider Vncomex. The company’s objective is to deliver high-quality services with excellent products. 

Although our firm grew under harsh times, we have made it our mission to establish a robust business with the slogan “Cooperation – Development.”

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Now you can picture the process to import bamboo skewer from Vietnam. Since this country has a lot of potential in terms of material, you can expect a long-term investment in this sector.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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