Import Bamboo Sticks From Vietnam: Current Market & Shipping Process

Before you import bamboo sticks from Vietnam, it’s better to become proficient in the international shipping process and the origin of the products. 

What’s more, you also need to search for a reputable import-export company so that you can source high-quality goods and make the trading process more straightforward.

We, VNCOMEX, boast of being one of the businesses that bring you as many privileges as possible. Click on this article to learn more about us and the products you are interested in.

The Origin Of Vietnamese Bamboo Sticks

The climate in Vietnam is tropical, with hot and humid summers, making it excellent for bamboo production. It is a significant ecological resource in this country.

It’s a Poaceae family evergreen blooming plant belonging to the Bambusoideae genus. Scientists are still trying to come up with a scientific name for it.

Although the ancient Vietnamese people have passed on stories about it for thousands of generations, its origin is still a secret. 

It has become the subject of literature, poetry, and art. And it has been a symbol of the vitality of the people of this country for a long time.

This plant can be found across Vietnam, though it is more common in the countryside and hilly territories. Hoa Binh, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, and Thanh Hoa are among the provinces with significant reserves.

There are over 1000 types worldwide, whereas Vietnamese bamboo accounts for 1/3 of the total, with the number of 300 species.

You might be wondering why customers worldwide prefer these Vietnamese products. The following are the main reasons:

  • There are no environmental contaminants or pesticides involved in the cultivating process. So, it’s completely user-friendly.
  • This plant’s intrinsic versatility helps it to be robust and adaptable.
  • Bamboo fiber naturally decomposes in the environment.
  • It is the fastest-growing species on the planet, making it among inexhaustible and long-term resources.
Import Bamboo Sticks From Vietnam 1
Bamboo forest

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The Current Market

As Vietnam becomes more integrated into the global economy, it will create several chances for various economic sectors, including handicraft production.

The market for these commodities is overgrowing, particularly in foreign markets. 

International visitors are looking for handmade items by artisans using natural materials to discover East Asia’s origins.

A big market, reasonable pricing, and quick capital turnover are all advantages for this production. This country has the potential to promote traditional handicrafts.

Vietnam boasts over 720 craft villages making bamboo products and more than 1 million bamboo trading enterprises and companies.

Currently, it boasts to be the fourth-largest exporter of the bamboo commodity, only following some countries such as China, the EU, and Indonesia. 

Bamboo items are in high demand at the moment. In the years 2018-2019, the global trade value of the bamboo sector reached over 70 billion dollars, representing a significant opportunity for the Vietnamese bamboo business.

In 2018, the revenue of these goods sent to the two markets, European Union and the United States, mainly to the United States, increased considerably, reaching US$61 million, an increase of 26.7 %.

In 2019, the earnings from these products from Vietnam climbed by 44.4 %. Nevertheless, in 2019, the revenue was only US$474 million, less than half of the goal set ten years earlier for 2020.

Overall, Vietnam’s bamboo commodity export value increased in almost all destinations in 2020, particularly in India, where it increased by 2 – 3 times, even though the market’s turnover is still relatively modest.

Import Bamboo Sticks From Vietnam 2
Bamboo sticks

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Import Bamboo Sticks From Vietnam: Shipping Process

If you want to know how the bamboo sticks will be shipped from Vietnam to your place, here is the standard procedure:

  • Step 1: Transport products from the storehouse of the provider to the storage of the shipping company.
  • Step 2: Transport merchandise from a cargo forwarders depot to the terminal dock.
  • Step 3: Customs clearance at the origin dock
  • Step 4: The products are transported from the point of origin to the agreed-upon port of destination.
  • Step 5: Customs clearance at the port of destination.
  • Step 6: Inland transit from the port to the warehouse
  • Step 7: Goods distribution

In addition, the international shipping process from Vietnam necessitates the completion of essential documents, such as:

  • Packing list: It’s a list of all the items included in your package.
  • Bill of lading: This document serves as a combination of a passport and a freight boarding pass. It also functions as a verification of the transfer’s legitimacy.
  • Commercial invoice: Customs will check whether the presented goods match the customs declaration from the importer. 
  • Certificate of origin: It’s only legal evidence to prove your products come from Vietnam. 
  • Insurance certificate: If your goods aren’t insured, several countries will refuse to let them in.
Import Bamboo Sticks From Vietnam 4
International shipping procedure


As you can see, importing goods from Vietnam is a complicated process. Yet, you can limit the unwanted annoyances in the delivery procedure if you cooperate with a reputable enterprise.

So, why don’t you choose us? We can provide the best service because: 

  • Position: We’ve tried our best to establish a solid name in the current market by providing excellent services to our consumers.
  • Attitude: We endeavor to accommodate all of our customers’ demands, no matter how basic or complex they may be.
  • Human resources: Our logistics experts have several years of experience. Plus, to provide the most satisfactory service to our customers, we are growing exponentially youthful, skilled, and agile staff resources.
  • Price: If you’re looking for a company that provides high-quality service at a reasonable price, we will meet your needs immediately.
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Green bamboo sticks

The Bottom Line

Now you completely understand the shipping process to import bamboo sticks from Vietnam. It’s best to pick a reliable business to avoid complications during the trading.

Our company – VNCOMEX is committed to being one of the businesses that bring the best value to customers. If you have any further questions, you can ask us in the comment below. 

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading and see you in the next post!

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