How To Import Bamboo Toothpick From Vietnam?

Toothpicks are one of the essential utensils of any family, especially after every meal. Currently, it can be from a variety of different materials. Still, perhaps Vietnamese bamboo toothpicks are one of the options sought after by many users because of their great use and reasonable price. 

Moreover, the ability to clean and sanitize the teeth of this product is also highly perfect. Therefore, bamboo products can be a precious export product.

So have you ever thought about how to import bamboo toothpick from Vietnam? If yes, this article is for you as we will cover the export/import stages and the shipping process of this toothpick. In addition, we will also add some other information about the origin and market of this product.

Origin Of Vietnamese Bamboo Toothpick

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Toothpick from Vietnam

Before coming to information about the transportation process and the import/export process, it is invaluable to know the history of the formation and the origin of the product that we choose to export or import. 

Therefore, we will introduce the most important milestones and information of this product in an overview.

According to the development history, they appeared very early and were also the first dental cleaning tool. In the early days of modern humans, some archeologists have found clear signs that teeth were cleaned by Homo sapiens with a device.

In fact, the raw materials of this product are often vibrant and diverse. According to some researchers, some people found bronze products in prehistoric tombs in Northern Italy and the Eastern Alps. 

In addition, in the 17th century, some Romans produced toothpicks of silver or lath wood and considered them similar to a piece of jewelry.

Currently, American ones are often manufactured by manufacturers from maple wood, and in Vietnam, the primary material is bamboo. 

In fact, its use has many benefits, one of which is the very reasonable price that comes with high product quality. 

Therefore, the demand for export/import of this product is also stimulating in the country and abroad.

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Vietnam’s Bamboo Toothpick Import Market

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Vietnam’s Import Market

In Vietnam, as you know, bamboo is the primary raw material to manufacture this product. And in fact, it is easy to see bamboo in many rural areas in Vietnam. Therefore, Vietnam can ultimately produce these items in large quantities and help increase its exports to foreign markets.

However, it is worth mentioning that the number of imported bamboo toothpicks in Vietnam is huge. According to the Department’s statistics, in early August 2012, businesses imported about 911 tons of bamboo toothpicks, with a turnover of about $125,000. Probably too significant a number. 

In addition, its price is completely excluding tax, with 1 ton of imported toothpicks for only about 100 dollars, and it is easy to see that they are half cheaper than domestically produced toothpicks. 

In addition, according to the latest information on January 12, 2022, businesses in Vietnam import tons of toothpicks from other countries every year. 

Small traders explain this in Vietnam that buying domestic toothpicks for retail can only make a profit of 20% while imported, and they can make a profit of up to 50%. 

It creates a big difference between this product’s export and import markets. However, you can take advantage of this factor to learn about the import of toothpicks in Vietnam.

Here are some data on the import of Vietnamese toothpicks in some countries:

  • Spain: 100% Chef’s 9cm is at $1.90 per bag
  • Portugal: Chef’s 15 cm 100% bamboo is at $1.11 per bag
  • China: 100% bamboo 8cm toothpicks used in the production of incense sticks with a price of 1.15 USD per 1 ton

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Shipping Process: Import Bamboo Toothpick From Vietnam

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Shipping Process

In fact, in each different country, there will be other transportation processes for imported bamboo toothpicks. However, most countries have standard procedures that include quality control, packaging, carrying out the necessary formalities, and shipping.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to import procedures and licensing procedures.

Import procedures: when you need to import, you need to submit a set of documents and documents following regulations for imported and exported goods to the customs. A dossier includes:

  • Customs declaration.
  • Contract of sale of goods.
  • Commercial invoice.
  • A detailed list of goods.
  • Other transport documents.

License procedures: depending on the specific case, you need to pay attention to some of the following documents: Certificate of quality inspection of the food safety inspection agency, papers on animal quarantine, quarantine plants,…


Above, there was information about the origin and the export market of Vietnamese toothpicks. In addition, we also cover the process of importing them.

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Before ending, hopefully, the information about importing Vietnamese bamboo toothpicks that we mentioned above will help you better understand the import process and the origin and market of Vietnamese bamboo toothpicks. 

Moreover, we also mention VNCOMEX, one of the companies with long-term experience and the most reliable so that you can easily import bamboo toothpicks.

Finally, if you have any questions, leave a comment right below this article, and we will soon send you the most suitable answer.

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