Import Bamboo Utensils From Vietnam: Origin & Shipment Process

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On the market today, bamboo utensils are becoming more and more popular. In particular, you will quickly notice that bamboo is popular in some Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Vietnam. 

However, perhaps it appears more in Vietnam, and the import bamboo utensils from Vietnam are also more diverse and creative.

Suppose you are interested in the issues of importing bamboo utensils from that plant. In that case, this article is for you because we will cover the import/export stages and the transportation process of all kinds of products like bamboo utensils. Besides, some other information about the origin and the market of this product may also be an issue that you are interested in.

Origin Of Vietnamese Bamboo Utensils

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Before mentioning the import and export situation of Vietnamese bamboo utensils, here is some information about the application and development. This information will give you preliminary information about their product over the decades.

In the past 15 years, these utensils have become increasingly used in construction materials, vertical biofuels, household appliances, and more. Some close uses of utensils include toothpicks, straws, trays, plates, cups, furniture, etc.

In general, it is easy to see that with its solid characteristics and reasonable price, utensils from this species are gradually becoming a trend because they have designed and reduced environmental pollution. Moreover, it is very durable, smooth, and has good moisture resistance.

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Vietnam Import/Export Market

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Import/Export Market

According to the General Department of Forestry in 2019, Vietnam’s exported bamboo and rattan products reached US$ 474 million, up 44.4% compared to 2018. As a result, bamboo is the second-ranked product group bringing in product value products in non-timber forest products.

However, the reality shows that although the turnover is relatively high, it has not met the set target for 2020. Also, in 2019, according to statistics, bamboo products from Vietnam were mainly imported to EU countries, accounting for 31.44% of the proportion and increased to 35.36% compared to the previous year. 

The US market accounted for 19.5%, which shows an increase compared to 2018. In addition, the Asian market also has a development, typically in Japan accounting for 9.3 % and 10.8% growth in 2019. These products are also imported by other markets such as Germany, China, Poland, Denmark.

Moreover, according to the US International Trade Commission statistics, the US’s import of bamboo carpets increased continuously in the period 2010 – 2018 from 1.74 billion USD to 3.10 billion USD in 2018. 

Shortly after, in 2019, the US import of this type of carpet decreased slightly but increased again in 2020 and opened a big turning point in importing and exporting Vietnamese bamboo carpets.

In general, according to the needs and tastes of the US, Vietnamese bamboo utensils are increasing. Therefore, you can take advantage of this opportunity to supply and import bamboo utensils and items to European markets and the US.

Here are the unit prices of a few imported bamboo utensils that you can refer to:

  • Vietnamese chopsticks: 0.01 USD/pair
  • Sticks 200c/bag: 0.68 USD/bag
  • Large brush: 0.22 USD/pcs
  • Foam: 1.25 USD/pcs
  • Paper cups: 0.04 USD/piece
  • The used in building factories: 2.57USD/piece

Shipping Process

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International shipment

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Like most other products on the market, bamboo products need to undergo a rigorous import and export inspection process to bring the highest value. Here are a few critical steps in the process of shipping bamboo furniture from Vietnam:

Step 1: Prepare

At this step, the exporting enterprise needs to ensure that it has packed as well as stamped and stamped the importing enterprise’s form. Then these products need to go through the plant quarantine and have all the documents such as plant quarantine registration certificate, contract, authorization letter, and a few other related papers.

Step 2: Customs documents and vehicle preparation

You need to make sure you have enough papers at this step, as we mentioned earlier. Then, based on the type of goods that the company needs to export to choose the most suitable means of transport, however, make sure to have a total bill of lading or air waybill.

Step 3: Customs declaration

Next, through the customs portal, your business needs to use the set of documents prepared in step 2 to make a customs declaration at the gathering place.

Step 4: Shipping

Finally, when the customs declaration is successful and qualified, the shipping unit begins to transport the goods to the importing country using choice. After arriving at the import site, relevant departments continue to inspect according to regulations.


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Before ending, hopefully, you have understood the information about importing bamboo utensils from Vietnam that we mentioned earlier. In addition, we hope that the information about the origin and market of furniture from Vietnam also helps you to know more exciting things. 

Moreover, we also mention VNCOMEX, one of the companies with long-term experience and the most reliable if you are having difficulty or are just starting to carry out the procedures for importing bamboo utensils.

Finally, if you have any questions, leave a comment right below this article, and we will soon send you the most suitable answer.

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