Ultimate Guide On Import Banana From Vietnam: Classification & Shipment

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If you are a gourmet, Banana is one of the indispensable fruits in your diet. It features a sweet and fragrant taste along with unexpected proper nutritional values.

So today’s article, we will find out the origin, import Banana from Vietnam, and issues related to this fruit!

Origin Of Banana From Vietnam

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Origin Of Banana From Vietnam

Not just any product, knowing the origin and thoroughly understanding each item will make us feel more secure during use.

In particular, bananas have always been a natural product that appeared since ancient times, originating from Southeast Asia, distributed mainly in tropical climates.

Popular countries such as China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand. In Vietnam, banana trees are almost universally grown to provide human food.

When it comes to bananas, people will immediately think of the nutritional components and their benefits. They have shown that: for every 100g of bananas, on average, there will be three essential components: carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, protein, water, fat, PotassiumVitamin C, B6.

Each person’s taste will rate the suitability differently. But one thing that we cannot deny is the miraculous uses it brings.

Through research, experts have come up with significant effects on the body from bananas. Some supporting effects such as:

  • Help support the maintenance of balanced blood sugar levels.
  • Good support for the digestive system
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Good weight loss effect
  • High Antioxidant
  • Improve the health of kidney functions
  • Reduce insulin (the cause of diabetes)…

Currently, due to the rapidly increasing consumer demand, the market for bananas is also going up strongly. Many large-scale organizations have been to carry out inspection procedures for banana production for export, including Vietnam.

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Classification For Import Banana from Vietnam

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Classification Banana for export

Export market demand has stringent regulations, and export bananas always have high requirements from quality to design. So as of now, there are the following banana brands:

  • Laba Kinh: The banana brand imported mainly from Japan is a banana with yellow chicken fat, banana meat close to the skin, and high aromatic flexibility.
  • Red Banana is a banana with dark red skin, light aroma, and wonderful sweetness.
  • Pink pepper banana: This import Banana from Vietnam is the most commonly grown banana in form; this is a banana variety with a beautiful design, sweet aroma, pleasant smell.
  • Scented old Banana: long, curved Banana with high nutritional value, often chosen as a menu for athletes.

The Current Market: Import Banana From Vietnam

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Export Market In VietNam

Vietnamese bananas are mainly in two markets, which are Asian and European countries.

Due to the complicated situation of the epidemic, in 2019, the number of bananas imported into the EU was 14 tons. The number is minimal, plummeting to 26.7% in the same period last year.

Vietnam ranks only 55th out of all countries wishing to enter the common market with such a number.

In 2020, the market changed to increase productivity; the total amount of imports into Europe is 7.7 million tons, rising to 3% of output, 1.3% of the norm value.

With numbers like these, Vietnamese bananas are premium bananas with a record high selling price, which is much higher than the standard ground price compared to other countries.

 Next is the Korean banana market. According to the latest announcement from the Korean Trade Association, 2.9 thousand tons is the output of bananas Vietnam has provided.

Up 13.6% in quantity, it is reaching a total value of 2.3 million USD, exceeding 48.3% compared to the same period in 2020.

China is also one of the key countries in terms of commodity consumption. In 2020, Vietnam will become the third-largest banana supplier to China besides the Philippines and Ecuador.

With the first 8 months of 2020, export value through inspection reached 95 million USD, up 10.1% compared to 2019. The main supply in cooperation with your country increased by 3.5% in 2019.

The above figures show that, in general, Vietnamese agricultural products and bananas are growing rapidly and increasingly asserting their position in the international market.

Therefore, if you are an investor, the export market will be a good choice for development.

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Shipping Process: Import Banana From Vietnam

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Shipping Process For Bananas Export

Goods and services shipped overseas need a lot of paperwork. To ensure legitimacy and product quality, they need to meet the strict terms your country offers fully.

In general, there are many ways for you to ship a package to a far distance, such as:

  • Direct export
  • Indirect export
  • Processing export goods
  • Export at site
  • Counter-trade
  • Re-export, re-import

Here are the options for overseas shipping for you. But first, to make the shipping process go smoothly, you need to complete the shipping process as follows:

Apply for an Import License

Businesses in each country need permission from the agency to conduct counter-trading abroad.

Prepare goods for export after signing to look for customers

After completing the contract, what to do is to prepare the goods, make the mark, specify the batch number, package name, shipping code.

Buy insurance

The implementation of the above steps ensures the safety of your interests. Avoid the unfortunate risks during transportation.

Hire a means of transport

It is a significant selection step, and you should carefully consider yourself a partner to ensure the goods are intact when they reach the customer.

Customs procedures

Making relevant documents to export to foreign markets is very important.

It is considered a travel document to carry goods to move through procedures such as the declaration, presentation of relevant documents, and waiting for approval from the agency.

Delivery and payment

The two steps of delivery and completion of documents are to close the goods transaction.

You see, the export process is quite complicated. So sincere advice, if any, you should sign with a shipping company specializing in import and export services like that will be easier.

They will assist you in the fastest way regarding the shipping process. The following is an import-export company that many customers highly rate you consider. 

About Vncomex

As a young company newly established in 2020, Vncomex has affirmed its position and professional style in working. It can be a bridge between businesses and customers. In it, bananas are the product we are responsible for shipping.

Coming to Vncomex, you will not need to worry about the shipping process having difficulty or not. You need to arrange to prepare the documents related to the goods.

And we will help you handle complex problems in the operation cycle.

At Vncomex, our company brings maximum benefits when working with customers with:

  • Reasonable and appropriate pricing
  • Abundant human resources, experienced selection ensure the best service quality
  • Constantly changing day by day to meet demand better
  • Build good trust from partners who have worked.


The above article summarizes information related to the import Banana from Vietnam, the import and export situation pertaining to the product. As well as a reputable shipping company you should consult.

We hope that the above information will be of some help to you. Thank you!

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