Import Black Charcoal From Vietnam – Complete Guides [hienthinam]

Vietnam is one of the ideal countries to import black coal. You will feel extremely safe because the coal is exceptionally high quality and abundant.

How to import black charcoal from Vietnam without any annoyances? This article will explain the international shipping process in detail. Scroll down to learn more!

The Origin Of Vietnamese Black Charcoal


This charcoal, also known as activated carbon or activated charcoal, is a carbon processed to create microscopic molecular pores. 

Since then, the contact surface area of activated carbon has increased, allowing it to have highly excellent absorption properties.

The anaerobic combustion makes carbon-rich fuels like coal, wood, bamboo, and coconut shells at temperatures ranging between 600 and 800°C.

Sometimes it can also be obtained from biochar, coal, or coke, known as activated coal or coke.

It is currently one of the most extensively used compounds for disinfectants, bacteria filters in water, and air purifiers.

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The origin of the product

Common Types

There is a wide range of black (activated) charcoals, but here are the most common types: 

Powdered Black Charcoal

It’s a form of activated carbon that is already finely ground. It has a large contact surface and is micro-sized around 0.2mm – 0.5mm.

This type is inexpensive and widely utilized in producing chemicals like cosmetic products and toothpaste.

Furthermore, it is a significant component of RO membranes and functions as a supplement in manufacturing water purification systems.

Granular Black Charcoal

This kind comes in various diameters ranging from 0.2mm to 5mm. 

Because it is much harder to wipe off than powdered sort, it is frequently common in household water filters and industrial wastewater treatment.

Extruded Black Charcoal

This is activated carbon powder crushed into cylindrical pellets ranging in diameter from 0.8mm to 5mm.

It should be more demanding and more lasting than other types of charcoal because of its cylindrical structure.

It is also helpful for excellent filtering of harmful gasses due to its average diameter and broad contact surface area.

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Extruded type


What makes it so popular? Here are its main benefits:

  • It works well for dealing with odors and pollutants.
  • It is a crucial filter layer in wastewater and drinking water treatment.
  • It will absorb toxins and eliminate them through the digestive tract when it enters the body.
  • It’s commonly used in industry to extract precious metals.
  • It also acts as a supplement in various cosmetics due to its extraordinarily absorbent characteristics.

The Current Market

After rising strongly over the previous decade, demand for this commodity declined in 2019. In 2006, global imports of this product totaled 0.55 million tons, rising to 0.84 million tons in 2016, a 54 percent rise.

Over the last decade, the annual growth rate of global imports has been 2.7 percent, with the highest growth rate of 11.7 percent in 2013.

The largest importers of this commodity group on the worldwide market are the United States, Japan, Germany, Korea, Belgium, and China. In 2019, six countries imported over 47percent of production.

From January to December 2019, Japan imported 87,041 tons of this product. This import amount is less than the 89,673 tons imported at the same time in 2018.

In recent years, Vietnam’s black charcoal goods have established brand names in markets such as Japan, Korea, and Singapore.

The Japan Fuel Association has certified that these commodities satisfy quality criteria, are environmentally friendly, and promote goods.

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Powdered charcoal

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How To Import Black Charcoal From Vietnam? Shipping Process

With the advent of the globalized economy and free trade, Vietnam’s export of goods and equipment is growing and expanding.

Charcoal is one of the products that is widely exported to other countries. However, the export of this product needs a control mechanism due to its complicated features and variety of kinds.

So, what are the current export procedures for this commodity group? Following are the steps involved in exporting this commodity:

Step 1: Prepare The Necessary Customs Paperwork

There are essential documents required, including:

  • Customs declaration
  • Commercial invoice
  • Papers demonstrating that firms or individuals meet the legal requirements for exporting this commodity
  • Document entrustment contract

Step 2: Complete The Paperwork

Enterprises submit information in customs declarations and register with the Customs Sub-Department for customs declarations.

Step 3: The Customs Authority Checks The Customs Declaration

If the paperwork does not meet the requirements, the customs authority will not accept the customs declaration registration and will explain why to the declarant.

Step 4: Competent Authorities Distribute Declarations

If it is an electronic customs declaration, Customs will channel and process it in one of the following forms:

  • Accept customs declaration information
  • Check related documents
  • Actual inspection of goods

Step 5: Customs Clearance Of Goods

Customs authorities are responsible for:

  • Check details of customs documents, actual goods
  • Freeing goods
  • Decide on customs clearance of goods if the statutory conditions are eligible

Step 6: Transport The Goods From The Original Location To The Designated Port.

Step 7: Clearance Of Customs At The Ultimate Destination Port.

Step 8: Transport Products Inland From The Dock To The Storage

Step 9: Distribute Goods

The shipping procedure
The shipping procedure


As you can see, the shipping process from Vietnam is considerably complicated. So, if you do this business deal yourself, annoyances are unavoidable. 

For this reason, you should seek a reliable third-party company to limit unwanted intricacy. Our company, VNCOMEX, is one of the most reputable import-export companies on the market. 

Why should you work with us? Here are the reasons:

  • We are constantly working to improve our market reputation. Our customers have placed a high value on our efforts.
  • We always try our hardest to meet our customers’ demands and provide the most satisfactory experience for our consumers, no matter how challenging it is.
  • We are constantly looking for and training young, talented, and technologically advanced people resources.
  • We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most competitive prices on the market.

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The Bottom Line

We have shared an ultimate guide on how to import black charcoal from Vietnam with you. 

The international freight procedure is relatively complicated and time-consuming if you have to complete paperwork independently. If you work with us, there are no unwanted problems.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. We will reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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