How To Import Cabbage From Vietnam? Current Export Market & Shipment

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Cabbage is a very healthy source of energy. They provide vitamin C that helps the body fight cancer, heart disease, and other diseases.

Moreover, they are grown in warm or slightly cold places. Vietnam is one of the countries with an ample supply to many countries worldwide.

So, how to import cabbage from Vietnam?

The following article will provide answers and vital information about how to import cabbage from Vietnam.


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The Vietnamese cabbages origin

Cabbage from the Mediterranean region is a major vegetable in the cruciferous family. Humans use them as food that provides nutrients. It has many leaves, forming a ball and sticking to each other.

Another advantage of this plant is that it is drought tolerant, even more water tolerant than some other vegetables such as cauliflower.

In Vietnam, It is abundant in the northern and central provinces and the Central Highlands. They are usually planted in the spring when the weather is warm. At that time, they need a low temperature to differentiate flower buds, most suitable in the range of 1 to 10 degrees Celsius.

The nutritional composition of this vegetable is mainly vitamins. Vitamin K has up to 72%, followed by vitamin C containing 44%. In addition, they also contain added vitamins B6 and B9.

Because of these vitamins, it is perfect for everyone’s health. They help optimize iron levels and accelerate red blood cells’ formation for anemia.

At the same time, eating enough cabbage can prevent cancer. In addition, it has limited oxidation, can also be anti-inflammatory, and contains potassium good for the heart.

Type Of Export

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Cabbage Type For Export
  • Green: This is the most commonly grown type with green, multi-layered leaves. The outer layers are light to dark in color, while the inner core is usually pale green and white.
  • Purple: This type of cabbage is similar to the green one but purple inside and out. This type is in dishes such as salads, stir-fries, or simply for decoration.
  • Curly Leaf: It is green but less common than the above. Because they have a higher cost, grown seasonally, however, the outstanding advantage is that it is delicious and sweeter than other types.
  • Brussels sprouts: It is a particular type due to its relatively small size and weight. Similar to green cabbage, Brussels sprouts are also green and moderately sweet.

In addition, Vietnam also grows Korean cabbage varieties in mountainous areas with low temperatures, such as the Northwest or the Central Highlands.

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The Current Export Market Of Vietnamese

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VietNam Cabbage Current Export Market

Vietnam is one of the countries with a relatively large amount of agricultural exports. Some items include cabbage, cauliflower, kale, fresh or chilled. In 2020, according to United Nations data, this agricultural product shipped to Malaysia with a value of about 490 thousand.

Vietnamese cabbage has markets in the EU, Taiwanese, Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea. Thanks to the export to different countries, and the farmers’ efforts to improve the quality, the price has increased.

Cabbage increased from $0.66 in 2017 to $0.75 in 2018. A year later, in 2019, the export price increased by nearly 30% or $0.97/kg.

Corresponding to the increase in export prices, the value also increases over time. While in 2017, it was 6,420 USD, by 2019, it has risen to 9,720 USD (in thousands of USD).

It can be that cabbage is a potential and growing agricultural product that brings value. In the immediate future and the not too distant future, with increased quality, it will play a significant role in the export output of Vietnamese agricultural products.

It is an excellent opportunity for your business if you have a clear and scientific export strategy.

Shipping Process: Import Cabbage From Vietnam

Shipping Process: Import Cabbage From Vietnam
Shipping Process

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Like any agricultural product, cabbage also has a strict production and export process according to regulations.

Specifically, the steps in exporting agricultural products include:

Step 1: Check the goods

Agricultural products before export need to go through inspection from buyers and sellers. If they do not check carefully and thoroughly, the two parties may encounter unnecessary risks.

You can also learn about the regulations of the importing countries, corresponding to the quantity and quality of cabbage.

Step 2: Import and quarantine procedures

Before being imported, any agricultural product, food, or commodity must undergo a quarantine process. All products are subject to irradiation, which reduces the loss of product quality. Without this form, harmful organisms can enter and damage the cabbage.

At the same time, products must be refrigerated, undergo quarantine, and go through customs and sterilization procedures before being exported.

Step 3: Prepare documents.

Some documents to prepare when exporting agricultural products include Invoices, a list of exported goods, certificate of origin, quality, certificate of sterilization, and contract for exporting agricultural products.

Step 4: Prepare the vehicle.

Businesses need to search and choose means. At the same time, pack the goods into the container and declare the customs.

Step 5: Customs declaration

You can choose to declare customs electronically or directly at the place where the goods are to export.

Besides, you also need to prepare all documents for declaration and customs clearance.

Step 6: Clearance

It is the final step of the agricultural export process. Enterprises work with ships, agree, and thoroughly discuss the agreement. At the same time, both will work with a third party that is an importer.

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The article helped you learn about the cabbage market in Vietnam and the process of exporting goods. Hopefully, you can choose the type of goods and prepare the best for your commercial activities.

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