Complete Guide To Import Cacao Bean From Vietnam

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Cocoa bean is known and used as an energy drink or simply a delicious drink many people love. Although used a lot, but not well known about the effects and the origin of cocoa. So, how to import Cacao Bean From Vietnam?

Let’s read on to discover in the article below!

The Origin of Vietnamese Cocoa Beans

Import Cacao Bean From Vietnam
The Vietnamese Cocoa bean origin

The wild origin of the cacao tree is from the tropical forests of Central and South America. Over time, they began to expand and cultivate cocoa trees by the people of Central America and Mexico; It was discovered and developed by the native Aztecs and Mayans.

Vietnam is to have a climate suitable for cocoa farming. Cocoa trees were introduced to our country in the footsteps of Western missionaries many years ago.

Currently, the tree has been widely in many parts of the country. Some regions with ideal conditions for growing cocoa trees are Dong Nai, Tien Giang, Ben Tre, and the Central Highlands.

Health Benefits Of Cocoa

Import Cacao Bean From Vietnam 2
The health benefit

Here are some common effects of cocoa that make them a popular food not only in Vietnam but also in the world in general:

High nutritional value

It contains essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids that help provide energy for the body. Cocoa also has the same amount of fat as monounsaturated fat found in olive oil to help keep the body healthy.

In addition, it also contains a high amount of soluble fiber that helps to create a feeling of fullness and reduce cravings, fighting constipation. If you regularly drink them, it means that you are providing your body with a necessary amount of nutrients and minerals.

Antioxidant effect

This seed contains several antioxidants that help you digest easily, avoiding indigestion due to the digestive system not working.

Skin beauty

Flavonoids are very good for the skin while protecting the skin from sun damage. In addition, it also helps to improve blood circulation under the skin, smoothing wrinkles, making the skin more youthful and beautiful.

Good for patients with diabetes

Polyphenol compounds in it cause insulin regularly, stabilizing blood sugar for people with diabetes. It also improves blood circulation, stabilizes blood pressure in the body, and improves heart health.

Helps to relax the mind

This seed helps promote serotonin levels in the blood, helping the brain work better. When you are tired and stressed, drinking a cup of hot one will help you relax and feel more comfortable.

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Vietnam’s Cocoa Bean Import Market Today

Import Cacao Bean From Vietnam 4
Vietnam’s Import Market

As shared above, the trees have been in Vietnam since 1945, but they do not bring as much profit as coffee or pepper with war and technical limitations.

Vietnam has ambitions to turn the country into an exporter of other foods like rice or coffee. In 2012, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a decree related to sustainable cocoa planning and development, setting a target of 50,000 hectares of planted area and aiming for a total export value of 65-75 million USD.

Thanks to the people’s efforts in the process of caring, cultivating, and the policies of the State, trees have reached the level of 2-2.5 USD/kg in Vietnam.

Besides, the price when it is imported and exported to foreign markets will be around $2950-3000/ton, compared to the established peak of over $3800/ton (data taken in 2019).

According to the International Organization (ICCO) criteria, Vietnam is ranked 23rd in the list of countries with good-tasting products. It holds the second position in Asian countries for this product after Indonesia. 

However, if in Vietnam 40% of production is recognized, for Indonesia, the recognized output is only 1%. The criteria that determine the quality include how to grow trees according to a sustainable model, soil, and indispensable fermentation of beans.

Mr. Arnaud Normand shared: Vietnam absolutely has the potential for further development. To help Vietnam’s products have a strong position in the international arena, chocolate manufacturers should promote more communication campaigns about the quality of Vietnamese beans.

It can be that cocoa has been, is, and will be a product constantly developing and blooming in the future. Therefore, if you intend to distribute, import, and export this item, do not hesitate to start doing it right away.

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Shipping Process: Import Cacao Bean From Vietnam

Shipping Process: Import Cacao Bean From Vietnam
Shipping Process

The process of transporting exported goods to each country is different because the procedures and requirements of each country are different.

However, all will follow the general rule that includes the following 4 steps: Quality inspection → Packing → Carrying out necessary formalities → Shipping.

The necessary procedures in the shipping process are closely related to the invoice and some accompanying documents that you need to know, including:

  • Packing invoice
  • Packing slips
  • Documents confirming the input of goods
  • Entrusted export contract
  • Certificate of Origin and some other customs documents.

In addition, you also need to prepare several other related documents, such as plant quarantine registration documents, customs clearance documents, and sterilization sauna registration documents. These are all necessary procedures to prepare for exporting to foreign markets.

If you feel that the cocoa transportation process is a bit complicated, please find a transport unit to help you prepare the steps from documents, documents and procedures to reduce your burden.

If you do not know where to contact, or immediately refer to our Vncomex.

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About Vncomex 

Are you looking forward to importing a large amount of cocoa from Vietnam, but the complicated procedure makes you frustrated? Don’t worry about this, because there is Vncomex.

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Abundant means of transportation, meeting large quantities of goods

To meet the increasing demand for goods transportation, Vncomex has developed its entire transportation system and is strictly controlled for the quality of the vehicles.

Besides, we also expand the means of transportation by air (airplane), transportation by water (ship, boat…), the road transport system of Vncomex to facilitate the transportation of goods. Freight is faster and safer.

Professional, well-trained staff

Vncomex’s staff is professionally trained, always showing a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm at work.

The staff always show a professional and happy attitude when working and contacting customers who need advice and use of services.


Hopefully, the sharing about Import Cocoa Bean From Vietnam has helped you get more information and decide to distribute, import, and export this product correctly. Do not forget to contact Vncomex for advice and enthusiastic support in the process of importing and exporting abroad!

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