How To Import Candles From Vietnam? Everything You Need To Know

Scented candles are a familiar product in every home because of their benefits. The product’s primary use is to give the user a relaxing scent, creating a livable space.
There are many models of candle brands on the market, from quality to appearance. Therefore, if you are looking to do business in this item, you must carefully choose a good scented candle product line to retain customers.

Today’s article will introduce you to the Vietnamese candle lines as well as the method to how to import candles from Vietnam. Read carefully to understand more details!

The Origin

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The materials

According to history books, humans have been known to create a source of fire for life since primitive times. Over time, as logical thinking evolved, the problem of making a lasting fire source was the source of the creation of candles.

It is just a wax block when adding materials, dipping through the wick, adding fire to maintain the burning time. This invention has brought many unexpected benefits, such as helping the Roman people to travel at night avoiding danger.

The main component of the foundation at that time was the fatty layer of the sheep kidney or a horse. In some places like China, people also use whale fat to create finished products because of its odorless nature, long burning time, and less environmental impact.

When it first appeared, the line of tallow candles was costly. Almost only rich houses can afford to spend this luxury item. The main reason is that raw materials are difficult to find, and it takes a long time to complete a product. It was not until the 15th century that popularity took hold.

The invention of candle formation is not exclusively known to Roman Egypt. 

In many parts of the world, they have also invented different materials such as China making candles with whale fat and wicks made from cakes’ hearts. India uses boiled cinnamon, or Alaskan tribes in Canada use fish eulachon.

It is no exaggeration to say that lit candles have become one of the essential components of religious ceremonies. 

Over time, the quality of candles gradually improved. If you still don’t know, the present way of making candles is influenced by many inventions and achievements in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Sperm whale hunting has become a trend as the demand for fish sperm increases rapidly. This type of candle material ensures long-burning quality and no bad smell. In the United States, many women have boiled strawberries to create a mild fragrance.

Today, when technology develops, electric light-emitting devices are preferred, and candles are no longer so important. Instead, there is a strong demand for scented candles. It is also one of the staples that make up a distinct industry.

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Vietnam Candle Import/Export Market

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Vietnam candle import/export market

Particularly, the candle consumption market in Vietnam is making big improvements. Orders of scented candles from high-end resorts and hotels are always in a state of scarcity. 

According to some managers, many restaurants and hotels are not afraid to spend a large amount of money handling shipments of quality scented candles to ensure safety.

Vietnam has many craft villages with the tradition of candle making, but they are all products with affordable prices. Of course, the quality is not too stable. After technical improvement, business owners ensure the requirements to export to the American and European markets.

According to statistics, scented candles in particular and Vietnamese handicrafts have been present in 163 countries and territories. The total turnover achieved by this industry increased by 9.5% from 2015-2019, from 1.62 billion USD to 2.2 billion USD.

The US is the largest consumption market with a total turnover of 35% of the industry. Markets in the European Union, Korea, and Australia are also on the upswing despite the epidemic.

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How To Import Candles From Vietnam? Shipment Process

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Shipping process

ary to find partners in the country and aim for international cooperation. After completing the transaction sections, you need to ship the goods according to the specified contract. Here are the steps in the stitch:

Exporting process

  • Step 1: Apply for an export license
  • Step 2: Sign the transaction contract
  • Step 3: Prepare the goods
  • Step 4: Buy cargo insurance
  • Step 5: Rent a means of transport
  • Step 6: Complete customs procedures
  • Step 7: Deliver the goods on board
  • Step 8: Complete the payment

Import process

  • Step 1: Evaluate prices, find businesses that provide goods you like
  • Step 2: Sign the contract confirm the time when the goods will be shipped to the country
  • Step 3: Packing goods, delivery at seaport or airport.
  • Step 4: Ship the goods by international or by air
  • Step 5: Pay the bill of lading
  • Step 6: Do import customs procedures

You need to know the steps to ensure the smooth import and export of goods. If you are not too familiar with the paperwork or want to save time, find yourself a business in charge of this field. Here are the companies you should consider.

ABout VNcomex JSC

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Learning more about product knowledge activities related to buying and selling issues will help you be proactive in your business. Hopefully, with the above information, you will make the right decision. Thank you for reading!

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