A Complete Guide To Import Canned Fruits From Vietnam

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When you want something out of season, canned fruit is a terrific alternative.  Vietnam is an ideal destination for these items. This country offers appropriate climate conditions for tropical fruits to thrive. 

The manufacturing process of canned fruits has also improved to adapt to the increasing demands of consumers. 

If you want to supply the locals with tropical specialties, this article will help with instructions to import canned fruits from Vietnam. Let’s follow our post!

Origin Of Canned Fruits In Vietnam

Canning is a great way to preserve fruits. This product often comes in liquid form, including three main types: juice, heavy syrup, and light syrup. Aside from liquid, you can also choose water-packed products. 

  • Juice: The most basic option with juice concentrate diluted in water.
  • Heavy syrup: Containing sugar, corn syrup, and water, bringing the richest and sweetest taste of the three.
  • Light syrup: Simply containing sugar and water with fruit. 
  • Water-packed fruit: The healthiest option with diced fruit being packed in water to maintain its freshness and juiciness without adding sugar.

Each option has different nutrient content and flavor. The water-packed fruit appears to be the most popular choice among consumers. 

All of these products are available in the Vietnam market. The strength of this country should be its resources. 

Vietnam provides a lot of fruit varieties for global consumption. Some kinds of fruits are best for canned products, and Vietnam delivers all of them. 

Here are some of the canned fruits that you may like from this sector:


The beautiful thing about canned lychee is that its texture is almost similar to that of fresh lychees. It remains juicy and meaty while yet having that crunchy exterior.

These often come in sugar syrup, although low-sugar alternatives are available.

Canned lychee holds the biggest proportion of exported canned fruits for many years. Consumers like to use the syrup and water-pack fruit to prepare many tasty beverages. 

import canned fruits from Vietnam 1
Tinned lychees have the most consumed value

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Unlike many of the other tinned fruits on this list, jackfruit isn’t usually sugar-preserved. In sandwiches, jackfruit stored in water provides a fantastic vegan replacement for pulled pork.


Aside from the lychee syrup, you’ll discover mangos and a few more surprises that you won’t find at your local store.

This tropical fruit is famous in temperate countries. Its sweetness will impress you from the very first bite.


Grapefruit is also available in a tinned version. You often see them in sweet syrup, which can reduce their bitterness.


When tinned, pears can become a little mealy, but that’s fine. They’re still fresh and delicious, with a wonderful taste. 

It’s best to enjoy them in pies to get all of the taste without peeling and chopping them yourself.


This fruit is a speciality in the northern regions of Vietnam. Compared to other options, canned apricot may not be as famous in the worldwide market. However, its export value is increasing. 

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Current Market Of Import Canned Fruits From Vietnam

Many enterprises in Vietnam are pioneering the production of canned fruit. The export value keeps increasing year by year. 

In 2018, Vietnam supplied approximately 57 thousand tons to the global market. This figure tends to grow in the following years. 

Nevertheless, exports to the EU are still minimal, with only a few retail distribution networks.

As a result, Vietnam still has a lot of potential to grow this type of product in these marketplaces, which will help farmers minimize stress in the lead-up to harvest times in the long term.

Thanks to tariff reductions and a fairer system for all parties involved, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) has been critical in allowing Vietnam to advertise its export products in EU markets.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade promotes canned fruit as part of trade development programs.

This organization aims to increase demand for Vietnamese agricultural products in Europe. It also pushes Vietnamese businesses to join directly in international distribution systems.

import canned fruits from Vietnam 2
Vietnam has a rising strength in international market

Shipping Process

It doesn’t have to be tough to ship abroad. Getting the necessary documentation in place and confirming the applicable rules, on the other hand, is critical. 

You need to ensure that your shipment can pass through customs without a problem.

Export limitations and ongoing sanctions make shipping commodities to specific countries complicated. 

Due to the type of products, the origin and destination countries, or the parties engaged in the trade.

Customs officers must get the proper papers for export merchandise from the trading company. You must prepare the following documents in the collection:

  • Form of declaration
  • Bill of lading
  • Invoice for services rendered
  • Origin certificate
  • Packing list for the export permission agreement
  • Certificates of technical and health
  • Terminal handling receipts

It’s advisable to seek guidance from a reliable company with experience in the field of Vietnamese exports and imports. Then you won’t have to deal with the lengthy and complex procedure.

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import canned fruits from Vietnam 4
It would be best to seek advice to avoid complicated procedure

About Vncomex

As aforementioned, passing all the shipping processes may not be as simple as it seems. Hence, most foreign traders choose a company that helps them receive high-quality products within a short time. 

Vncomex is a business that specializes in importing and exporting goods from Vietnam to other regions.

In the commercial industry, our organization has consistently demonstrated brand image. We always provide high-quality service to our customers.

Our core values are:

  • Position: Offering customers the best rewards.
  • Attitude: Devoted and enthusiastic staff who solve customers’ problems professionally.
  • Human resources: Well-trained staff with a high level of responsibility.  
  • Price: Good quality coming with a cost-effective solution. 

Final Words

It must be a great experience to enjoy tropical fruits in a country that can’t even plant them. Vietnam is a perfect seller if you are looking for these items.

Hopefully, this article can help you import tinned fruits from Vietnam effortlessly and effectively. If you need any further information, please leave a comment below. We will reply as soon as possible.

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