Import Carrot From Vietnam: Origin & Shipping Process

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Are you looking for information on how to import carrot from Vietnam? Today, we will show you all you need to know about importing carrots from Vietnam, from the source to buy them to the shipping process and the top carrot exporters globally.

Let’s dive into the details!

The Origin

Import Carrot From Vietnam 1
Import Carrot From Vietnam

Celery, dill, cilantro, and anise are all Apiaceae (previously known as Umbelliferae) family members of carrots. 

They are a biennial crop that produces its taproot the first year and then sets seeds, flowers and dies the second year if left to develop.

Although carrots in Vietnam nowadays are orange, you may find different hues such as yellow, purple, and red in various frozen, fresh, and juice goods. In addition, these vegetables are edible from root to tip, and the leaves are frequently used in salads.

They are primarily grown in Bac Ninh and Hai Duong provinces in Vietnam. Carrot agriculture covers more than 4,000 hectares in two provinces, with roughly an annual yield of 150,000 MTs.

We have built a solid reputation for supplying high-quality carrots to the worldwide market from Vietnam. Furthermore, our pricing is reasonable. As a result, Vietnamese carrots are ready for export from January to June every year.

They are sent to over ten nations in refrigerated marine containers. So, for example, we shipped around 2,000 MTs of carrots from Vietnam in 2018.

Most importantly, we take great satisfaction in the quality of our fresh carrots. No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals produce our carrots.

Furthermore, we keep a strict eye on freshly harvested carrots’ quality and the packing, washing, and shipping processes. As a result, we guarantee that our consumers will receive the highest level of food safety.

The Current Markets To Import Carrot From Vietnam

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Healthy Raw Carrot

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Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Dubai were the top destinations for Vietnamese carrot exports. However, exports to the Maldives, Oman, and Thailand have increased dramatically in the last three years.

Consumers in Japan, Thailand, and Korea prefer large organic carrots (L, 2L, and 3L). Consumers in the Middle East and Malaysia, on the other hand, prefer smaller carrots (S and M).

As a result, we are excited to provide a tasty Vietnamese vegetable to international customers. Our company’s concept is to strive for win-win collaboration between parties. Moreover, we are doing everything to make this world a better place.

Overall, we’d like to give you high-quality carrots on the following terms:

Commodity Vietnamese carrot
Trademark Vncomex
Size S (80-150g), M (150-200g), L (200-250g), 2L (250-300g), 3L (300g&up)
Annual capacity 45,000 MTs or over 3,500 MTs/month
Delivery time 05 – 07 days after receiving deposit or original L/C
Guarantee time From January to June
Packing 4.5kg – 10kg net/carton box

The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced agricultural production operations in recent years. 

Vegetable output has decreased because of the heavy rain at the start of the winter crop, with places typically producing barely enough to meet customer demand.

Therefore, the cooperative has asked members to increase the number of winter crops sown, such as carrots. In Vietnam, China is a large market for carrots.

But, the weather forecast for the remaining few months of the year predicts damaging cold and frosty weather in Fujian province in Hai Duong. Carrot supply is suffering due to this, and availability is projected to be reduced. 

To guarantee that all carrots are consumed, local councils and organizations have advised citizens to split the crop into three parts to avoid overharvesting, expand carrot agriculture, and meet export requirements.

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Shipping Process

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Fresh carrots

Let’s go through four stages of the shipping process.


Carrots grown for the fresh-cut market (sliced carrots, think baby carrots, etc.) are gathered, processed, and bagged mechanically. Straight-to-market veggies, on the other hand, are gathered by hand.

After they are pulled out of the soil by farmers, they also go through an inspecting process for quality.

The method of forming bundles varies depending on each harvester. The farmer either harvests the vegetables, places them on the field, and then gathers them into bunches.

Alternatively, the worker can pick the carrots while forming bunches. The purpose is for the employees to construct the bunches depending on the carrots’ consistency.


An authorized employee picks up carrot bunches from the rows and transports them to a neighboring truck. Next, the products are transported to a neighboring washing location by a smaller truck.

After being placed into the truck, a quality assurance worker inspects the pickled carrots.


After that, the carrots are transferred to a neighboring packaging area. This packing area is distinct because it is an outside packing line.

After arriving at the washing location, the vegetables are washed in a sterilized wash using reused wash water. This procedure will remove soil from the surface since these vegetables grow on the soils.

The washed veggies are ready to be put into boxes and dispatched to the client. The packaged boxes are placed in a fridge until they are transported.


On the way to the seaport for exporting, these veggies are transported practically to extend their shelf life and preserve their value. The transporter should keep the amount of water lost by the crop to a minimum by following these best practices:

  • The truck should not stop in direct sunlight, and covering the truck is necessary.
  • Cover the top boxes with tarpaulin to minimize solar damage and scorch the fruit.
  • If at all feasible, use refrigerated trucks.

About Us

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Vncomex is one of Vietnam’s most prominent agricultural product suppliers. We develop based on a profound understanding of farming.

We are devoted to improving individuals and communities’ lives in Vietnam and worldwide by offering the highest quality food items after many years of effort.

We have been running the best supply chain from raw material harvesting, transporting, packing, and supplying total products to consumers with the highest quality and the most affordable cost. 

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you are interested in these items. We will give you the most satisfactory service possible.


In conclusion, we would like to be your dependable partner in bringing high-quality Vietnamese vegetables to the rest of the globe. So, if you want to import carrot from Vietnam, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for reading!

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