How To Import Carton Box From Vietnam In [hienthinam]?

A carton box is a tool used to pack a product’s daily necessities. Moreover, it is also lightweight and easy to fold when not in use.

Carton box Vietnam is the product that many businesses choose when preserving and packaging the output products.

However, importing and transporting products is not well understood by all businesses. Our article will provide information to help you better understand how to import carton box from Vietnam.

The Origin

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The origin

Cartons are derived from the wood pulp through the industrial process to become cardboard. The common feature of carton boxes exported from Vietnam is an excellent quality used for many industries.

In particular, the paper is durable, rugged, robust, challenging, and has the good waterproof and moisture-proof ability. In particular, there are many types of crates with 3, 5, or 7 layers.

The printing technology that businesses often use is flexo and offset printing, so it is hard, good bearing with various items, designs, and sizes. 

The images printed on the cartons are sharp, clear, in the right colors, and follow the standard of font size and type. For products exported to the US – Europe, the cartons for this industry must be according to ASTM standards.

For export cartons packed with fruits and agricultural products, attention should be to the quality of paper, hardness, length, and ability to absorb moisture well to limit the rot and damage of farming products. 

Because fruits and agricultural products are often fresh foods, they are challenging to preserve. In addition, crates also pack export products such as wood food.

Besides, cartons are also available for distribution, wholesale and retail of most businesses.

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The Current Export Market Of Carton Box

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The manufacture

Vietnam’s paper packaging market is currently worth more than 1.9 billion USD and will reach 2.89 billion USD by 2026. The growth rate of this industry is forecasted from 2021-2026 to be 6.96%.

Moreover, paper packaging plays an essential role in the healthcare field, such as storing backup items in the isolation area or storing vegetables, masks, or packaging products from the development of the brand. 

In May 2021, the Vietnam Pulp and Paper Association (VPPA) announced the volume of packaging paper reached 404,711 tons.

In particular, free trade agreements create opportunities for Vietnam’s packaging and paper exports to preferential tax markets. At the same time, the type of e-commerce is becoming a big wave globally, so the demand for carton boxes is enormous.

Companies are expanding their production potential or capacity, better meeting capacity and quality to customers. Today’s major brands in the Vietnamese paper packaging market include Song Lam Trading & Packaging Production, Tetra Pak International SA, Hanh Packaging Co. Ltd, Oji Interpack Vietnam Co. Ltd mainly concentrated in the densely populated northern and southern plains.

How To import Carton Box From Vietnam? Shipping Process

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Container shipment

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Before learning the detailed Shipping Process, you need to know the HS code of the product. Specifically:

  • HS 4819: Cartons, boxes, containers, bags, and other containers.
  • HS 48191000: Cartons, boxes, and containers of corrugated board or corrugated board

Here is the process of exporting Carton Box from Vietnam:

Step 1: Apply for an export license

Currently, enterprises have the right to export goods following the contents of their domestic business registration. At the same time, they do not need to apply for an export business license (except for some regulated products).

Step 2: Sign the contract to prepare the goods.

Signing a contract helps commit to the right quality and quantity of products.

Cartons need to ensure that they have all the information the importer requires to produce in terms of design, color, and characters. After checking the satisfactory products, enterprises pack them into large blocks according to the size standards.

Next, the enterprise seals and is numbered so that the goods are not misaligned or lost and put on a transport vehicle to the place of goods gathering.

Step 3: Prepare means of transport.

Enterprises choose to transport by road, sea, rail, or air depending on the export contract, characteristics of goods (type of goods, volume, size), transportation conditions, load.

Step 4: Customs clearance

Enterprises can choose to declare customs directly at goods gathering or through the electronic portal. Customs declaration and export procedures need to prepare the following relevant documents:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of origin
  • Certificate
  • Other documents (if any)

Step 5: Delivery

After the goods are eligible for customs clearance, they will be loaded onto the vehicle and transported to the country of purchase. 

Here, the import process the remaining procedures will take place and bring to the warehouse of the importing unit.


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Thank you for taking the time to read this article!

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