The Unexposed Secret Of How To Import Cinnamon From Vietnam

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Cinnamon is a valuable product of the mountains of Vietnam. People use them not only in dishes but also in medicines.

Because they are spicy, fragrant, and hot, they are very suitable for people with a cold.

Vietnam ranks 3rd among these bark-producing countries in the world. As can be seen, cinnamon brings high income, is easy to grow, and can harvest top parts of the tree.

However, the process of import cinnamon from Vietnam is not well known.

The following article will provide answers and suggest some procedures for your business.

Origin – Vietnamese Cinnamon 

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The Origin Cinnamon From Vietnam

The cinnamon tree was discovered about 4000 years ago by the Chinese. They brought cinnamon to Western countries by the Silk Road.

Cinnamon is a tall tree with large leaves and thick bark, which is fragrant, spicy, contains essential oils used in medicine and also in hot dishes. They have 1 to 5% essential oils. Of which is 95% cinnamic aldehyde. This substance is soluble in water and is suitable for use in cooking.

At the same time, the use of cinnamon in traditional medicine stimulates circulation and respiration and can be used to disinfect.

Not only that, when they were first discovered, they could also be available in the religious beliefs of the ancients.

They are often planted in extensive forests with harvest time at about 10 to 10 years old and divided into two main crops. At this time, the mature tree is up to 15m tall, and the trunk diameter is up to 50cm.

The plant mainly lives well in tropical and humid climates. In particular, they are very adaptable plants and have excellent heat tolerance and tolerance. This plant is very light-loving, so that it will increase in bright light conditions all year round.

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Classification Of Vietnamese Cinnamon Trees

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Vietnamese Cinnamon classification

Vietnam has more than ten types of trees. Moreover, they are all precious and very precious varieties.

  • Cinnamomum cassia BL: This one has long, smooth leaves, and the bottom is hairy. Yen Bai and Quang Ninh are the provinces that grow the most. They are also the best and most expensive one.
  • Sri Lankan: This type has outstandingly tall trunks of 25m. The leaves are long and smooth. However, the market does not attach great importance to this type due to its yield and quality compared to other varieties.
  • Stick varieties: They are about 15 m high. Leaves are long and opposite. This type has high medicinal value, often used in medicine.

In addition, Vietnam also has brown, red one interspersed in the Northwest and North Central regions.

The Current Market: Import Cinnamon From Vietnam

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Vietnamese Market

Vietnam ranks third in the world in terms of cinnamon production and exports. The Vietnamese consider it as a massive and lasting treasure to exploit.

The area of forest in Vietnam reaches 150000 hectares. Yen Bai, a province in the Northwest of Vietnam, has the most significant one in the country. In addition, Lao Cai is also a province with a relative amount.

Currently, Yen Bai province has nearly 10 oil factories with almost 800 tons/year. Besides, there are small production facilities, with an output equal to 1/10 of factories.

These products are to several countries, mainly in Asia: Singapore, India, Thailand, Malaysia, especially India with more than 80%.

Their price is about 40 USD/kg. It can be that the price of Vietnamese food is higher than that of some countries in the region, such as China.

Vietnam provides a considerable output, nearly 20% of the world’s cinnamon, and is constantly increasing in the future. It can be that this is a perfect market for long-term investment to import.

Shipping Process

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Shipment Process From VietNam

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Are you looking for the process of importing these bark from Vietnam? We suggest the steps for you:

Step 1: Prepare the goods

Before proceeding to transport, you need to check thoroughly again. It will also need to separate ground or ground cinnamon from those that have not yet undergone this stage.

At the same time, enterprises need to carry out import and quarantine procedures. This activity helps both exporters and importers to ensure the best quality of goods.

Step 2: Prepare documents.

Documents to be prepared when exporting agricultural products include:

  • Business registration of export enterprises
  • Tax code certification
  • Bill
  • Commercial contract
  • Packing list
  • Container handover minutes

Step 3: Import and export means

Enterprises choosing means of export via sea or land need to consider first. At the same time, enterprises carry out the storage of goods in containers.

Step 4: Customs declaration

Enterprises must prepare declaration documents in advance. At the same time, choose the form of declaration that suits the situation: electronically or in person.

Step 5: Shipping and Importing

This activity is the last in the cinnamon import and export process. The business and the carrier will work together with the importer to finish this process.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the HS code:

  • 09061100: Unground.
  • 09062000: Ground.
  • 09061900: Other types 

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Thus, the article has given you the most overview about cinnamon and import and export. We hope that your business can provide the correct direction and investment.

If you have any questions or difficulties importing cinnamon from Vietnam, please get in touch with Vncomex. We are always happy to listen and help you with all resources and the highest quality.

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