Import Coconut From Vietnam: Origin & Complete Guide

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Coconut is known as a familiar fruit, bringing many benefits in daily life. Currently, coconut is also one of the favorite items imported and exported to foreign markets. Today, we will learn together about the topic “import coconut From Vietnam“.

The Origin of Vietnamese Coconut

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Origin of Vietnamese Coconut


Coconut is a species of tree in the family Areca, in the genus Cocos. Although the official origin of coconut has not been accurately confirmed, some theories suggest that coconut originated in Southeast Asia. There are also theories that coconut originated from South America. 

Coconut grows well in natural conditions in tropical, island, and coastal areas. Therefore, it develops a lot in these places. In Vietnam, coconut trees appeared from around BC. The most coconut growing areas are Ben Tre and Binh Dinh and large and small islands.


Coconut does not have too many varieties. According to external characteristics and purposes, people divide coconuts into tall and dwarf types.

  • Tall mature varieties are about 12-20m high and growing fast, but they will bear fruit after 5-7 years. Large fruit, thick copra, and high oil content. Easy to grow, good tolerance.
  • Dwarf (short) mature coconuts are usually less than 10m tall, grow slowly, but about 3-5 years later, they flower and bear fruit – Small one, thin pulp, plenty of water, mainly used as a beverage.

Besides the two groups above, many varieties are to suit each region’s climate and growing conditions.

However, all coconut varieties have many standard features in appearance, such as straight, cylindrical, tall, strong, dark brown coconut body. There are many streaks on the bruise. Coconut leaves are lobed; the leaves are 3-7m long and divided into many small leaves. Leaves grow mainly at the top, so sometimes from afar, the coconut tree looks like a giant umbrella. Over time, the tree grows taller, leaves at the old base, and gradually falls, leaving scars on the trunk.

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Health Benefits

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Health Benefits
  • Coir: used to make ropes, ropes, carpets, brushes, boat mosaics; It is also widely used in horticulture as a filler in fertilizers.
  • Shells: as raw materials such as charcoal, the shells can also make bowls, shells, and other rich utensils and items. In addition, some people can use its shells to make musical instruments or create caves in aquariums.
  • Trunk: can make furniture or even build houses. Today, the wood is a reasonably new wood used in construction and trade.
  • Leaves: used very flexible and supple, used by indigenous people as baskets, carpets, or brooms.
  • Root: You can boil a few branches to make a perfect dye.
  • Water: is a popular beverage in many tropical regions. Dubbed as a sterile drink, it can be available as an intravenous solution.
  • The pure white part of the copra is edible and is used fresh or dried in several dishes. Desiccated copra is also a raw material for the production of oil.

The Current Market Of Vietnamese Coconuts

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Current Market Of Vietnam

Vietnamese fruit has strong vitality, high market compatibility, and wide application. The critical area reached a total annual output of nearly 800 million fruits.

According to the report, the export turnover is about 200 million USD, the value of processed products accounts for 20% of industrial production value and 25% of export value.

The recent statistics have demonstrated the economic efficiency of Vietnamese coconuts, making this fruit one of the agricultural products with high export value.

Besides, promoting in foreign countries has helped the export of coconuts to be consumed high. According to reports of sources and press information, the export unit price of fresh Siamese one to the US market is 8.5 USD/barrel/10kg (CNF). 

The export unit price is 10 USD/barrel/10kg (CNF) when exporting to the Singapore market. When exported to the UAE market, fresh Vietnamese coconut is 555.6 USD/ton (FOB).

Besides fresh coconut, many businesses also use oil for import and export. According to the latest report (Q2/2020) export value is 1,136 USD/ton. This number increased 27% compared to the average price of the first quarter of 2020. Even the average cost of this quarter is 47% higher than that of the second quarter of 2019.

Economists forecast the value of oil to increase due to low production and inventories. According to statistics, coconut oil reserves at the end of 2020 had to decrease to 0.41 million tons and decrease by 17.6% over the same period of the year. In addition, the value of oil is also forecast to reach $1,500/ton in the second quarter of 2021.

The above data shows that Vietnamese exports have extraordinarily developed and bring high economic value. So, if you are planning to invest in importing and exporting this item, do not hesitate to do it right away!

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Shipping Process: Import coconut From Vietnam

Shipping Process: import coconut From Vietnam
International Shipment

You need to do the following paperwork because they are closely related to the invoice and some accompanying documents, including:

  • Packing invoice
  • Packing slips
  • Documents confirming the input of goods
  • Entrusted export contract
  • Certificate of origin and some other customs documents.

If you feel that the above procedures and documents are too complicated, please refer to a reputable and quality shipping company to reduce the burden, worry, and save time for your business.

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Hopefully, the sharing about import coconut From Vietnam has helped you gain more information and decide to invest in this potential import and export item. Don’t forget to refer to the service at Vncomex if you need to find a reputable and quality shipping unit!

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