Import Coffee Beans From Vietnam: Everything You Need To Know

Vietnamese coffee has its own culture and hence is worth exploring. This sector also plays a vital role in the Vietnamese economy.

So, how to import coffee beans from Vietnam? This article will give you comprehensive guidance on this sector. Let’s scroll down and be ready to penetrate this potential market! 

Origin Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam

The Vietnamese coffee business grew through the plantation system after being brought by the French in 1857. 

The area immediately turned into plantations to produce stable cash crops.

Buon Ma Thuot, in Dak Lak province, is the capital of coffee in Vietnam. This city has been famous for its outstanding java and many cafés.

Vietnam’s farms can generate a high output of coffee in the shortest period possible.

Vietnam’s bean, on the other hand, is frequently inferior. Robusta covers nearly all of Vietnam’s coffee production.

Robusta beans are low-acidity and bitter. Manufacturers often use them to make instant java or filler for java blends. 

Robusta beans are simpler to grow and less sensitive to infection. They also have a higher crop output and more antioxidants than Arabica ones.

import coffee beans from Vietnam 1
The plant first appeared in the 19th century

Types Of Vietnamese Coffee

Since the early twentieth century, the industry has been an essential source of revenue for Vietnam. They come in different forms to serve other demands of customers. 

The filter is the most popular method to make the drink. This gravity-fed filter is simple to use. 

Simply set the filter on top of a cup, fill it with finely ground Vietnamese coffee beans, then run hot water through it.

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import coffee beans from Vietnam 2
Filtering is the main method

With this method, you can make different types of java, such as:

Hot/ ice milk coffee 

The java flows gently into the cup, mixing with the condensed milk as it goes. The sweetness counteracts the bitterness, creating a fantastic drink. 

Condensed milk coffee 

Bac Xiu tastes somehow like Ca Phe Sua, but it uses more milk to enhance the flavor. 

Egg coffee

Raw yolks and condensed milk come together to make this unique drink. 

Current Market Of Import Coffee Beans From Vietnam

Vietnam exported 1.18 million tons of coffee beans overseas for US$2.23 billion in 2021, dropping 5.4% in volume but increasing 3.4% in turnover and 9.2%in price compared to the previous year.

Germany got the most significant share of the overall export volume, 181,014 tons, for US$319.52 million. 

From January to September, the US was the second-largest market for Vietnamese beans, investing US$189.42 million.

During the same period, coffee exports to Italy totaled 100,464 tons, bringing in US$171.82 million. These corresponded to yearly rates of 11.9 percent and 4%, respectively.

Although Covid-19 is creating economic and consumption problems, the beans remain one of the most popular goods in the EU.

As a result, in conjunction with EVFTA‘s platform, this sector can bring value to the market in the coming years. 

The EU, for example, is expected to boost imports by 2 to 49.5 million bags, accounting for approximately 45% of global importance. Vietnam, along with Brazil, is the biggest supplier of the EU. 

Furthermore, the USA, the world’s second-biggest importer, will raise import demand by 2 to 27 million bags.

import coffee beans from Vietnam 3
Vietnam is growing its export value

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Shipping Process

Most importers in this sector will choose sea freight over air freight. You will have three shipping options in Vietnam: LCL sea freight, FCL sea freight, and air freight. 

FCL sea freight

FCL stands for full container load, which implies the beans occupy a whole 20-foot or 40-foot vessel.

FCL shipping will save you money and time if you’re shipping a lot of beans. Regardless of whether the container is full or not, the FCL fee comes as a flat cost.

Many importers would not consider anything other than a container load, which ranges from 19 to around 21 tons depending on the variety of the beans. 

LCL sea freight

LCL (less than a container load) refers to the beans that do not fill a whole container. It will have to share space with other shipments heading for the exact location.

Both logistical and financial limitations challenge exporters and importers of small quantities smaller than a container load.

Because of the potential of contamination, you should not transport organic beans and other beans in the same container.  

import coffee beans from Vietnam 4
Sea freight is more popular

Air freight

Air shipment is often faster. However, this method is significantly more costly than marine transportation. 

However, airfreight may be a more cost-effective option if you don’t think the FCL is suitable for your small amount of premium beans.

When you’ve finished researching, contacting suppliers, and executing a deal with them in Vietnam, shipment is the last step. Be sure that you have prepared all of these documents:

  • Bill of lading
  • Business invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Insurance certificate
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of quality and quantity
  • Sales contract
  • Fumigation

Most foreign purchasers would hire a freight forwarder in Vietnam. This company will supply you with a complete set of services and shipping alternatives to get your goods from the Vietnamese supplier to your desired location.

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Final Words

We have shared some necessary information on topic: “import coffee beans from Vietnam“. Hopefully, it can help make the best decision on your investment strategy. 

If you’re experiencing difficulties in exporting or want to make things easier, Vncomex is ready to help. Thank you for reading!

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