The simplest way to import cooking oil from Vietnam

Cooking oil is a substance that is found in almost every home. The need for imported vegetable oils is steadily increasing. Therefore, many firms are interested in learning how to import cooking oil from Vietnam. So, do you know how to bring this thing into Vietnam? How much is the cooking oil import tax? Let’s find out with the help of Vncomex right now.

Information about cooking oil

Cooking oil is a liquid fat made from plants, animals, or synthetic materials that is used in frying, baking, and other cooking methods. It’s also known as edible oil because it’s utilized in non-heated food preparation and flavorings like salad dressings and bread dips.

Cooking oil is made up of edible vegetable oils obtained from a variety of plants, including olives, peanuts, and safflowers, to mention a few. Cooking oils are liquid at room temperature and are sometimes used in the manufacture of processed foods. They’re also used to make salad dressing and fried things.

Information about cooking oil

There are many types of cooking oils. Each type has different characteristics and uses. Below are a few popular cooking oils on the market.

Vegetable oils are oils and fats derived from plants, the main ingredient being Triglycerides – also known as triglycerides. Vegetable oil is often mixed with many different oils such as Palm Oil (palm oil), corn oil, soybean oil, and sunflower oil.

Soybean oil is pressed from soybean seeds and contains more than 8% water, 5% inorganic substances, 15 – 25% glucose, 15 – 20% fat, 35 – 45% protein, with all kinds of essential amino acids.

Rice oil contains nutrients Gamma Oryzanol (GO) from the rice bran layer, preventing the absorption of bad LDL cholesterol for the heart, and enhancing the absorption of HDL cholesterol, which is a good type of cholesterol.

Olive oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Polyphenol antioxidants prevent the development of LDL cholesterol, preventing the risk of atherosclerosis.

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Cooking oil market in Vietnam

The Vietnamese cooking oil market is projected to be worth 30,000 billion VND each year, according to market research firm Nielsen, and it is growing year after year. This has drawn a significant amount of investment from both domestic and international businesses.

Cooking oil for frying and stir-frying, specialized salad oil for blending vegetables, nutritious oil to replenish vital vitamins, and solid oil for baking are the four categories that make up the market. However, in Vietnam, there is no defined segmentation of the cooking oil market based on oil functions. The same blended cooking oil is frequently used for a variety of purposes by consumers.

The cooking oil market in Vietnam is still very potential because currently, the average amount of cooking oil used by Vietnamese people is only about 9.5 kg/person/year, lower than the standards of the World Health Organization. (WHO) recommends 13.5 kg/person/year.

The process of the import cooking oil from Vietnam

To be able to import cooking oil from Vietnam most conveniently. You need to have the necessary documentation ready and understand the following process.

Procedures for importing vegetable cooking oil – Legal bases

  • Circular No. 38/2015/TT-BTC dated March 25, 2015, of the Ministry of Finance provides for customs procedures; customs inspection and supervision; export tax, import tax, and tax administration for exported and imported goods.

  • Law on food safety dated June 17, 2010, Decree No. 38/2012/ND-CP dated April 25, 2012, of the Government detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Food Safety and other documents. other instructions

  • Decision No. 818/QD-BYT dated March 5, 2007 of the Minister of Health.

HS code for cooking oil

HS code of cooking oil, enterprises can refer to Chapter 15 in the import and export tariff. Depending on the type of plant and how the oil is refined, the correct HS code can be selected.

Procedures for importing cooking oil

Because cooking oil is a food, when importing into Vietnam, you need to comply with regulations on food safety, and vegetable oil is on the list of imported goods subject to food hygiene and safety inspection. Therefore, it is necessary to make food declarations according to regulations.

For customs procedures to import cooking oil from Vietnam and food in general, we would like to share the following steps:

Step 1: Enter the sample of the previous test and the procedure for declaring food hygiene and safety. Time is about 30 days.

Step 2: One day before the goods arrive at the port, carry out procedures for registration of state quality inspection and submit a certificate of registration for quality inspection to the customs so that the goods can be brought to the warehouse for storage.

Step 3: Bring samples for quality inspection. Submit quality inspection results to customs for shipment clearance.

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Priority customs treatments

  • Commercial Invoice;

  • Packing list;

  • C/O-Certificate of Origin;

  • Bill of Lading;

  • Value declaration;

  • Application for bringing goods to the warehouse for storage.

All these documents will be submitted to the Customs Sub-Department where the goods arrive. If the documents are fully prepared and declared correctly, the cooking oil will be cleared without any problems.

Benefits of choosing Vncomex

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The article helped you learn about the cooking oil market in Vietnam and how to import cooking oil from Vietnam easily. Hopefully, you can have the right options for the products of your business

If you still have something unclear or encounter difficulties in the process of importing Vncomex cooking oil. With many years of experience in handling customs procedures, we are confident to help you import goods as quickly as possible.

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