How To Import Cotton Bag From Vietnam? [Updated In [hienthinam]]

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Nowadays, cotton bags are one of the best options for you to use when shopping, gifts for promotions, and convenient when traveling. 

Moreover, canvas bags are also used in many countries and have gradually become a trend to replace plastic bags. You probably already know that Vietnam is one market that exports reputable canvas bags at reasonable prices.

If you are learning the import/export process of this item and don’t know where to start or have some difficulties, this article may help you import cotton bag from Vietnam.

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Origin – Import Cotton Bag From Vietnam

Cotton Origin: import Cotton Bag From Vietnam
Cotton Origin

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The concept of a bag, also known as a canvas bag or tote bag, seems to have become all too common in everyday life. It is used by most people as a versatile bag with unique fashion and is suitable for fashion lovers and consumers around the world. However, it seems that their origin is not known to everyone.

Basically, many centuries before that, this type of bag made of fiber was discovered and used by many people for many different purposes. 

Then, when horticulture was born, people knew how to grow cotton plants, and they would harvest the fruits and stretch them into yarn, then be woven into the fabric to make clothes and bags, etc.

Around the 1950s, tote bags began to enter the market. The original purpose of this type of bag was mainly available as a handbag.

However, about half a century later, in 1990, Kate Spade was the first pioneer in using bags as a fashion accessory to bring uniqueness and personality to the user.

In general, it can be that with a fairly reasonable price a variety of colors to choose from, and high durability, cotton bags seem to be too friendly and receive a lot of love from users.

Vietnam Export/ Import Market


In Vietnam, cotton is a crop with a long history and a vital fiber crop serving domestic and export garment needs as the primary raw material for producing garments and accessories, in which cotton bags. 

Therefore, Vietnam can have these items in large quantities while also helping to increase its exports to foreign markets.

According to statistics, Vietnam’s total annual demand is up to 400,000 tons, and now that demand is increasing. 

In 2011, cotton import turnover was up to 1.1 billion USD, which must be a considerable number, accounting for 70% of the import turnover of the whole industry. Thus, domestic cotton production can only meet the needs of a minimal volume of the total demand of Vietnamese textile enterprises, producing only 1% to 2%.

However, according to statistics from Vietnam’s yarn export turnover in 2017, yarn products, especially cotton bags, tend to have high export growth, increasing three times compared to previous years.

In general, bags are quite environmentally friendly products, and the price is also very stable. Here are a few imported products in Vietnam:

  • Wool (0.5kg/bag): 1.61 USD/bag
  • Tote bag: 111.39 USD/bag
  • Dust-free cloth for cleaning: 6.18USD/bag
  • Untreated woven fabric: 0.78USD/square meter
  • Women’s bag: 129.74USD/piece

How To Import Cotton Bag From Vietnam? Shipping Process

import Cotton Bag From Vietnam 3
Export Container Shipping Logistics

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The shipping process will be different in each country when importing cotton bags. However, each country has the same procedures for paperwork and customs records for imports.

Usually, customs documents for importing bags include:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Goods packing slip
  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of conformity and some other documents.

A point to note when you want to import cotton bags is that this product has a price risk, so in some cases, you need to make sure to meet the consultation requirements from the customs.

You also need to make sure your goods have enough labels following current regulations. In it, make sure they have all the following parameters: name of goods; manufacturer’s name and address; origin; model.

Another factor you also need to consider is the shipping cost and export time. These two issues are closely related. Depending on the characteristics of the goods, it will decide which means of transport your product is most suitable for. Usually will ship by sea, air, rail or express.

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Above, there was information about the origin and export market of cotton bags from Vietnam. 

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VNCOMEX JSC was on December 24, 2020. Although the establishment period is not too long, we always provide a full range of quality services and reliable products in trade and import and export.

Not only that, most of the stages from production to packaging and shipping are carefully monitored by professional technicians to ensure that we provide our partners with the perfect products.

In general, you can completely trust VNCOMEX because, with a high-quality processing process, reasonable prices, and a stable source of raw materials, the products VNCOMEX focuses on exporting have been to more than 30 countries worldwide. We are also getting closer and closer to customers with significant positions and vision in the market.


Before ending, hopefully, the information about importing cotton bags from Vietnam that we introduced earlier will help you better understand the import process and the origin and consumption market of Vietnamese cotton bags.

Furthermore, if you plan to export/import this item, one of the experienced and reliable companies we have mentioned is VNCOMEX. Surely this will be dedicated support for your beginnings.

Finally, if you have any questions, leave a comment right below this article, we will soon send you the most suitable answer.

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