How To Import Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain From Vietnam In [hienthinam]?

Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain is a rare species of forest tree belonging to the Legume family – Fabaceae, naturally distributed in humid evergreen tropical rainforests from the Central Highlands to the Northwest. 

This tree has been considered a valuable timber species during the past ten years. Today, we will learn together about how to import Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain from Vietnam.

The Origin

The origin: import Dalbergia Tonkinensis prain From Vietnam
The origin

Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain is a precious tree of high economic value and use. So, it has been actively protected by law and authorities.

Most of the existing trees are still young, planted with many different purposes, and from seed sources that are difficult to identify and manage. 

The Central region has Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain distributed naturally and is also the place where many varieties have been collected. Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain originates from different localities or origins for other purposes.

In terms of origin, currently in Thua Thien Hue province, there are sources of Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain cultivated from geographical distribution areas such as the North Central region and the Northern provinces, from Laos.

  • The North: By Hue Park and Greenery Company. Seeds are from Hanoi on some principal streets of the city. Hue and Huong Thuy town since 2002. From the source of seeds, this origin has the F1 generation that has been to expand.
  • Bo Trach: Some households directly go to Quang Binh to buy seedlings that have been sown from seeds to plant in their home garden.
  • Nam Dong: Collected from seedlings that regenerate seeds in the wild.

Vietnam Import/Export Market

import Dalbergia Tonkinensis prain From Vietnam 2
Vietnam Import/Export Market

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Foreigners are pretty fond of this Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain wood and liken them to “open golden blocks” because of the economic and aesthetic value they bring. 

20 years old or older ones cost tens of thousands of dollars, even for old trees that can be paid for hundreds of thousands of dollars when exported to foreign markets.

When exported to foreign markets, wood products from Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain are as furniture spiritual products such as Buddha statue, fortune pot, god of fortune, etc. Due to the exhaustion of exploitation, there are very few ancient trees of Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain in the wild.

Many experts also believe that this tree is now increasingly scarce and easy to steal due to its economic value, being a rare plant in nature. To protect trees, people have to send people to stand guard and roll barbed wire in some places.

Depending on different markets, the price of Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain will also vary, but on average, it will range from $1000-$2000/kg. Sometimes the old Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain trees will also have prices up to million dollars.

How To import Dalbergia Tonkinensis prain From Vietnam? Shipping Process

import Dalbergia Tonkinensis prain From Vietnam 3
Shipping Process

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Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain or Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain wood is an exportable item of Vietnam and is not on the list of banned goods.

Step 1: Sign the contract

Negotiating between the partners and signing the contract is very important, ensuring the interests of the buyer and seller and agreeing on the quantity and quality of products provided.

Step 2: Prepare vehicles and goods

Depending on your item and shipment, there will be different shipping orders:

  • CIF conditions: Enterprises need to contact shipping lines or FWD to choose the best shipping lines.
  • FOB conditions: Enterprises do not need to contact to book the ship, but the consignee is the person who booked the ship.

You then pack the product into a box/bag with the brand name of the ordering business.

Step 3: Carry out customs procedures

In some necessary cases, your business needs to use the Made in Vietnam certificate of origin to help buyers enjoy special preferential import tax.

You can make a customs declaration in one of two ways: online or in-person at the place where the goods gather. After customs clearance, you must submit the order to the shipping line and sign the actual export with the supervising customs.

Step 4: Carry out delivery as agreed in the contract

Before shipping goods, enterprises need to provide a bill of lading details for shipping lines to make a bill of lading. Delivery will be made when you have received the total bill of lading: the original bill of lading (3 copies) or bill of lading delivered.

The shipping unit brings the goods to the importing country, completes the remaining procedures with the customs partner, and completes the entire import and export delivery process.

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The article provided information about Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain/Dalbergia Tonkinensis Prain wood and the export process from Vietnam. It is a product with a large output and variety of designs and materials and is extremely valuable in terms of aesthetics and economics. 

At the same time, through the articles that we give, you will undoubtedly choose the most suitable product for your business. VNCOMEX JSC looks forward to having the opportunity to become a partner of the company in the future.

Thank you for reading!

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