Ultimate Guides To Import Dolomite From Vietnam In [hienthinam]

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Vietnamese dolomites are of high quality. Many foreign businesses have invested in this sector and earned rewarding outcomes.  

This article will give you a complete guide to import dolomite from Vietnam. Let’s read on to discover!

Origin Of Vietnamese Dolomite

Dolomite, often known as “dolostone” or “dolomite rock,” is a sedimentary rock comprising the mineral dolomite.

You can find these stones in sedimentary basins all over the world. It forms when magnesium-rich groundwater mixes lime mud and limestone after being buried.

Many dolomites have distinctive textural characteristics that are subsequent dolomites created by limestone substitution.

Although much study has researched the dolomitization phenomenon, it remains incompletely understood.

These stones are similar to rocks. They have the same white-to-gray or white-to-light brown hue ranges. 

The dolomites are also accessible in weak hydrochloric acid and have almost the same toughness.

Vietnamese dolomites

Dolomite is a precious mineral. However, it is uncommon in Vietnam. Vietnamese people find it in the country’s middle, with a medium-capacity query mine.

People try to learn more about this substance because its need is increasing every day.

The stones have a wide range of uses, from construction, agriculture, water treatment, mining, and many more. 


The dolomites come in two groups based on formation: primary and secondary.

Primary limestone forms immediately from an aqueous solution at or near room temperature without CaCO3 dissolution.

On the other hand, dolomites can develop as a secondary phase in place of the parent mineral calcites (dolomitization process).

import dolomite from Vietnam 1
Dolomites have distinctive textures

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Current Market Of Importing Vietnamese Dolomite 

In 2020, dolomite exports from Vietnam were $18 million. In terms of value, the sales declined by 4.58 percent in 2019.

Exports of dolomites declined by $869 thousand in 2019 (total exports of these products from Vietnam were $18.9 million).

Dolomite exports accounted for 0.006% of overall exports from Vietnam in 2020 (total exports of goods from Vietnam were $281 billion).

The percentage of overall exports of these products from Vietnam declined by 0% compared to the year 2019. In 2019, it was 0.007 %, with total exports from Vietnam totaling $ 264 billion.

Leading importers

The top importers of these products are Asian countries, especially Japan and Bangladesh. 

Importers Market share Value (US$)
Japan  23% 4.3 million
Bangladesh 21% 3.9 million
India  6.37% 1.15 million
Indonesia  4.83% 874 thousand
Australia 4.72% 854 thousand
Korea 2.38% 431 thousand
Malaysia  1.79% 324 thousand

Opportunities and threats

The leading exporters of these products are Belgium, China, United Arab Emirates, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Thanks to the benefits from climate and terrain, these countries produce the most dolomites to supply most of the world. 

Vietnam is facing difficulties in competing with these exporters since it’s not very famous for this sector. 

However, the country is focusing on improving the quality and quantity of its products. Vietnam also accelerates promotion worldwide. 

With both opportunities and threats, this country has been establishing a new strategy to advertise its products. It’s a great chance to upgrade their manufacturing process. 

Vietnam, formerly one of Southeast Asia’s least impressive economies, has recently risen to be one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

The country is now the EU’s 16th most significant trading partner and ASEAN’s second-largest partner.

Vietnam has also gained recognition in terms of high-quality products in Asian regions. As a result, the export value from Vietnam among these areas remains relatively stable. 

import dolomite from Vietnam 3
Vietnamese market attracts many Asian countries

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How To Import Dolomite From Vietnam?

The shipping process in this country is complicated. Before entering this market, you should be aware of some related terms. 

Shipping method

The air and sea are the most efficient means of transport from Vietnam. There are several shipping businesses that transport products for a fee.

Most businesses provide sea and air shipping and additional services, including storage, inland transport, and customs clearance.

Sea freight

Sea freight is the most common mode of shipping in this country. It’s a good idea if the package is big and you don’t need to ship goods fast.

Sea freight costs are also cheaper than air freight since the transport time is longer.

Air freight

You have two choices for air freight: express and economical. The cost-effective option is for non-hazardous, light, and not temperature-controlled goods.

Port-to-port shipment takes 3 to 8 business days, and door-to-door delivery needs 8 to 16 days.

Express, or quick delivery, allows any goods to come in a short amount of time. As a result, the shipping takes roughly three business days to arrive. It also has higher shipping fees.

Customs clearance

To get import clearance in this country, you must follow customs rules. Many businesses use a qualified freight forwarder to handle them since they might be very complex.

The customs officials request foreign businesses these documents: 

  • Bill of lading
  • Contract
  • Certificate of origin
  • Commercial invoice
  • Form of customs export declaration 
  • Export Permit
  • Packing list
  • Technical standard certificate

You’ll also need to get some paperwork together, like licenses, permissions, contracts, and certifications.

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import dolomite from Vietnam 4
You have to prepare essential documents for shipping products

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