Import Durian From Vietnam: Origin And Shipping Process

Vietnamese people deem durians as the king of fruit. Its smell may be terrible to some but really appealing to most people. 

Durians can also thrive in tropical countries. As a result, many regions trade this fruit internationally to feed local people.

If you plan to import durian from Vietnam, this article will show you the origin, current market, and shipping process in detail. Let’s follow our post! 

Origin Of Vietnamese Durians

The native country of durian’s origin remains a controversial topic. While many people believe it came from Borneo Island, the Filipinos claimed to have been the first to discover this fruit.

Whatever the case may be, durians have gone far beyond their native location to other nations, including Vietnam.

For robust growth, durians demand a hot and humid climate. Yet, the plants can also grow in colder regions, such as highlands.

They usually flourish in well-drained, deep, light soil, but they may even survive in heavy soil with proper drainage.


Ri6 is the most prevalent variety. It has bright flesh that resembles the intense color of a Musang King variety from Malaysia.

Ri6 has dense, fibrous flesh with a distinct egg taste that resembles several Thai types and Chin Hoa, which has huge arils.

The following are some of the most well-known durian species:

  • Chin Hoa: It’s large and spherical, like a pumpkin, and has a lot of flesh within.
  • Cow House Milk Meat: It’s perfect for people who are new to durians. This variety tastes like cream and has practically little durian flavor.
  • Small Seed: As the name implies, this variety is a highly meaty durian. There are a variety of “small seed” durians, each called after the province where it grew.
import durian from Vietnam 1
There are several varieties to choose

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Growing areas 

Durian can be purchased anywhere in Vietnam, but it only grows south of Hue. Surprisingly, the humid, flat lands of the Mekong Delta are a significant production area. 

The two most famous growing areas are highlands (Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Lam Dong), Mekong Delta (Ben Tre, Tra Vinh), and the Southeast region (Dong Nai). 

import durian from Vietnam 2
Vietnamese weather condition is ideal for durians

Current Market Of Importing Durian From Vietnam

Vietnam is among the top durian exporter, along with Thailand. 

This country exported 271.22 million USD of durians in 2019, increasing 0.68% over the previous year’s total of 269.394 million USD.

In 2019, Vietnam shipped over $273 million worth of durians. China received the majority of these goods, at 57.2%.

Other big importers of Vietnamese durians are Laos, Hong Kong, Macao, and the United States.

Chinese market 

China is a potential market that Vietnam is boosting. Vietnam is in the process of acquiring approval to send durians to China.

Following clearance, Vietnam will join Malaysia and Thailand as the third Southeast Asian nation to gain access to the Chinese market for durians.

Previously, Vietnam exported 70% of durians along the Chinese border, reaching 800,000 to 900,000 metric tons without Chinese official approval.

However, Vietnam presently has governmental authority to export some varieties of fruit to China. 

Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is also requesting a license to transport other fruits, such as pomelo and avocado, in addition to durians.

Australian market

Many Vietnamese firms have reported quickly selling out of durians in Australia thanks to long-term market promotion.

Bato Ausales, located in Australia, said it traded 7 tons of Ri6 durians from Vietnam barely hours after customs clearance.

Ri6 is still popular in Australia, despite the social distancing rule that has been in practice since early 2021. Entire frozen durian costs up to 18.99 AUD per kilo, whereas peeled durian costs between 20 to 25 AUD per kilo.

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import durian from Vietnam 3
China and Australia are the two biggest importers

How To Import Durian From Vietnam?

The shipping process for export is quite complicated. After packing and inspecting, you need to prepare multiple documents for the access, including:

HS code

One of the first things to check is the HS code. The code will assist you in determining the commodity’s policies, duties, and processes.

Durian has the HS code 08106000, where “0810” refers to fruits.

Customs duties

The VAT rate on durian exports is 0%. Because this fruit is not on Vietnam’s list of taxable products, exporters are exempt from paying export tax.

Governmental management 

Durian is already on the list of goods subject to quarantine under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s administration. As a result, the business must apply for cargo quarantine when executing export processes.

Certificate of origin

Vietnam has signed Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with more than 50 countries worldwide. 

When you trade durians from Vietnam, you may be eligible for special favorable import duty.

It’s a good idea to seek advice from a reputable firm with experience in Vietnamese exports and imports. You won’t have to cope with the time-consuming and complicated procedure.

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Final Words

Hopefully, the information we have shared can help you envision an overview of penetrating the Vietnamese market if you have any questions about the process to import durian from Vietnam

Thank you for reading!

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