How To Import Face Mask From Vietnam In 2023? Everything You Need To Know

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One of the most popular ways to beautify the skin is to apply a face mask. The demand for face masks is increasing, so the processing of this product is also growing. 

There are many different types of face masks on the market today. Today, we will learn about how to import face mask from Vietnam together.

The Beginning of Vietnamese Mask

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The Origin

Using natural nutrient extracts, face masks from Vietnam are suitable and safe for all skin types. Because there are no parabens or chemicals, you can complete their benign levels. 

In particular, with Bamboo Tencel material synthesized from natural bamboo fibers, the mask can penetrate nutrients into the skin much faster and more effectively.

Skincare masks from Vietnam that meet European standards are popular with 12 options divided into 2 main lines: detox masks and relaxing masks. Based on your skin condition, you can choose the most suitable product.

These masks are all produced by using essences extracted from fresh fruits that can eliminate toxins well. The most typical ingredients are red pomegranate, lemon, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, orange, apple, avocado, etc.

The common point of these detox masks is to help clean the skin and remove toxins caused by exposure to polluted environments and dirt. 

Dry skin acne inflammation is moisturized and antibacterial timely when using the product. Besides, the mask also contains many other nutrients to help brighten the skin and keep it youthful and smooth.

For women who need skincare, relaxation, stress relief, and maintaining youth, these are very suitable products to use. In particular, the relaxation mask will have a gentle floral scent that will help the body relax and be comfortable when used. 

Therefore, if you have had a tiring day at work, applying this mask will help you feel relaxed and easier to fall asleep.

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Vietnam Mask Export/Import Market

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Mask Export/Import Market

The cosmetic market in Vietnam in general and face masks, in particular, can be called a boom in recent times. 

Hundreds of thousands of cosmetic brands have appeared in various forms, such as opening representative offices, setting up agents, sales distributors, establishing companies, and building production factories.

Vietnamese cosmetics are now competitive because they know how to exploit their strengths and choose the right market segments. 

The market segment of Vietnamese cosmetics focuses on influencing the famous market in both rural and urban areas. Besides, it is also developing and distributing to foreign markets.

The future Vietnamese cosmetic market requires domestic cosmetic businesses to pay much attention to packaging, design, brand PR, and promoting and distributing products.

The Vietnamese cosmetic market currently has a turnover of about 15,000 billion VND a year (#700 million USD).

According to Nielsen Market Research Company, the spending level of Vietnamese consumers on cosmetics is not too much, averaging only 4 USD per person per year, while in Thailand, it is 20 USD. 

Only accounting for about 10% of the market share, Vietnamese cosmetic businesses are trying to regain this attractive revenue market. It makes the Vietnamese decorative market potential for firms to exploit and strengthen.

The reference prices of Vietnamese masks in foreign markets will range from $0.23 to $0.45/piece. However, this will depend on each brand you choose, and some types will cost 1-2$/piece.

How To Import Mask From Vietnam? Shipping Process

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International shipping

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Step 1: Prepare the goods.

Masks are items that can be exported from Vietnam and are not banned goods. First, you need to pack the product into a box/bag with the brand name of the ordering business.

Step 2: Prepare necessary documents.

Documents to export shoes from Vietnam include Business registration of the exporter and certificate of tax code (for the first time), commercial contract, packing list, container handover record. 

In some cases, it is necessary to use the Made in Vietnam certificate of origin to help the buyer enjoy special preferential import tax.

Step 3: Prepare means of transport.

Products can be via land, water, or air. Therefore, you also need to prepare suitable and compatible vehicles with the place of import.

Step 4: Carry out customs declaration

You make the customs declaration online or in person at the place where the goods are gathered. Besides, you also need to bring the prepared documents to make the declaration process as fast and convenient as possible.

Step 5: Export

After customs clearance, the goods will be transported to the importing country and carry out the remaining procedures. After that, the importing enterprise moves the product to its warehouse and distributes it.


Vncomex JSC is a professional import and export freight transport unit, trusted and selected by many departments. We create actual value for our customers by providing fast, efficient and economical logistics and transportation services.

Providing Logistics services to help customers focus on their core business is the mission of Logistics businesses. Towards this goal, Vncomex International JSC has established its fleet of trucks and operates and manages warehouses. 

With reasonable investment in human and financial resources, Vncomex International JSC has gradually met the diverse requirements of Logistics services of customers.

Here are our company’s essential services:

  • Domestic and international freight.
  • Transport goods by sea, land, air.
  • Delivery, transportation of super-sized goods, retail goods, container goods.
  • Transporting passengers by road in the inner city and suburbs (except for transport by bus)
  • Customs clearance agent, warehouse rental, and storage.


The quantity and scale of mask production in the Vietnam market is substantial and abundant with low cost. 

At the same time, the quality of the products always meets the standards of leading brands. Therefore, it is an industry that many businesses worldwide invest in and import.

If your business wants to import masks from Vietnam, please leave your information in the “SEND A MESSAGE” section below or contact us via email, experts will answer your questions and support you.

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