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Interior decoration determines 90% of the owner’s living feelings. A place inspired by minimalism or classical style is from the interior items created. Therefore, many customers spend a lot of money on decoration, wanting to have a satisfactory feeling. 

Like many countries in the region, Vietnam is a country on the way to comprehensive development, including home furniture. 

Artisans have created objects with rich functions and forms with creative sculpting skills. In the following article, we will explain more about the issues and how to import furnitures from Vietnam.

The Source – Vietnamese Furnitures

The furnitures origin: Import furnitures From Vietnam
Import furnitures from Vietnam

To talk about the first origin of the furniture industry is from ancient Egypt. 

Although there is not a clear concept of what the two words interior is, items such as wind chimes, columns, windows, doors are present in houses or even in buildings. The tomb as proof of the existence of this profession

Following the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, the industry’s transformation created interest from homemakers. 

Artisans and carpenters can transform everyday objects in a form that suits the requirements of their customers. After that, the architects also no longer bogged down in the sketches but explored more about the design of the residential interior industry.

In ancient Egypt, people decorated mud houses with simple animal skins, rudimentary textiles, spiritual things, and biographical paintings. The Greek and Roman civilizations also connected. 

Continuing to enhance the art of architecture, they worship the profession by honoring the achievement of building domes. Style brings together beauty and comfort.

The home variety interiors have also changed over the years until the 21st century, a mix of modernity and creativity. Almost every country has its standard of beauty. 

Vietnam is no exception; here, the profession of making furniture is not too strange. With more than 4000 years of civilization, from items like bamboo and wood in the old days, they created valuable things for daily life. 

But to say the most substantial development is from the wind with a slightly western influence. People prefer to create a classic space but bring themselves a unique feature.

Today, when technology is developing more and more, the Vietnamese furniture market has been increasingly asserting its position globally, providing export shipments to particular capitalist countries such as the US and UK, France, and is highly rated.

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Vietnam Furniture Export-Import Market

According to the latest statistics, in 2021, Vietnam will be the secon

import furnitures from Vietnam 2

d-largest furniture import market for Australia. Only in the first 6 months of the year, the total turnover was estimated at 103.1 million USD, up about 72.1% over the same period last year. 2020. 

Import proportion accounted for 11.8%, increasing by 1.7% in 2020. Despite the fast growth rate, the import proportion in the industry is still low. So if you intend to export the above products, this is the most suitable opportunity.

Accordingly, in the first 6 months of 2021, according to data from the General Department of Customs, the export of wood and wood-related items to the European market reached 44.5 million USD, an increase of 22.1% compared to 2020. 

Overall, it reached $396.9 million, up 34.1% from last year. 

The most prominent was the German market, reaching 80.3%, accounting for 20.2% of the total industry turnover, the French market reaching 74.8 million USD, up 29.5%, the Netherlands reaching 63.4 million USD, and finally reaching 40.5 million USD. However, experts also confirm that the number of days will continue to increase in the next few years.

Particularly for the domestic market, it is mainly affordable and high-end. According to VCCI, the average annual consumption of high-end furniture reaches 2.5 billion USD, 80% is from European countries, and 20% is domestic. 

Along with the economic growth rate of 6% per year, Vietnamese people’s consumption of furniture in the next few years will increase sharply.

Obviously, this is a very potential market if you look to go deep into import and export in this industry. So, where should you start? If in doubt, please refer to the section below. Maybe it will help you a lot!

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Shipping Process – Import Furnitures From Vietnam

import furnitures from Vietnam 4
Shipping Process

We won’t talk about domestic shipping, which is pretty straightforward. However, successfully exporting an item to another country is an implausible story. 

If you want your products to appear on store shelves, supermarkets, in addition to ensuring quality factors, the process of completing import procedures is not easy. Same with furniture. Typically, the import process will include the following steps:

  • Determining the type of imported goods
  • Sign a foreign trade contract
  • Signing goods quality inspection
  • Register for a specialized test
  • Declare and transmit customs declaration
  • Get a delivery permit
  • Prepare the required customs documents
  • Pay taxes and complete customs procedures
  • Complete the procedures and deliver the goods to the warehouse

Here are 9 simple steps to successfully deliver goods to another country. However, the steps above only summarize the procedures you need to perform. 

Each country has its regulations. In a case like this, if you want to save time and money, you should find yourself a shipping company that makes things easier. Here is a reputable company that you should refer to.

VNcomex JSC

Vncomex JSC specializes in importing and exporting all kinds of goods. Despite its relatively young age, Vncomex JSC has constantly asserted its position in thousands of businesses every day. 

The company is always proud to be the first choice of business partners for agricultural products and consumer goods. With the motto “Cooperation – Development ”, JSC wishes a team of experienced staff to satisfy all customers, even the most fastidious people. What will you get with VNcomex JSC?

  • Good price
  • Quality service with enthusiastic advice from staff
  • Helping you come up with practical solutions for any situation you are facing
  • Enthusiastic attitude to the profession


With the above information that we have provided, we hope it will help you partly solve the problems you face. Furniture is a very potential business field, do not hesitate if you intend to learn it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment; our team will answer the question as soon as possible.

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