How To Import Gac Fruit From Vietnam? Ultimate Guidelines

Gac fruit is gaining popularity as a natural medicine and vitality superfood. What is it about this strange-looking fruit from Vietnam that makes it so unique?

And how to import gac fruit from Vietnam if you live overseas? Worry not; you will discover everything in this article. Let’s find out right now!

The Origin

Import Gac Fruit From Vietnam 1
Import Gac Fruit From Vietnam

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Gac fruit is known as the ‘fruit from heaven’ because of its health-promoting advantages and nutrients. It has the most significant quantities of beta-carotene and lycopene. Gac fruit also includes very high amounts of vitamins E and C.

This lovely, distinctive, vivid orange fruit is roughly the size of a small melon. You can find it in  Northern Vietnam and Southeast Asia’s milder temperatures.

Gac is a tropical plant with a short harvest season found in Vietnamese gardens and farms. 

When fully mature, the fruit is brilliant red or orange with a thick prickly exterior and a reddish-orange spongy lining surrounding bright red seed pods.

The lining of the seed pods is appreciated for its nutritious richness, including beta-carotene, lycopene, and vitamins C and E. Gac oil has the excellent potential to absorb all of these vital nutrients.

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Traditional Use In Health Care

Despite the availability of contemporary skin-care products, Vietnamese women (even royalty in the past) continue to soften and nourish their skin with gac fruit oil.

They also use it as a conditioner to thicken hair, allowing it to grow and shine without splitting. Countless generations have found this fruit’s oil to be an effective cure for dry and itchy eyes.


While Gac is still a relatively obscure fruit in the West, contemporary health and medicine experts are more interested. This fruit’s high reputation as a health-promoting diet has piqued the interest of modern academics. 

They confirm that a mature vivid red-orange color is distinctive in appearance and interior. This fruit has up to 70 times the lycopene in tomatoes, ten times the beta-carotene in carrots, and up to 40 times the Vitamin C in oranges.

These antioxidants and vitamins provide you with a more robust immune system, brighter skin, stronger nails and hair, a healthier heart, and longer-lasting vision.

Gac is used in traditional Vietnamese cuisines to signify important events such as weddings and Lunar New Year because of its excellent flavor when it is fresh (like cantaloupe with notes of carrot and cucumber) and brilliant color.

It commonly appears with sticky rice at nearby eateries and homes, known as Xoi Gac. Its reddish-orange pulp is a sign of life, energy, and longevity in Vietnam and other regions of Asia. 

According to claims backed up by multiple study findings, this fruit has highly high quantities of antioxidants.

The Markets To Import Gac Fruit From Vietnam

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Gac Sticky Rice

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In recent years, the export volume of Vietnamese gac fruit has continuously increased and has a great competitive position. 

The output of Vietnamese gac fruit exported to the US is roughly 500-1,000 tons/year, about 11,000 tons/year to India, 4.2 million tons/year to Japan, nearly 1 million tons/year to Thailand, and over 2 million tons/year to Europe.

Many businesses in Vietnam have boldly invested in producing Gac products for export and supply to the domestic market. In the North to the Southern provinces, many farming households have become better off by growing this plant.

The main markets are the US, UK, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. Up to now, we are still constantly looking for opportunities to expand cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.

Shipping Process To Import Gac From Vietnam

Import Gac fruit From Vietnam 3
Ripped Gac

If you have decided to import gac fruit from Vietnam, here’s how to get into it:

Ship The Export Products

It is the stage in which you transport your goods to the warehouse of the shipping agency. People buy and carry products in the countryside via train or specialized vehicles to ensure freshness.

Clearance Procedures

Apart from applying for inspection certificates such as hygiene and safety, passports, and certifications from the other party, this phase has the most demanding requirements. You’ll also have to wait till the customs department authorizes you.


You’ll trade items with the transporter and execute contracts to represent your property. 


According to the legislation, the proper paperwork must be shown before enabling the items to be present at booths and supermarkets.

Prepare For The Products At The Port

Shipping items to warehouses while awaiting the results of quality inspections. Moreover, customers can sell Vietnamese farm goods on foreign markets, which is the last endpoint on the voyage from Vietnam.

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The growing season for this plant is only a few months long, from December to January. It is also common in Asian stores with a good selection. But, if you live far away and want to import gac fruit from Vietnam, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for following this post!

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