Import Granulated Blast Furnace Slag From Vietnam [Ultimate Guides]

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Vietnam is working on construction materials in terms of trading and advertising worldwide. 

If you want to import granulated blast furnace slag from Vietnam, the ultimate guide in this post can help. Let’s read on to discover! 

Origin Of Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Vietnamese people cool melted iron slag to form granulated blast-furnace slag (GBFS), resulting in a glassy, grainy material.

This product is excellent for use in the marine environment, bulk concreting and sulfate settings, water retention constructions, basements, and other constructions requiring low hydration temperature.

This product has a long history of application in construction. It became famous for construction in 1865 when the time-slag plaster first appeared in Germany. 

GBFS has been an essential supplemental cementitious material in cement manufacturing since then, with several key features.

Vietnamese GBFS

The GBFS is a product of the enclosed blast furnace method used in steel and iron manufacturing.

This product is an excellent active material additive for concrete and cement. Vietnamese people have utilized it for a long time thanks to the ultra-fast drying by high pressure.

Uses of GBFS

This product offers a variety of concrete-friendly features. Over a longer time, the concrete develops strength, leading to higher values.

Furthermore, this material lowers the possibility of alkali-silica reactivity-related degradation while also improving resistance to chemically severe circumstances.

Consequently, the concrete will likely last longer and need less upkeep over time.

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GBFS serves various uses

Current Market Of Importing Vietnamese GBFS

During the first eight months of 2021, the approximated sale of these products reached about 7 million tons, up 4% each year.

Household consumption fell 5% to 44 million tons, while exports increased by 12% to 27 million tons.

In August, the total amount of products sold was 8 million tons, down 8% from August 2020, with 5 million tons sold domestically and 3 million tons sent internationally.

According to the Vietnam Cement Association (VNCA), due to development from January to April, the overall volume of slag exports continues to rise faster.

However, the epidemic in late April has delayed construction projects in many countries in the world. 

The epidemic also resulted in a drop in demand for concrete in recent months to come.

Top exporters 

The top three importers of Vietnamese construction materials are China, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. 

Vietnam is still focusing on these areas as its leading traders. The export value remains stable after a slight drop due to the epidemic. 

Opportunities and threats

Vietnam stays among the leading exports of cement and construction materials. This condition creates a lot of benefits in competition.  

The country has always been improving its products’ quality to meet the increasing demands of customers. In the future, this sector will increase in a stable way. 

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import granulated blast furnace slag from Vietnam 2
Vietnam is a potential market

How To Import Granulated Blast Furnace Slag From Vietnam?

Do you know: “How to import granulated blast furnace slag from Vietnam?” With so many foreign investors interested in Vietnam, they must know its export and import procedures.


A business does not need to hold a special license to engage in export and import in Vietnam. A trader is the most popular organization for investors looking to participate in these activities and the distribution of products.

Customs procedures 

The Vietnamese customs clearance requirements relate to any items exported from Vietnam. They thoroughly examine the items’ quality, specs, volume, and quantity.


Importers and exporters have to submit a package of papers. Traders must provide to the customs officials at least the company registration certificate as well as the business code certificate of registration.

Authorities may seek the following extra documentation, depending on the exports or imports:

  • Bill of lading;
  • Contract;
  • Certificate of origin;
  • Commercial invoice;
  • Customs declaration form;
  • Export permit;
  • Packing list;
  • Technical health certificate.
  • Priority treatment

Priority service

You can ask for priority service in Vietnam if you want to save money on customs clearance.

Qualifying businesses are eligible for several advantages under this program, including: 

  • Exemption from inspection of extra customs documentation;
  • Exemption from inspection of products physically;
  • Ability to hand in inadequate declarations. You should note it in 30 days from the registration date of the declarations. 
  • Priority access when completing tax requirements for products in line with the taxation legislation.

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Most services and goods exported from Vietnam are tax-free. Only a few commodities, mostly natural resources including minerals, forest resources, and metal products, are subject to export tariffs.

VAT applies to all types of products. Additionally, the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) Law provides that traders who buy SCT tax-liable items for exporting but instead sell them domestically are subject to SCT.

Export duty disclosures are necessary upon registration of custom clearance with customs offices. However, exporters have to pay within 30 days after registration.

import granulated blast furnace slag from Vietnam
The shipping procedure is quite complex

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