Import Green Mungbean From Vietnam: Origins & Shipping Process 2023

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Mung beans are one of the valuable commodities in Vietnam. It is not surprising that many countries want to import Green mungbean from Vietnam. So, where are their origins? Is the process of importing them simple? Let’s find the answer through the following article!

The Overview Of Mung Bean From Vietnam

Green mungbean is a legume plant with tiny seed size. Yet, it has a lot of fantastic health benefits. 


They have a lot of health benefits

Mung bean, also known as Green bean, is native to India and Central Asia. In general, they are distributed mainly in tropical and subtropical regions. Mung beans are also quite familiar plants in Asia and very popular in Vietnam.

Green beans have wide adaptability, are pretty drought-tolerant, and can adapt to areas with harsh conditions.

In East and South Asia, mung beans are grown in many countries, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Thailand, Philippines, Burma, Indonesia. In addition, they have been developed in many countries in temperate regions, Australia, and the American continent.

The production of mung beans is mainly located in Asia (about 90%). India is the largest producer of Mung beans, with more than 50% of world production. China also produces a large number of green beans.

Benefit Of Green Mungbean

  • Cooling poison bar.

Oriental medicine has long considered mung beans as a remedy to clear poison and cool the body. Therefore, there are thousands of nutritious dishes made from green beans.

  • Weight loss.

Green beans allow you to lose weight effectively. The reason is that it contains large amounts of soluble fiber. 

So, it helps eliminate excess fat take place more smoothly. Thanks to that, you will no longer urge to eat as much as before.

  • Effective treatment of gout.

The fiber content in mung beans actively participates in protein metabolism. As a result, they help reduce the formation and accumulation of uric acid – the cause of gout.

  • For pregnant women, help develop the fetus.

Folic acid present in green beans helps in fetal development. Specifically, it has an essential role in developing an infant’s heart, brain, and respiratory system. In addition, folic acid also works to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus.

  • Provides fiber for the body, aids digestion

Green beans’ high fiber content positively affects the digestive system. They promote bowel movements, reducing pressure on the intestines.

The fact is that several studies have shown a positive correlation between increased fiber intake and reducing indigestion problems.

  • Prevention of colon cancer

Recent studies show that consuming green beans is beneficial for preventing precancerous polyps. Research also shows that they reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, reduce prostate cancer recurrence.

  • Cure urinary retention

People with urinary retention can apply the cure by eating green bean soup daily. Also, if you feel a burning sensation in the urethra, you can puree green beans to get water for drinking.

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The Export Market Of Vietnamese Green Mungbean


Many countries want to import green beans from Vietnam

In Vietnam, green beans have been grown for a long time all over the country. They are traditional crops with many purposes, such as seed utilization, soil improvement, erosion control, green manure. However, Green mungbean is not considered a major crop in Vietnam.

In the North Central, Southeast, Central Highlands, and Mekong Delta provinces, mung bean has become an essential crop in producing the summer-autumn crop, providing a significant source of income for farmers.

In Vietnam, mung bean is not invested in research like soybean and peanut. However, thanks to strong consumer demand at home and abroad, mung bean has received the attention of many distribution companies.

Currently, many countries are importing mung beans from Vietnam, including:

  • China
  • Filipina
  • UAE
  • Pakistan
  • Angola
  • Peru
  • Bangladesh
  • Iran
  • Sri Lanka
  • Mauritius
  • Indonesia
  • Dubai
  • And more

Shipping Process: Import Green Mungbean From Vietnam

Import Green Mungbean From Vietnam 1
The import process can be difficult for inexperienced people

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In general, each country’s import and export procedures and requirements are different. As a result, the shipping process of Green mungbean exported to each country will differ.

But, in most cases, any export process involves the following steps:

  • Check quality
  • Pack
  • Complete the necessary customs formalities
  • Carry out shipping

Besides, the export process also involves some essential documents as follows:

  • Packing slips
  • Packing Invoice
  • Entrusted export contract
  • Documents certifying the input of goods
  • Certificate of origin (C/O)
  • Other customs documents.

Besides the documents we have provided before, you will have to perform much more complicated procedures. Therefore, it is a tough challenge if you have no experience in this field.

Therefore, in this case, you should seek the help of a reliable shipping company, like Vncomex.

About Vncomex

Vncomex Company was born in 2020 and is headquartered in Hanoi.

With many years of experience in import and export services, they are a reliable bridge between international consumers and Vietnamese products.

With the information you provide them, they will handle all complicated procedures for you. Today, this company has become the first choice of many customers for many good reasons:

  • Experience: Their staff has many years of industry experience. Therefore, their service is reliable.
  • Operation Motto: They always try to bring customers the most reliable products and services. This company always puts the trust of customers as the top development criterion.
  • Price: They provide top prestige services with the most competitive and reasonable prices in the market. In short, pick this company to make your process of importing mung beans from Vietnam as easy as pie.


By now, you already know the origin and benefits of this bean. So, if you want to import Green mungbean From Vietnam, let Vncomex help you. Their staff will attempt to help you accomplish your goals as soon as possible. Hopefully, you will feel satisfied with their service.

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