Import Guava From Vietnam: Origin, Classification & Market

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Guava is a fruit that customers always love because of its attractive taste and its miraculous uses for the human body. The characteristics of the tree favor tropical climates, so Vietnam is also a country with a very high number of guava seedlings planted.

Not to mention the countries that need to supply their products. If you play the role of a trader, have you ever wondered to import Guava from Vietnam?.

The article below may provide the information you need.

Origin Of Vietnamese Guava

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Vietnamese Guava Origin

Guava also has another name called Psidium Guajava, belonging to Diamond Diggers. There is a lot of controversy about the origin of this fruit. Many say that it originates from Brazil, but many people say that the official source of the product is from southern Mexico or Central America.

The most suitable habitat for the tree is in tropical climates, which love humid temperatures, but also adapt quickly in arid environments.

Vietnam is famous for its erratic temperature and weather, bringing together many climates. All should be a country with diverse vegetation, and the tree is no exception. As an easy-to-grow plant, the product has been to bring economic resources to the people.

Do you know? Each volume you eat provides the body with many nutrients, such as fiber, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, and especially many vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, B3).

All make delicious fruit, and at the same time have many uses in:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Treatment of constipation
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Restore healthy eyes
  • Anti-fatigue, stress
  • Relieve cold, dry cough
  • Good prevention against cancer

Types Of Guava: Import Guava From Vietnam

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Types Of Guava From Vietnam

To meet all the needs of the partner market, tree extractors have launched many different species and planned on a large area. Ensure export safety standards. Some types of guava are in terms of quality as well as eye-catching color and shape:

  • Queen: As the name suggests, the most delicious guava variety up to now, the fruit is large, whole, smooth skin, few hard seeds, sweet, crunchy flavor, light aroma.
  • Purple: It is entirely different from the usual colored guava; it is a newly transplanted variety. The whole fruit from the stem to the intestine is dark red-purple with a distinct taste.
  • Dong Du guava: The four-season guava gives fruit all year round, so its productivity is highly appreciated. When the fruit is ripe, the taste of guava is crisp and cool, not too sweet. When ripe, the sweetness is high, and the aroma is unmistakable.
  • Taiwan Sweet Pear: An easy-to-grow guava, a cultivar that adapts quickly to the environment. It has become popular and planted by many people in recent years, similar quality to existing guava varieties, but excellent design.
  • Taiwan Red: The peach-red flesh is a characteristic to classify products. The yield is currently not high, but the outcome is very positive, similar to Sweet.
  • Marbled: A new variety, an expensive product. So the primary consumer market is still rich capitalist countries. With different types of guava with stripes on the fruit, the intestines, when ripe, are peach-pink, very fragrant, and the fruit is fragrant and crispy.

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The Current Import-Export Market Of Vietnamese Guava

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Current Market Of Vietnamese Guava

The international market constantly expands with great potential for integrating Vietnamese agricultural products. Through each development stage, Vietnamese farmers are becoming more and more perfect in achieving many import and export deals into many particular countries.

According to the latest announcement from the General Department of Customs, Vietnam exported 302 tons of guava and some related fruits to the US. The total value achieved is 850,000 USD, an increase of nearly 1.8% compared to 2019.

The US is stepping up export demand from Vietnam, although the market share in signing transactions was only 0.1% before that.

On the Australian side, after reviewing statistics from ITC, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced that the number of goods imported from Vietnam from Australia reached 318.9 tons in the first five months of 2020, worth $1.2 million, down $1.2 million. 10.6% in quantity, as well as 6.1% in average value, compared to 2019.

In the following months, Oxtraylia continued to import Vietnamese goods with an output of 100.3 tons, a value of $295,000, a slight increase of 130.5%, and 99.3% in quantity and price. All make Vietnam into Australia’s third-largest trading partner market with a total volume of 31.4% compared to the whole industry.

Finally, the Russian market, up to the present time in 2021, Vietnam has completed the target of 226 tons of fruit supplied to Russia, worth $807,000, up 114% in quantity,62.7% in product value. Thus, 6.1 % is the number that Vietnam has brought to Russia.

Through consideration and research, we see clearly. Not only guava but all agricultural products of Vietnam are increasingly asserting their brands, creating trust for consumers.

The numbers achieved prove that this is a potential business market full of future for those who want to invest.

Shipping Process

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Guava Shipping Process

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Usually, it is challenging to export goods to another country. Depending on the product you want to ship, most of the regulations of that country must be met.

For example, after having a business partner buy guava, the prerequisite for the product to appear in supermarkets is to comply with the requirements of food safety, no banned substances in the shipment.

Besides, the process issues to export supply need to go through many steps here, including:

  • Check the item’s quality.
  • Carefully pack the product.
  • Apply for a customs permit
  • Prepare profile
  • Signing a shipping partner
  • Buy insurance
  • Customs declaration
  • Shipping Delivery.

You see, time taking care of product harvesting is a process. It is impossible to hide the joy when agricultural products are from foreigners, but the relevant documents also cause headaches for many people.

Therefore, we recommend looking for a reputable shipping company to shorten the above-complicated process to save costs and health.

About Vncomex

Vncomex specializes in exporting goods to the international market.

Vncomex has been increasingly asserting its brand position in the business race at a relatively young age. Through partner customers from many parts of the world, the shipping company always satisfies everyone.

At Vncomex, we always uphold 4 criteria as a measure of development:

  • Position: Ensure absolute customer satisfaction
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  • Attitude: Welcoming, serving customers with all the enthusiasm and enthusiasm we have.
  • Human resources: Vncomex is constantly improving knowledge and strengthening the skill base to bring customers the best solutions.


Thus, through the above article, we have given you the information about the products and services you need. If you have any questions or concerns, you can leave a comment, the staff will respond right away. Sincerely, thank you!

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