Import Headwear From Vietnam: Market Details & Shipment Instruction

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The conical hat is a symbol of Vietnamese people, especially women. The hats cover the sun and rain when farming and working. 

Today’s conical hat has become a traditional beauty associated with the image of ao dai to help Vietnamese girls become more graceful and gentle. Today, we will learn together about how to import Headwear From Vietnam.

The Origin

Manufactures: import Head Wear From Vietnam

Many people often wear hats but still do not know the true origin of their hats. 

Since ancient times, the Vietnamese have devised a way to combine leaves to cover the sun and rain because of the tropical monsoon climate with sunny and rainy weather. 

According to research by scientists, hats have appeared from 2500 to 3000 years ago.

According to history, Vietnamese headwear was born around the 13th century during the Tran Dynasty. 

After development, headwear has undergone many stages of change into many different shapes. Up to now, the conical cone shape is the most commonly seen style. It creates a space that is both solid and aesthetically pleasing.

The wearer can effectively cover the sun and rain but ultimately ensure a neat charm, especially with the Vietnamese conical hat. 

The hat has received a warm welcome from many people; proof of this is that the Vietnamese conical hat has become a symbol of the Vietnamese people.

It became a very close part of the Vietnamese people. The image of a rustic conical hat is not merely a rain cover, but it also contains a treasure containing the historical and cultural values ​​of the Vietnamese people. 

The cap has contributed to creating the idyllic charm of Vietnamese women from past to present.

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Headwear Export/Import Market In Vietnam

Export/Import Market In Vietnam
Export/Import Market In Vietnam

It comes with high quality, attractive and attractive designs, diversified products, wide distribution channels, and flexible business methods, including professional import and export operations and easy and simple payment methods. 

High efficiency has contributed to creating a high reputation for Vietnamese enterprises globally. The company’s main products include:

  • Bamboo and rattan furniture: bamboo and rattan boxes, bamboo and rattan baskets, bamboo and rattan trays, rattan slippers.
  • Conical hats: performing hats, handmade, making hats on request.

With more than 30 customers from all over the world such as Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Korea, etc. is highly appreciated and achieves annual export turnover from $2.7 million to $3 million.

In recent years, in Vietnamese cities, the image of a conical hat has become rarer than ever. Is it possible that people only see hats in shops selling souvenirs decorations?

It seemed that there was no place left, but the image of a conical hat appeared on the global Amazon sales website at an unexpectedly high price.

Accordingly, each sports hat on Amazon costs 17 – 21 USD (400,000 – 483,000 VND), depending on the size. If tax and shipping fees are added, the total cost is about 1 million VND, 10 times higher than the domestic selling price (approximately 80,000 – 120,000 VND / unit).

How To Import HeadWear from Vietnam? Shipping Process

import HeadWear from Vietnam 3
Shipping Process

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Domestic transportation is quite simple and easy. However, successfully exporting an item to another country is an implausible story. If you want your Headwear to appear on booths in foreign markets, in addition to ensuring the quality factor, the process of completing import procedures is not easy. 

The same goes for Headwear. Usually, the import process will include the following steps:

  • Determining the type of imported goods
  • Sign a foreign trade contract
  • Signing goods quality inspection
  • Register for a specialized test
  • Declare customs information
  • Get a delivery permit
  • Prepare the required customs documents
  • Pay taxes and complete customs procedures
  • Complete the procedures and deliver the goods to the warehouse

Here are 9 simple steps to successfully deliver goods to another country. However, the steps above only summarize the procedures you need to perform. Each country has its import and export regulations. 

In a case like this, if you want to save time and money, it’s a good idea to find out and link up with a personalized shipping company to make things easier. Here is a reputable company that you should refer to.


VNCOMEX JSC is one of the import and export companies with the best logistics and international transportation services today. The company operates on 3 criteria “Fast – Safe – Prestige,” and in the list of the most prestigious Logistics services, this is also a name that cannot be absent.

VNCOMEX JSC was born to provide Vietnamese importers and exporters with a new and innovative Logistics solution. Since then, we have constantly grown and developed the Vietnam Logistics market. Up to now, VNCOMEX JSC has been present in both major cities at home and abroad.

With many years in the field of Logistics, VNCOMEX JSC’s staff always work with the spirit of “Dedication, Fast, Accurate and Creative” to create services with reasonable price and reliability for customers and partners. We bring professional customs clearance services, reliable advice, sea freight, land, and air freight, fast, convenient, and competitive prices.

Here are our primary services:

  • Consultancy on customs procedures
  • Customs clearance service
  • The import-export service
  • Sea shipping
  • Air Transport
  • Transporting goods in transit to Laos, Cambodia.
  • Transporting dangerous goods domestically and internationally
  • Transporting project goods, moving machines, factories.

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Thus, today’s article has shared with you helpful information about importing Head Wear From Vietnam. 

If you need to learn about a reputable and quality shipping company, please consult immediately and contact VNCOMEX JSC for timely advice and support. Thank you for reading!

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