Import Jacket From Vietnam, Origin, Current Market & Shipping Method

In the manufacturing business, the Vietnamese market is rapidly expanding and swiftly becoming one of the world’s leading suppliers of textiles.

Vietnamese products, such as jackets, have earned recognition among international businesses. If you find this market interesting, the complete guide for how to import jacket from Vietnam in this article will help. Let’s read on!

The Origin

Jacket is a French word for jaquette. The name “jaquet” stems from the Middle French term “jaquet,” which means “light or small tunic.”

Many countries around the world are famous for manufacturing jackets. You can see big brands like Uniqlo, Burberry, or Belstaff. 

With the benefit of high-quality materials and skilled human resources, Vietnamese products have also earned some popularity in this sector. 

Local businesses always work on their quality to adapt to their customers’ increasing demand. They come with a wide range of selections. 

Investing in this market, you can have tons of choices in terms of types, such as:


A zip-up hoodie is one of the most functional and trendy winter garments. Traditional jackets do not have hoods. Yet, the hooded model with a zipper is the current version of sweatshirts.


Denim has become so popular. It’s a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe. 

Denim is a flexible material. This model can also go with practically any casual outfit.


Another option you may love is the peacoat. The wool fabric can warm you during the wintertime while making you look fashionable. 


Blazers are a more casual version of suit jackets that resemble sports coats.

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import jacket from Vietnam 3
This country provides different types of products

Current Market Of Importing Vietnamese Jackets

Vietnam is quickly pushing itself as the world’s top destination for clothing manufacture.

The Vietnamese textile and apparel sector aims to import 60 billion dollars from exports by 2025. This country will be the fastest expanding with that growth pace in the industry.

Export value

In 2020, the value of Vietnamese jacket exports was $ 1.59 billion. In terms of value, sales fell 19.4% compared to the previous year.

These items’ exports fell by $386 million. In 2019, their total exports were $1.98 billion.

This sector accounted for 0.568% of Vietnamese exports in 2020 (total goods exports from this country were $ 281 billion).

Compared to 2019, the share of these items in total exports declined by 0.182%. In 2019, it was 0.75%, with total exports totaling $ 264 billion.

Major importers

Leading importers of Vietnamese jackets are developed countries, such as the USA, Korea, and Japan. This table will illustrate the complete picture of the market in 2020:

Importer Market share Export value (million US$)
USA 28% 461
Korea 19.9% 318
Japan  10.5% 169
China 7.95% 127
Germany 4.44% 71
Netherlands 4.01% 64
Italy 2.97% 47
Belgium 2.71% 43
Canada 2.57% 41 
Spain 2.19% 35

Opportunities and threats

Vietnamese jacket firms can create highly qualified products due to their abundant and low-cost labor.

They have also upgraded 90% of textile equipment to satisfy the demands of foreign customers. 

These firms have solid and reliable ties with several international importers and distributors.

Furthermore, the popular trend of shifting garment production locations from developed countries (such as China) to emerging economies (such as Vietnam) creates opportunities for this area. 

However, many business and technical obstacles, such as laws on chemicals and safe goods, force suppliers to pay higher prices.

Fortunately, you may lower the obstacles due to FTAs that Vietnam has signed with your nation.

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import jacket from Vietnam 2
This market has a lot of advantages in the industry

How To Import Jacket From Vietnam?

Because there are so many foreign clients trading in the Vietnamese market, it’s critical to understand its export and import procedures.

If you plan to penetrate this market, follow these steps:

Find a shipping service

Any cross-border delivery requires the following procedures: 

  • Deliveries to the first mile
  • Clearance of customs in the country of origin
  • Freight
  • Distribution
  • Deliveries to the last mile

If you want to minimize the shipping cost, you can use different smaller, specialized shipping businesses at different phases of the cargo.

Regarding shipping Vietnamese goods overseas, there are two options:

Airfreight is the preferable means of transportation for speedy and safe services.

Sea freight is cheaper than shipping by air, but it takes more time. Consider your delivery schedules and transportation mode before opting for it. 

Pack the items

It is vital to securely pack your goods using the appropriate packing materials for cross-border shipping. Your packages may be prone to physical contact. 

Additional packing materials, such as bubble wraps, can help protect the items from moving or bouncing about in the container while shipping. 

Provide the cargo details 

Traders must provide cargo details to transporters to prepare the proper documents for Vietnamese customs.

The details needed are:

  • Details and address of the supplier
  • Details and address of the buyer
  • Manufacturer’s area
  • Declared currency
  • HS Code (It’s 61149090 for jackets)
  • Product description/ dimensions/ weight/ quantity 

Customs clearance

Based on the exports or imports, agencies will ask for the following supporting information:

  • Bill of lading
  • Contract
  • Customs declaration form
  • Certificate of origin
  • Export permit
  • Packing list
  • Commercial invoice
  • Technical health certificate
import jacket from Vietnam
You have to prepare enough documents

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