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Keruing, also known as Apitong, has a pale yellow to red-brown heartwood. It has a medium to rough texture, a moderate sheen, and grain that is mostly straight or slightly interlaced.

Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, is home to the Keruing wood. It has a reasonably long lifespan and poor-moderate pest resistance.

So, if you want to import Keruing wood from Vietnam, Vncomex will guide you through the process as well as share helpful information about Keruing wood.

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The Origin

The timber produced by more than 70 Dipterocarpus species is known as Keruing. The species are available from managed forests with regeneration initiatives in South East Asia.

Machine tools and handy tools may both provide good results in cutting wood. However, tools can get dulled by silica-containing lumber.

Resin from the wood might build up on equipment, making it harder to finish. Keruing wood is primarily accessible in timber and flooring boards, and it is not widely available in home markets. 

Moreover, it is a reasonably priced hardwood type. The IUCN has classified it as a threatened species.

It has lost over 80% of its numbers in the previous three generations due to a combination of causes, including natural range decrease and human exploitation.

People generally use it for flooring, creating trailer decks, and convenience lumber. A broad range of heartwood tints is available across the whole species of Keruing, including orange-pink, deep-pink, and purple-red. 

Besides, red-brown wood is the most prevalent. Sapwood is often lighter in color, with gray or yellow tinges on occasion. 

With age, the timber darkens and develops a straight or shallowly interlaced grain with a stripe pattern on its radial surface.

According to the species, the texture ranges from fine to rough, but it is usually consistent. Keruing wood is sturdy and long-lasting, making it a good choice for building.

Due to resin and silica, Keruing can be tough to deal with when dry. Your skin might be irritated by sanding dust. 

Whereas other woods may need to be treated, Keruing is ready to use right away, with no risk of leaching or sap.

There are two major applications:

  • Paneling: Interiors with timber paneling are both warm and attractive. Internal wooden paneling is adaptable and natural and available in either solid natural panels or sheets of treated wood products. 
  • Moldings: Moldings are incredibly adaptable and long-lasting, boosting the aesthetics of any space and serving as the cherry on top of designs that emphasize splendor and beauty.

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The Current Markets To Import Keruing Wood From Vietnam

Importing Keruing wood from Vietnam is becoming more popular. According to current estimates, yearly imports of wood goods totaled over $3 billion in the early 90s.

Over the following five years, it will rise at a 3 percent yearly pace. This trend speaks well for developing-country importers since it can increase market share in flooring, doors, kitchenware, and picture frames.

Most Vietnamese exports of processed wood, logs, and wood products still aim at the European market, notably Italy.

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Transport woods on the truck

How To Import Keruing Wood From Vietnam? Shipping Process

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Import Keruing wood from Vietnam

Shipping to another country does not have to be complicated. Collecting necessary papers and confirming the proper standards, on the other hand, takes a long time.

Export limits and existing sanctions make shipping products to specific locations difficult. Therefore, you must double-check that your shipment will go through customs without incident.

You must evaluate the nature of the commodities, the countries of origin and destination, and the persons engaged in the transaction. To send goods, customs officers must get the proper papers from the vendor. 

It is good to consult with a respected firm specializing in Vietnamese imports and exports. You will not have to deal with the time-consuming and challenging method anymore.

Why Should You Choose Us?

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We can reserve space on most planes and shipping companies that fly from Vietnam to everywhere globally.

Vncomex is part of the world’s most powerful network of independent freight forwarders, with approximately 10,000 members and guarantees payment.

As a result, we can manage port delivery and doorway delivery to about 200 countries worldwide, all at low pricing and with a wide range of services.

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A Solid Team Of Professionals With Years Of Expertise

Our experienced staff has over ten years of expertise in logistics. Moreover, we are experts in freight forwarding and customs clearance.

Nonstop Efforts To Serve Consumers

We adhere to the highest ethical conduct and fundamental values at all times: We cooperate with consumers as a staff, an adviser, and a friend, and we have integrity, intelligence, and dedication.

Commitment is a business philosophy. Apart from ensuring exceptional service at cheap costs in an increasingly harsh and diversified competitive climate, we always keep our pledge and put our faith first.

Vncomex will accompany customers to each shipment under any condition; regardless of whether the cargo was made, we will follow that shipment until the end.


Keruing is typically comparable to teak in most strength areas; however, it is somewhat stiffer and roughly 40% more shockproof. It has an average lifespan, is susceptible to termites, and is resistant to protective treatments.

If you want to import Keruing wood from Vietnam, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to get the best service and the most reasonable price tag.

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