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Lemon grass is a traditional spice in every family’s meal. Besides, it is also used as a raw material to produce products for human life. Today, we will learn together about how to import Lemon grass from Vietnam with Vncomex.

The Origin – Lemon grass Vietnam For Export

Lemon grass has the scientific name of Cymbopogon, which belongs to the family Poaceae, which is from wild weeds mainly in the tropics and also adapted to live in subtropical regions. It is grown in large quantities in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, China, India, Philippines, Taiwan, etc. In Vietnam, about 15 out of 55 types are found in the world. The most popular are traditional and java lemon grass with many unexpected uses.

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Lemongrass origin

Health Benefits

Prevent cancer

According to a study, 100g of lemongrass contains up to 24,205 micrograms of beta-carotene. In addition, lemongrass contains potent antioxidants – citral compounds that can destroy, prevent, and slow down the growth of cancer cells.

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Health benefit of Lemon grass

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Lower blood pressure

People with high blood pressure, especially the elderly, should drink 1 cup of lemongrass juice to help lower blood pressure. According to doctors, lemongrass has essences that support blood circulation and is suitable for people with blood pressure-related problems.

Helps relieve pain

If you often suffer from diseases related to bones and joints, using lemongrass to steam is also quite effective. Besides, you can also steam when you have a headache, stomachache, stomachache.


According to research, lemongrass can remove uric acid and unwanted toxic substances, so it will help detoxify the liver, digestive system, pancreas, kidneys, and bladder in your body. In particular, this plant also brings the effect of cleansing the body.

Some Lemon grass Products

Lemon grass essential oil

The essential oil has the effect of making a spice, a medicine, a strong antiseptic, and an antiseptic. In addition, this essential oil can also help the body relax, reduce stress, pressure, help support circulation, and treat poor memory.

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Some Lemong rass Products


The soap has fragrance and astringent properties, antibacterial, helps to keep the mind awake and clear. Bathing with this soap and warm water is a quick way to restore health for people with colds.


Candles are made from entirely natural essential oil with many outstanding advantages such as compactness, long burning time, beautiful colors, pleasant aroma, safe for mother and baby.

Lemon grass tea

Lemon grass tea is a simple remedy commonly used by Indians. This tea is not too difficult to drink, has a light aroma from essential oil, and offers many healing and beauty benefits. 

If you drink regularly and in moderation, it can help you reduce headaches, control cholesterol levels in the body, reduce joint pain, and improve digestion.

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Import/Export Market: Import Lemon grass From Vietnam

In general, lemon grass is a somewhat developed commodity in Vietnam and brings a lot of potential for development, import, and export to foreign markets.

According to a farmer who owns about 3000m2 of lemon grass, they have harvested 4.5 tons of stems and sold them for 780 USD. 

Traders who intend to trade this product currently pay 4000 – 45000 VND/kg (the price may change depending on the period). With this price, farmers can receive 50-60 million VND, equivalent to 2150-2580 USD/ha/year.

Price of lemon grass by type:

  • Lemon grass Fresh Lemon grass costs 13-15$/kg
  • Wholesale Dried is at 4.10 – 4.8 USD/tael
  • Premium Fresh Lemon grass costs from $800 – $1000/ton
  • Dried Lemon grass Tea Organic Leaf costs 6 – 10$/kg
  • Chinese Tea Chinese Flavored Tea Lemon grass is from 2.15 – 12.15/kg

Shipping Process

4 Steps to import and export of any item to a foreign market

  • Step 1: Review the item and sign the contract.
  • Step 2: Conduct delivery.
  • Step 3: Make the payment procedure
  • Step 4: After customs clearance.
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Shipment process

Apply for a license

Applying for an import-export license is the first crucial legal issue in importing and exporting goods. According to commodity policy, both sides will have to apply for an import-export license before opening a customs declaration.

Cargo insurance

You can consider and choose insurance for imported and exported goods. The purchase of insurance is optional, and the decision depends on the exchange and negotiation process between the two parties. Much of it depends on the importer.

When signing an insurance contract, it is necessary to master three conditions: risk insurance, separate loss indemnification, and exemption from further losses.

In addition, there are some other special insurance conditions such as war, strike, and riot insurance.

Verification papers

You need to plan quarantine, fumigation, and inspection with all kinds of goods.

Suppose the enterprise does not want to store goods at the border gate to wait for specialized inspection. In that case, they can request to keep the goods in a separate warehouse to ensure their quality, then conduct a technical inspection and import clearance.

About Vncomex

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  • Transportation.
  • Distribution services for energy use. 

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Hopefully, the sharing about how to import Lemon grass From Vietnam has helped you get more information and make an investment decision to import and export this item. If you are looking for a reputable, quality, reasonable price, and fast shipping company, contact Vncomex for details!

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