Ultimate Guides To Import Limestone Powder From Vietnam [Updated [hienthinam]]

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Are you considering importing limestone powder from Vietnam but are unsure where to begin? This article will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the subject.

We have emphasized all the items’ origins, the existing market for importing them from this nation, and the thorough shipping method.

Minerals from Vietnam are of excellent grade, and many international companies have invested in this industry and reaped the benefits. Vncomex will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to import limestone powder from Vietnam. Continue reading to find out more!

The Origin

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Limestone statue

Because of its vast availability and inexpensive cost, limestone powder (LS) is one of the mineral components used in concrete. 

Incorporating LS, either as a cement paste substitute or as aggregate, enhances the characteristics of concrete overall. 

When people use LS to substitute cement, the impact of the LS on the concrete’s qualities depends on the particle content. Limestone is mostly from organism bone fragments. 

The mineral makeup of limestone includes calcite, vaterite, aragonite, and calcium carbonate. Limestone may form from marine creatures, lacustrine habitats, and evaporite deposits. 

Chemical precipitation of aragonite or calcite can also produce it. LS can be crystalline, granular, clastic, or massive, depending on how it forms.

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The Current Markets To Import Limestone Powder From Vietnam

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Limestone wall

Limestone from Vietnam supplied a substantial global market share in stone powder production. Many international partners consider Vietnam to be one of the most reliable and high-quality manufacturing units on the planet.

Bangladesh has been the cooperative supplier of limestone powders in this market for over ten years, and it is one of the company’s significant partners.

We continue to fulfill large orders every month and quarter, leading to the improvement and prosperity of both enterprises and their linked partners.

Other partners are also interested in Vietnamese stone flour goods. Annually, it has continuously imported significant quantities of powder from Vietnam and welcomed many different partners from India, establishing the problem of long-term supply cooperation.

Limestone is a mineral resource that is traded all over the world. According to the data from our export study, about 79 countries actively import limestone powder from Vietnam.

The total value of all exports is $22 million. As a result, if any exporter desires to import limestone powder from Vietnam, we provide comprehensive advice on how to do it.

Everything from Stone export assessment to export supplies comes in the following information. The overall export value of the top 5 nations is 21.4 USD million, accounting for 96.8 percent of the total export revenues.

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Country Value (USD Million)
United Kingdom 2.96
USA 1.12
Bangladesh 16.27
Ireland 0.76
Rep. of Korea 0.3

Shipping Process

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Shipping through seaport

Vncomex can ship to almost every location on the planet. We make every effort to fulfill your purchases as quickly as possible and at a reasonable cost.

Our distribution hub is in Vietnam. We take order processing and shipping exceptionally seriously, and we endeavor to handle and send orders within one business day of receipt. 

We use UPS, USPS, and DHL to ship locally and internationally. Contact us if you are having any problems placing your purchase. 

Most first-class postal orders require 14 days to deliver to Asia, Europe, and Australia. We aren’t sure we can help with taxes and duties. Most first-class postal orders are delivered worldwide within 3-5 business days of dispatch.

We will calculate delivery and shipping dates for you when you make an order, depending on the availability of your products and the shipping options you select.

Depending on the shipping company you select, delivery date predictions may display on the shipping quotes site.

For many of the things we sell, shipping is either a one-time, flat price, or depending on weight. Each item’s weight may be discovered on the item’s detail page.

According to shipping company requirements, all weights must be rounded up to the nearest full pound.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

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Limestone with fossils

Vncomex is a manufacturing and mining company that processes high-quality Calcium Carbonate Powder from white limestone with the best quality, stability, and contemporary technology, with an ongoing capacity of 25,000 tons per month.

Our goods are always stable and high-quality and are trusted by global customs since they comply with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards.


Our goal is to become Vietnam’s top supplier and manufacturer of calcium carbonate by assuring product quality at a competitive price and providing professional assistance.


Our aim is to be recognized by customers and competition as the industry’s first choice manufacturer, consistently delivering goods of the highest quality and anticipating client needs in a novel way.

Core Value

We pledge to provide items that meet or exceed customer expectations by incorporating contemporary technologies into the manufacturing process and continuously improving our products.

We achieve product quality consistency by offering the finest customer care and thoroughly understanding the needs of our clients.

This essential characteristic distinguishes us in the international market, becoming unique, well-known, and trustworthy.

What makes us respected by many partners and long-term collaboration?

The response is that because there are so many supply units to satisfy consumer demands, the supply is always accessible, so it isn’t very reliant on the climate or delivery status.

Furthermore, as a leader, we continually improve modern mechanical equipment to satisfy many stone powder products completely.


Hopefully, this article benefits you when you want to import limestone powder from Vietnam. We are honored to introduce ourselves as Vietnam’s largest exporter. 

To ensure the quality of the product, we have a large number of factories and libraries. We promise to provide you with the most excellent goods at the lowest price.

We want to work more closely with our clients worldwide to develop together.

Thank you for reading!

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