Procedures to know to import litchi fruit from Vietnam

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Vietnamese litchis are currently being highly appreciated by consumers and foreign businesses for their quality. However, the way to import litchi fruit from Vietnam also needs a lot of procedures and papers. In the following, Vncomex will guide businesses through detailed procedures.

What you should know about litchi fruit?

Litchi is a tropical fruit with a distinct flavor and look. It is native to China, although it can also be found in some warm parts of the United States, such as Florida and Hawaii. Because of its red, rough surface, lychee is sometimes known as the “alligator strawberry.”

Litchis are spherical or oblong in shape, with a diameter of 12 to 2 inches. Their opaque white flesh has floral aromas and is fragrant and delicious. Lychee fruit can be eaten raw, mixed into drinks, juices, smoothies, and desserts, or used in tropical fruit salads.

Information on how to import litchi fruit from Vietnam
Information on how to import litchi fruit from Vietnam

The flavor of litchi fruit can be described in a variety of ways. Some say it tastes like a cross between a strawberry and a watermelon due to the fruit’s sweet, overpowering scent, while others say it tastes like a blend of citrus and rose water or another flowery note.

Fresh lychee fruit is difficult to come by; if you reside in a region where lychee is grown, you can buy – or pick – the fruit in the summer when it is harvested in June and July. The lychee season runs from May through September, depending on where it originates from.

Otherwise, go to your local Asian market or order lychee online in vacuum-sealed or canned form.

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Litchi fruit market in Vietnam

The litchi market in Vietnam is very developed. The litchi at the beginning of the season is sold for 50,000-160,000 VND/kg. Currently, in the domestic market, lychee is sold at many different prices, ranging from 25,000 to 70,000 VND/kg depending on the quality.

As a result, despite the fact that lychee is priced this year, the price of this fruit in Vietnam is still quite low. When traveling abroad, though, lychee prices are exorbitant.

Litchi in Bac Giang and Hai Duong are exported to many countries around the world. Bac Giang litchis are exported to over 30 countries and territories, in which the US is identified as a potential market with great purchasing power. In the US market, Vietnamese litchi is currently priced at 97 USD per 5kg carton, equivalent to nearly 450,000 VND/kg.

Before being imported into France, all litchi need to be strictly censored and stamped with clear traceability. Vietnamese litchi in France costs 18 Euros/box of 1kg (equivalent to more than 500,000 VND/kg). Not only in France, but the litchi of Vietnam is also exported to Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and many other countries in the European Union (EU). In the European market, Vietnamese lychee has a higher selling price than other fruits, up to 25 Euro/kg.

The way to import litchi fruit from Vietnam

To be able to import litchi fruit from Vietnam most conveniently. You need to have the necessary documentation ready and understand the following process.

Standards to import litchi fruit from Vietnam

In terms of the ripeness of litchi, the flesh of litchi when eaten is sweet and juicy. The total soluble solids content of lychee juice is not less than 17%. The color of litchi fruit is bright, pink, or red uniformly to be imported.

In terms of diameter, the litchi should not be less than 25mm. At the same time, the number of fruits in the total weight of 1kg is not more than 65 fruits. The stalks of the litchi are not more than 5mm long and are cut off at the natural “kiss” of the fruit stalks.

How to import litchi fruit from Vietnam
How to import litchi fruit from Vietnam

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HS code for litchi fruit

HS code of litchi fruit: 08109020

Litchi fruit is not on the list of items subject to export tax, so this agricultural product has an export tax of 0%. VAT for litchi fruit is 0%.

Steps to import litchi from Vietnam

Step 1: Check if lychee fruit is imported into your country or not? It is best to save time, businesses should directly ask partners and plant quarantine agencies in regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in Vietnam. If the product is allowed to be imported, what types of documents need to be prepared for the customs clearance process to take place quickly.

Step 2: Conduct plant quarantine: according to Circular 15/2018/BNN-PTNT, litchi items are on the list of objects subject to plant quarantine. Therefore, your business must carry out phytosanitary procedures before exporting lychee to foreign countries.

Step 3: Check product quality and pesticide content: for agricultural products and especially lychee, the process of checking product quality and pesticide content is very strict. Drug residues in litchi must not exceed the limit to avoid affecting the fruit and consumers’ health.

Priority customs treatments

  • Commercial Invoice;

  • Packing list;

  • C/O-Certificate of Origin;

  • Bill of Lading;

  • Value declaration;

  • Application for bringing goods to the warehouse for storage.

Priority customs treatments to import litchi fruit from Vietnam
Priority customs treatments to import litchi fruit from Vietnam

All of these documentation will be sent to the Customs Sub-Department where the items will be delivered. The litchi fruit will be cleared without difficulty if all of the documentation is properly prepared and declared.

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