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Marble is one of the popular materials on the market today. The product has outstanding advantages such as high durability, natural colors, easy cleaning, and affordable price. 

Therefore, granite is always an essential choice for construction projects. So, where does the diamond come from? Let’s find out the details of the topic: “Import Marble From Vietnam” through the article below.

Origin Of Vietnamese Marble

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The origin

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Marble has a common name with large-grained igneous rocks, a material with a crystalline structure in terms of hardness second only to Diamond. 

When larger crystals are predominantly present in the rock, Rocks with a medium to the coarse-grained structure are called porphyry or emphysema.

The stone has a unique color with a range of pink to dark gray or sometimes mysterious black, which depends on the rock’s chemical composition and structure. Granite blocks are exposed to the ground in block form and tend to have rounded edges when weathered.

On the construction materials market in Vietnam, there are currently granite stones such as Black Kim Sa, British Brown, Binh Dinh Red. It originates from domestic and enterprises imported from abroad. 

In addition, this is also one of the materials that have received many compliments compared to Chinese stone or stone from other countries.

Some salient features of the product:

  • Marble has waterproof, moisture-proof, and water-resistant features.
  • In addition, it is also fireproof, soundproof, and UV resistant.
  • Have beautiful durability over time, scratch-resistant, anti-mildew, easy to contact many surfaces in crowded areas.
  • Easy to clean, clean, and always keep its beautiful shine even after using it for a while.
  • Ice can block heat in summer and keep heat in winter.
  • Help save a lot of costs in construction, save space.
  • The variety of colors makes it easy for architects to arrange marble everywhere while ensuring overall architectural harmony.
  • Workers created this stone at high temperatures and deep in the ground; because of this, granite can withstand the corrosion of ordinary acids.

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Vietnam Marble Export/Import Market

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Manufacture in Viet Nam

The marble is circulated in the domestic market, and exported to foreign countries and favored by the world market, and has been present in the market of 85 countries and territories. We can easily find this stone widely in many countries such as Belgium, France, the UK, Greece, India, Spain, and Italy.

According to the report, the export turnover of paving stone, in turn, received the following achievements:

  • There are 87 markets of countries and territories importing paving stones.
  • Export turnover: in 2020 is 100,317,547 USD, 10 times higher than 2010; the average growth rate of this period is 38.5% per year.
  • The export turnover has been over 30 million USD to the market in 15 countries.
  • Refer to the price of marble in foreign markets:
  • Elegant Interior Marble Look Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile 300X600Mm costs 5-7$/m2.
  • Verde Guatemala Green Marble Top Quality Best Price 2021 Indian Emerald Green Marble is about 800 – 1000$/m2.
  • Classic Marble Look Quartz Color Artificial Quartz Stone slabs cost about 30-35$/m2.
  • Polished Nero Black Portoro Gold Marble costs about 20-25$/m2.

Shipping Process


You will find that Marble is a reasonably priced product, affordable, and r

import Marble From Vietnam 4
International shipment

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If you intend to export/import this item, here is some information about the shipping process and the import and export process of Marble from Vietnam.

  • First, make sure you have prepared the phytosanitary (or) quality control application for some other items. Usually, this document includes a quarantine application form, contract, Sample of quarantine shipment, and a few other related documents.
  • After that, your business needs to declare the shipment information on the official website of the Quarantine Department. Next, you need to wait for about 24 hours, and then the agency will send you a copy of the certificate and the Marble export procedure.
  • Immediately after that, when you complete the procedures and receive a copy of the plant quarantine, you continue to need to send it to the import-receiving agency for information review; if satisfactory, please return it to the Quarantine Sub-Department. plants for quarantine and pay the prescribed fee

In general, the information we mentioned earlier is essential and mandatory for you to complete before you want to export/import any item to the foreign market.

In addition, you also need to pass the declaration to the customs and carefully prepare other additional documents.

If you feel a little complex, confused, and need to know more information, find out and choose for yourself a reputable and quality shipping support company to carry out prepare papers to help you!


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Thus, today’s article has shared the information about importing Marble From Vietnam. Besides, if you need to find a reputable and quality shipping company, please immediately refer to VNCOMEX JSC and contact them for timely advice and support. Hopefully, the above information will help your business import and export marble products grow and grow.

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