5 Procedures to know to import oak from Vietnam

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Currently, the demand for importing oak wood products from Vietnam to foreign countries is increasing. However, many businesses are still confused about the processes and procedures in how to import oak from Vietnam. Today, Vncomex would like to share with you the practical experience to import oak from Vietnam.

Information about oak in Vietnam

Oak is an angiosperm, distributed mainly in North America and Europe, where the climate is cold. North America is the region with the largest amount of oak in the world, the second place belongs to Mexico, the third place belongs to China.

The oak tree has a trunk between 19.5 and 25.5 meters tall. Usually when the tree is over 80 years old, it is harvested to ensure the quality of the wood.

Information on how to import oak from Vietnam
Information on how to import oak from Vietnam

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Vietnamese oak wood has a light yellow color and is very luxurious. When making furniture will help the space become elegant, elegant, and polite. Meanwhile, imported oak wood can be spray painted to create many elegant and luxurious colors. Suitable for many different design styles to suit the preferences of the homeowner.

Oak wood is often used to create beautiful, youthful, and modern interior products, especially the oak kitchen cabinets that are now loved by many Vietnamese manufacturers and families.

Conditions for importing oak wood in 2022

For all items that are plants in general and products that are products such as furniture in particular, it is necessary to have a phytosanitary certificate of the exporting country to import into Vietnam. It is necessary to know whether the product carries any disease or harmful substances into Vietnam.

Check the scientific name to see if the type of wood you plan to import is allowed to be imported from Vietnam (the CITES list is issued together with the Circular No. 04/2017/TT-BNNPTNT of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) ).

According to this provision, there are 3 cases that occur:

If the type of wood that you intend to import is not on the CITES list, it is possible to make an import document for normal wood like other items.

If the goods are in group I, they are not allowed to import wood

If you are in groups II and III, you will have to consult the CITES agency of Vietnam to be allowed to import timber.

Procedures for importing oak wood

Enterprises need to send 1 set of documents to the CITES Management Authority of Vietnam. Within 8 days from the date of receipt of a valid dossier, the CITES management authority of Vietnam is responsible for granting a license to import timber.

How to import oak from Vietnam
How to import oak from Vietnam

In case the dossier is invalid, within 3 days from the date of receiving the application for a timber import permit, the CITES management authority of Vietnam will notify the enterprise.

If it is necessary to consult the CITES Scientific Authority of Vietnam or the relevant agency of the exporting country, the CITES Management Authority of Vietnam will organize the implementation, but the time limit shall not exceed 30 days.

Prepare documents to import oak from Vietnam

  1. Phytosanitary records:

Plant quarantine registration certificate;

Phytosanitary certificate issued by the exporting country’s competent plant quarantine agency;

Imported plant quarantine license

  1. Customs documents for import of oak:

Import declaration: import wood

Commercial invoice in case the buyer has to pay the seller

The customs declarant is not required to submit a commercial invoice in certain cases.

Other transport documents,

Such as a bill of lading

Import permit for wood

Value declaration for quarantine certificate import

Proof of product origin (only in certain cases).

Steps to import oak from Vietnam:

To import oak from Vietnam, you need to go through the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Register for plant quarantine.

Register an account at http://www.vnsw.gov.vn/

Transfer the dossier to the system, including: Registration form according to the form on the system, and attach the original phytosanitary certificate (Phytosanitary), quarantine permit (if any), bill of lading, contract, commercial invoice and packing slips. And wait for a response from the system.

Submit a set of wood import license documents to the quarantine agency: Same as the set of documents you upload to the system, but the Phytosanitary must be the original of the exporting country.

Quarantine inspection at the port: the quarantine officer conducts the inspection at the port; wait for the quarantine results to be answered on the system; It is advisable to print out the quarantine results to submit to the customs together with the customs clearance wood import dossier.

Step 2: After the quarantine results are available, the enterprise will carry out customs clearance procedures.

Step 3: Enterprises go down to the port to change orders to get the goods back.

Steps to import oak from Vietnam
Steps to import oak from Vietnam

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Customs clearance service for wood import

Receive information from customers

Declare the parameters of goods into the electronic customs system for the purpose of putting data of export / import shipments for customs to check on the system. Especially help you import oak from Vietnam.

The latest timber import procedures after the customs declaration is transmitted, the VNACCS system will return the results of the declaration classification:

Green channel: shipments are cleared without providing paper documents (in fact, there are still many green channel shipments, but customs have the right to “break” the channel if in doubt about non-standard goods declaration information. )

Golden stream: the customs officer needs to bring the original documents of the shipment for customs to check the actual documents

Red channel: goods must be physically inspected at the yard or warehouse of the goods owner (usually the declaration is classified into the red channel, usually because the goods are imported/exported for the first time or the company’s name on the tax declaration is delayed. tax payment or history of previous customs problems)

Customs clearance: carry out procedures to apply for barcode printing and customs clearance for that shipment. End of a cycle of customs clearance for wood import.


If you are the first time doing import and export transactions and are having trouble in how to import oak from Vietnam, VNCOMEX JSC can be the ideal savior you are looking for.

VNCOMEX was founded at the end of December 2020, but the operation period is short. Nonetheless, the company has always ensured regular consolidation and development to provide customers with valuable products at the same time and price since its inception.

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Exporting products connects businesses and communities to build a better future.

Overall, with the mission of connecting people, businesses, and communities, VNCOMEX’s exports always contribute to a better future.


From the above sharing, Vncomex hopes that you have understood the procedures and processes in how to import oak from Vietnam. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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