An Ultimate Guide To Import Pepper From Vietnam

In recent years, Viet Nam has climbed to become the world’s leading pepper exporter. Local and international businesses who plan to import pepper from Vietnam find this country an ideal destination. 

What makes Vietnam gain that popularity? What are the phases in the pepper importing process? 

Today, Vncomex will give you a complete guide about this market segment. Let’s follow our post! 

The Origin of Vietnamese Pepper

Pepper was discovered in Vietnam soon before the 16th century, but Vietnamese people did not plant the trees until the 17th century. 

The Central Highlands and South East are the two regions with the fastest growth rates.

In the South, Ba Ria – Vung Tau and Binh Phuoc have a total harvest area of roughly 21,000 hectares. 

Meanwhile, Dak Nong, Gia Lai, and Dak Lak are the most famous provinces for this sector, with more than 20,000 hectares. 

Vietnam produces a wide range of pepper types. The hue of the berries, which come with a cluster-like form, changes as they ripen. They change from green to yellow, yellow-orange, and finally, red. 

The green stage of the berries indicates that they are unripe, but if the berries are yellow or red, farmers can harvest them. 

The farmer can yield green, black, red, or even white pepper depending on the ripening level of the berries. 

The main product exported is black pepper. Farmers harvest these peppers from unripe berries. Then, they cook the drapes in hot water. This procedure is to clean the draperies and prepare them for drying.

Farmers often dry the drapes in the sun or use a dryer. After that, they will crush the berries to extract spirit and oil. 

import Pepper From Vietnam
Black peppers are the main products in this sector

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The Current Market Of Import Pepper From Vietnam

According to figures issued by the General Department of Vietnam Customs, local exports increased by 47% in the first nine months of 2021, earning US$719 million.

Most significantly, due to an increased price documented in the worldwide market, the value of exports of Vietnamese pepper surged by almost 50% throughout the analysis period.

With 43,277 tons, the number of peppers transported to the United States set a new high, up 13%.

Sales to the UAE increased by 59.7%. In India, they increased by 2.4% to 10,010 tons.

Although output value has fallen compared to the previous year, prices of both white and black peppers still rise. As a result, Vietnam’s export turnover keeps going up.

The USA is the biggest pepper importer of Vietnam, accounting for more than 20% of the total export value. 

Here is the proportion table of Vietnam’s pepper exports to the international market in 2021:

Market Value (%)
USA 23.7
UAE 6.7
India 5.2
Pakistan 6.4
Germany 5.4
Netherlands  3.7
Egypt  2.3
England 2.4
Philippines 1.9
Korea 2.3
Others 41.8


As the growing middle class expands into new regions such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America, it’s reasonable to predict significant increases in pepper consumption. 

The supply side of the pepper industry appears to be in good shape, based on recent experience and long-term forecasts.

Import Pepper From Vietnam 2
America is the biggest importer

Shipping Process

The Vietnam customs requirements apply to any items imported and exported in the country. They will thoroughly examine the goods for quality, specs, amount, and volume.

Here are some requirements you have to follow:

Customs documents

Exporting businesses must submit some essential papers. The customs authorities must contain at least the firm’s registration certificate and the business code certificate of registration.

Bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, origin certificate, and import/ export permit are all critical documents for shipping. 

Customs treatment

It is feasible to ask for preferential treatment in Vietnam to save money on customs compliance.


Import taxes, export taxes, and value-added taxes (VAT) are all present in practically every sort of commodity imported into the nation. 

Vietnam’s customs processes are quite complicated. Moreover, they can change at any time with little or no notification. 

Businesses should engage with government authorities or qualified service businesses. They will inform up-to-date details on clearance laws, processing delays, and the current priority program application. 

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Import Pepper From Vietnam 3
The shipping process is quite complicated

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Import Pepper From Vietnam 4
Vncomex is a reliable business to collaborate


Vietnam has been so famous in terms of producing peppers for a reason. Many foreign businesses choose this market because of the high-quality goods it offers.

If you are planning to import pepper from Vietnam, don’t hesitate to contact us. You don’t need to doubt the goods or experience annoying shipping procedures. We are here to help. 

Hopefully, this article can assist you in picturing the market of pepper imports from Vietnam. Thank you for being interested in the post! 

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